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You may be thinking right now that you have tried numerous at home exercise DVDs and have never found the success you’ve been looking for. Because there are so many different workout DVDs to choose from it can be impossible to know which ones work and which ones don’t.

If you have purchased the DVDs that don’t work, allow us to give you more information about the "Kickboxing Bootcamp DVD" and describe how it can help you lose the weight and get into shape in no time.

Your current fitness level is irrelevant when it comes to kickboxing; this means no matter how much weight you have to lose kickboxing may be the answer for you.

How Does the "Kickboxing Bootcamp DVD" Work?

This DVD is a high energy program that is absolutely packed with exercises ready to help you blast away as many calories possible during the duration of the program. This is a full body workout that has the ability to sculpt and tone your arms, shoulders, abs and legs.

The basis of this workout program is to conduct kickboxing exercises in intervals. This allows your heart rate to rise and fall which research has shown provides more opportunity for calorie burning.

Within this workout you have the potential to increase your cardio conditioning as well as increase your strength and resistance training as well. This is a full body workout within a DVD that can literally be done anywhere.

What Are Others Saying- Does the "Kickboxing Bootcamp DVD" Really Deliver?

Let’s find out what existing customers think of their copy of this exercise DVD. It is important to discover what fellow consumers think of any give product but this is especially true for workout DVDs. Since you are not really able to try them before purchase the more research you do ahead of time can help you find exactly what you want.

Nena from California had been attending a kickboxing class in her area and was more than surprised to find that this kickboxing DVD was quite similar and therefore a great investment for at home workouts. It offers a lot of variety in a 50-minute session.

Amber reports that she burns 700-800 calories every time she does this workout. It is a tough kickboxing program but that is what is needed in order to lose pounds and get into shape.

Nadia S.H is another consumer who took the time to post their views on this exercise DVD. Nadia found this work out to be nothing less than advertised. It is tough and it makes you sweat throughout the entire program. Your heart rate is constantly going up and this is what spurs on the calorie burn.

How Much Weight Can I Lose?

As you likely already know, cardio has been the number one method for ultimate weight loss and ultimate calorie burning. If you are sick of running on the treadmill and looking for a new form of cardio, kickboxing is definitely the best option available to you.

Kickboxing has what it takes to drive up your heart rate to the range where ultimate calories can be burned. You don’t have to be in excellent shape to take up this workout but you will find it a struggle in the beginning.

This is rare for at home workouts, the most common opinion are that the workout is “too easy” but you won’t have this problem with the "Kickboxing Bootcamp DVD". If you commit to this workout at least 3 times a week you will begin to see the results you’re hoping for.

Pros and Cons


  • Perfect for both beginners and intermediate fitness levels alike
  • Can be done just about anywhere
  • High energy program that keeps you motivated throughout the entire 50-minutes
  • Allows room for progression so you can continue using the same workout program as you advance


  • Some customers found the music to not be up to par
  • Camera work at times can be clumsy and distracting

Problems and Complaints

After reading through the reviews and comments posted in relation to this workout DVD there were really no complaints to speak of. A few customers found the music to be out-dated and the camera work to be a bit distracting.

These are two negative aspects of a workout DVD that most people can live with. The key here is that the workout program itself did not merit any negative comments or reviews, only a few technical problems to keep in mind when making your final purchase decision.

Kickboxing vs Running

If you are deciding right now which form of cardio is the best way to go for your optimal weight loss results, it can be a tough decision to make. Both forms of cardio have their pros and cons the key within this debate is impact and variety.

Many people argue that kickboxing offers less damaging impact than running and for many people is more entertaining and fun to participate in than running. It can literally be a personal preference but no matter which version of cardio you currently like best, don’t forget that switching out one for the other once in a while can really boost your motivation and keep you interested in working out.

How Does the "Kickboxing Bootcamp DVD" Rate Overall?

Overall, this product has received a 5-star review on There were absolutely no negative reviews to be found associated with this workout program. Advanced and beginner kickboxers alike found this DVD to be exactly what they needed.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for "Kickboxing Bootcamp DVD"?

If you have decided you have to have this workout DVD you can find it at a great price through Here you can also read more reviews so you can understand exactly what consumers like yourself think of this product and how it helped them.

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