The Best Workouts For Weight Loss: When Losing Is Winning

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As the rule says, you are supposed to reduce your weight when you eat fewer calories than you burn. There are two ways of doing this; decrease your calorie “input” or / and increase your calorie “output”. While the first objective can be achieved by following a proper diet plan, the second goal of increasing your calorie output focuses on increasing your physical activity or adopting some good exercise plan.It is important to note that calorie expenditure is directly proportional to our body’s metabolic rate. Accordingly, one of the main aims of any workout for weight loss is to increase the metabolic rate so that more calories are burnt. Let’s review some of the best workouts for weight loss and learn about their valuable benefits.

The Best WorkOuts To Lose Weight

1-Aerobics: Considered as the best kind of exercises to burn fat quickly and effectively, aerobics can be defined as physical exercises that increase your heart rate and breathing which, in turn, also results in increased metabolic rate of your body. Examples of aerobics include cycling, swimming, dancing, skipping, jogging, rowing. With at least 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercises, you can lose considerable fat from your body. Experts recommend at least 5 sessions of aerobic exercises per week. Conventionally, aerobics should be performed early in the morning before eating a breakfast.

2-Interval Training: Interval training can be defined as a combination of short, high-intensity exercise periods alternated with periods of rest. These higher and lower intensity periods are repeated several times to form a complete workout. This allows a person to keep exercising for at least 30 minutes. Interval Training can help you improve cardiovascular health, burn more calories, increase workout duration, reach new exercise levels and expand your workout options.

3-Muscular Weight Training: Muscle building is of key value because having more muscle and less fat makes it harder to gain more fat. Also, muscle cells have a higher metabolic rate which obviously results in more fat burning. Similarly, tightening or building your muscles requires more calories and, as a result, you burn more calories. Therefore, weight training during weight loss is vital to keep muscular definition and keeping the metabolic rate high. Apart from losing fat from these workouts, you can also build your muscles and have a thinner, leaner and firm belly with that typical, toned look.

4-Yoga: Yoga involves several different breathing techniques and twisting positions or physical postures that stimulate the function of our internal organs. These different positions allow every part of your body to work and, hence, leading to the development of tight, lean and well-shaped muscles. This increase in leaner muscle mass also enhances the burning of calories even when you are resting. According to an estimate, practicing Yoga for 10 minutes burns approximately 50 calories on an average. Likewise, an hour of Yoga will burn about 250 calories.

While it needs time and consistency before you can actually see the desired results, combining the above-mentioned workouts with a healthy yet low-calorie diet will eventually burn those extra pounds of fat. Remember, speed is the essence here. The sooner you start doing these workouts for weight loss, the earlier you will start getting the results.

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