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It is certainly no secret that America is in the grip of an obesity epidemic. Everywhere you look, you see people who can certainly afford to lose some weight. And, right along with the obesity come other problems, some of them very serious, like high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.

"The DASH Diet Action Plan" has been formulated to help you deal with all of these problems through a controlled dietary program. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, and many people have achieved excellent results when following this diet.

If you are facing not only a problem with overweight but with high blood pressure, you will definitely be able to benefit from using this book.

What Is "The DASH Diet Action Plan" All About?

In the video below you can watch a registered dietitian explaining what exactly "The DASH diet" is all about.  The dietitian is describing the way that this healthy eating plan is working. "The DASH diet" reduces high blood pressure and at the same tim eit reduces the risk of a heart attack and a stroke.

"The DASH Diet Plan" is a way to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol by eating the right kinds of foods. This plan depends on altering your diet so that you eat healthier foods, increasing the amounts of fruits and vegetables in your diet, while teaching you how to eat well while using less salt.

The DASH diet helps you to understand how making some adjustments to your present diet can make a big difference in your weight and health. Originally, some people found it hard to apply the DASH diet, but the information in this book makes this program easy to use, and helps you plan changes not only to what you eat, but to exercise that will have positive results for your health.

What Are Other Saying – Does "The DASH Diet Action Plan" Really Deliver?

Sometimes medications seem to do little good for high blood pressure, as H. Books “Fannie Cornworth found out; her blood pressure was becoming dangerously high. This reviewer bought the book and can report that, “I started this diet and followed it faithfully and within 2 weeks my BP had dropped right down to a level which is lower than I have ever been in my life.” Certainly, this is a dramatic change for the better.

Marilyn Linn “Marilyn – jazz lover” knew it was time to do something about her blood pressure, and found that "The DASH Diet Action Plan" has helped to bring her blood pressure back in line. This user says, “I have tried many diets and find this one easy to follow and very healthful.” As an added benefit, Marilyn has also lost weight.

Sometimes high blood pressure can lead to serious problems as Louise Hall “Cajunlou” found out when she had two heart attacks in a seven day period. This reviewer states that, “This book literally saved my life.” The recipes included are very palatable, and Louise has even been able to make some dietary substitutions to provide more variety.

If the recipes in any diet plan are not tasty, it will be abandoned in time. Fortunately, this is not a problem with "The DASH Diet Action Plan", as Andrea Lee Carter has discovered. This reviewer has enjoyed the meals, and altering portions for different members of the family is easy. Best of all, “I am now in the fourth week of the DASH and already I have watched my blood pressure begin decreasing steadily.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Although "The DASH Diet Action Plan" is not strictly a diet book, and addresses the problem of high blood pressure, if you follow the plan, you will lose some weight. Most of the reviewers who started the program for medical reasons were happy to see that they were able to shed some excess pounds as well.

JD was happy to not only lower his blood pressure, but to lose 13 pounds in the process. Not feeling hungry while on a diet plan is important and T. Arnall “Terry Arnall” has found that he feels full and satisfied while following this program. This reviewer is able to say, “I have lost 10 lbs in the last 3 weeks. I never really feel hungry!

Pros and Cons


  • "The DASH Diet"can really help to lower high blood pressure within weeks.
  • The recipes included in the book are very palatable and easy to prepare.
  • It helps you for a personalized diet plan.
  • "The DASH Diet" will help get cholesterol lower.


  • Some reviewers felt there was nothing new in the plan.
  • One person thought that not enough recipes were provided.

Problems and Complaints

While there were no specific problems associated with using "The DASH Diet Action Plan", but there were some complaints. Some of the reviewers felt that the material in the book was nothing new, and one person complained about the physical condition of the book.

However, most of the people who bought and used "The DASH Diet Action Plan" were pleased with the results and experienced a positive improvement in their blood pressure numbers and their weight.

Is "The DASH Diet Action Plan" Better Than The Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies?

Although both books basically address the same issues of overweight and high blood pressure, "The DASH Diet Action Plan" seems to be much more effective and more favorably received than the Dummies book.

A fair number of those who bought the Dummies book felt that the recipes were very limited and often unappetizing. Another thing that bothered those who used the Dummies book was that it was full of advertisements.

How Does "The DASH Diet Action Plan" Rate Overall?

This book received 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, which shows a very good reception by those who purchased it. Most reviewers felt that "The DASH Diet Action Plan" was instrumental in helping them to both lower their high blood pressure and lose weight.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews For "The DASH Diet Action Plan"?

It will be easy and convenient for you to purchase the "The DASH Diet Action Plan" at a great price on Amazon. It is in stock right now. There is no better place than Amazon to find information about this product.  You can read more reviews about the "The DASH Diet Action Plan" here.

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