The Benefits of Fighting and Training to Lose Weight

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Keeping yourself fit and healthy is a key aspect of both your physical and mental health. Exercising, whether it is being involved in a sports team, a session in the gym or just going for a run has a whole host of benefits. Combat and fight inspired training has been popular for many years but since the popularity of MMA (mixed martial arts) and UFC (ultimate fighting champion) significantly increased, it has become the number one choice for many wanting to improve their fitness and wellbeing.

So why is it becoming so popular? Here are some of the great ways fighting- and fight-influenced training can benefit your body and mind.

Great for fitness

Professional fighters, in particular boxers and MMA fighters are some of the fittest athletes in the world as their sport is so physically demanding. This kind of training promotes endurance, core strength, coordination, resilience and flexibility making it the popular training and fitness programme it is today.

Improves your confidence

Nothing makes you feel good about yourself as much as being comfortable in your own skin and keeping yourself in good shape, a healthy lifestyle and a small waistline is a the best way to boost confidence. Fighting improves your self-defence, meaning you’re more confident in a conflict situation. This increase in self-confidence benefits the way you are perceived by others, which can improve social skills and prospective relationships.

Stress levels

Stress can be caused by many things including your home life or work, and there is no better way to tackle that this than through physical activity. Combat training and fighting requires mental control and focus, preoccupying your mind which will help to reduce that built up stress and aggression that may be inside you.

Social opportunities

Most combat training sessions and opportunities take place in specialist gyms or martial arts classes. This is the perfect chance to interact with others who share a similar interest or passion for fighting and fitness training. It means you can be part of a community and promotes the importance and benefits of being part of a team.

Helps to control temper

Have issues with anger or have a short fuse? Well there’s no place for this in fighting and combat inspired training. This style of exercise promotes self-discipline and a level head as the importance of keeping mentally in control in a fighting situation is an essential part of success.

Helps make you Believe in yourself

Everyone doubts themselves at some level regardless of their career and allowing this to affect you will have a negative impact on the way you perform. Always aim to stay in a positive frame of mind, it will make a huge impact on your performance and always visualise the win. Go into every single fight with no other possible outcome than a victory for you and focus on all the strengths you obtain and why they make you a great fighter. When in the ring, disregard any shouting, dancing around and taunting you may receive from your opponent as this is merely a tactic to scare you and make you lose control. Capitalise on this, it may be a cover up for his/hers own weaknesses.

Concentrates on strengths and weaknesses

Every fighter to some extent will be aware of what makes them a good fighter, and what lets them down. Always train to your strengths and spend sufficient time to fine tune them to your advantage. If you feel you have weaknesses within your style, address them and train them hard. Going into the ring with negative thoughts about certain aspects of your game can have a massive effect on your performance.

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