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Hormones are something most of us never think about, but these bodily chemicals affect every part of our body. We might think of hormones as something that affect mostly women, but men are affected by their hormones, too.

Hormones have a great deal to say about whether we are going to suffer from weight problems, but are generally ignored in diet books. This is where "The Hormone Diet" can be so important.

The author explains exactly how hormones affect you, from how you sleep, to how much weight you gain or lose, and even your outlook on life. Even small imbalances can cause a lot of problems, especially with weight, and this could be part of the reason why so many diets fail.

What Is "The Hormone Diet" About?

In the video below you can watch the author of "The Hormone Diet" book, Natasha Turner, giving various TV interviews and explaining in every detail what exactly this diet is about. In your weight loss process, Natasha Turner describes the way that hormones dictate every single aspect of your ability to lose weight.

"The Hormone Diet" begins by explaining how hormones influence our bodies, especially as pertains to weight gains. There are hormones that help us to lose weight and others that will cause a gain, and Turner explains how our diet, and the supplements we take, will cause certain hormones to either behave or act up.

One of the first steps to successful weight loss is to understand why it is happening, then taking steps to correct that. The author presents a ‘Three Step Fix’ to get your body functioning as it should. How to overcome seven things that cause weight gain and five supplements that will help to get your hormonal balance where it should be are detailed in The Hormone Diet.

What Others Are Saying – Does "The Hormone Diet" help you to lose weight

ElizabethH has been extremely pleased with the results she has gotten from following "The Hormone Diet", and states, “I bought it in July of 2010, followed the instructions and lost 13 pounds.” Although she fell off the wagon during the Christmas season, getting back on the plan means that Elizabeth is once again losing weight.

Fat was creeping up on Jessica, and by the time she was 45, she had cellulite and back fat, which was causing her distress. After reading and applying the ideas in "The Hormone Diet", this reviewer says, “I now feel better than I have in years!! I share your book with everyone now!!” Following the dietary plan in the book has taken care of the bloat she experienced after eating.

Menopause is a difficult time for many women as they try to deal with sudden weight gains, hot flashes, and drenching night sweats. J. Merlich “nursejulie” was becoming desperate before she came across The Hormone Diet – she was especially distressed by her 20 pound weight gain.

This reviewer says of the book, “This book was a lifesaver thrown to me. Like others, I have tried and failed all the conventional diets out there.” Although she was already getting treatment for her problems, which included a low thyroid, The Hormone Diet really has contributed to her feeling better, and she especially likes the recommended foods.

Some basic principles of the "The Hormone Diet"

In the short video below you can watch the author of "The Hormone Diet" Book Natasha Turner in one of her speeches giving some basic guidelines of the way that this weight loss program will optimize your hormonal balance and make you lose unwanted fat and restore your health.

Will The Hormone Diet Help Me Lose Weight?

Yes, it would seem that you really can lose weight by following "The Hormone Diet". So many weight problems are caused by an imbalance of hormones, and usually these imbalances go undetected.

Natasha Turner helps you to take some self-tests to see whether hormones may be at the root of your weight problems. Sandy M found that not only did her mood improve, but she also lost 3 pounds in only one week. Her loss did now stop there and she reports that, “After four months, I lost 28 pounds

Pros and Cons


  • This book helps you, though self-testing, to figure out which hormones are ‘out of whack’, and then tells you how to correct the problem.
  • "The Hormone Diet" explains why hormonal problems can cause weight gains.
  • A three step program will help you get your body back in hormonal balance.
  • The suggested foods are tasty and the ingredients are readily accessible. You won’t have to eat any weird foods.
  • Following the program will help you to lose the excess pounds that have accumulated over the years.


  • One reviewer thought the layout of the book was confusing.
  • Another reviewer decided that the book was boring.

Problems and Complaints

Most of the people who bought "The Hormone Diet" were very pleased with the book and the results they were seeing. However, there were a few negative reviews, but these seemed to focus mainly on the setup of the book, rather than what was being presented.

One person who found the book boring seemed to want a blueprint diet plan; such as telling her what to eat on certain days.

Can "The Hormone Diet" Really Make A Change In Your Metabolism In A Positive Way?

Judging from the reviews on Amazon, I would say that finding out whether you are having difficulties with your hormones, and then taking steps to correct these problems can definitely help.

Many of the reviewers found that they felt significantly better after following "The Hormone Diet" than they had previously. Getting their bodily hormones balanced help them to sleep better, feel better about life in general, and lose weight.

How Does "The Hormone Diet" Rate Overall?

The Hormone Diet received a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon, indicating that most of the reviewers were pleased with the book. Most of the readers were able to understand how their bodies were ‘malfunctioning’ and "The Hormone Diet" contained solid information that helped them to correct the problem. The fact that you will be able to eat fairly ‘regular’ food will help you to stick with the plan, too.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews For "The Hormone Diet"?

In the book is in stock right now. You can purchase The Hormone Diet at a 32% discount.  Take advantage of the very attractive price reduction, and start getting your body back into balance. There is no better place than Amazon if you want to take more information about this Book. You can read more reviews here.

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