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Most people who want and need to lose weight find it difficult, if not nearly impossible, to find a plan that will work for them. They try diet after diet, lose some weight, get disgusted with the regain, drop the current diet, and get on another one.

"The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" may just be the answer to your weight problem, as author Ori Hofmekler explains that the reason you are unable to really get into shape is because there is just too much estrogen in your diet. Estrogen is primarily a female hormone, although men have a small amount, too.

However, the presence of this hormone in our food, water, and general environment means that weight loss can be almost impossible – the body is simply being thrown ‘out of whack’ by too much estrogen. The three part plan will help to cleanse toxins and excess estrogen out of your body, and teach you how to avoid foods and chemicals that contain estrogen. "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" shows you which food combinations work best for keeping your body in optimum condition, and helping you to lose weight.

What Is "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" All About?

In the video below the author of "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" Book, Ori Hofmekler himself describes what exactly this diet is about. Ori Hofmekler explains how estrogenic food and chemicals make you fat and sick. The author also analyses how food packed with synthetics and estrogens is the casuse of many diseases, disorders, illnesses and cancer as well.

This book will help you to understand why you have been unable to lose weight, regardless of what diet you try. Ori explains how the excess estrogen that all of us consume in the course of our day ruins the balance of our metabolisms so that we not only gain weight, but find it almost impossible to get rid of it, regardless of diet and exercise.

If weight gain was the only problem associated with excess estrogen, it would be bad enough, but "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" also reveals that this hormone can cause even worse problems, such as sterility, endometriosis, and various cancers. This book is concerned not only with helping you to lose those extra pounds, but about being healthier generally.

What Are Other Saying – Does "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" Really Deliver?

The Western countries seem to be suffering from a general health malaise, and it could well be the diet we eat. Z. Kellick believes that author Hofmekler is really on to solving this problem with The Anti-Estrogenic Diet, and says, “By following the diet it allows you to cleanse your body eliminating the toxins that have built up in your body.” This reviewer feels that the plan outlined in the book is healthy and can not only help you lose weight, but feel better, too.

Anyone who has suffered from heartburn, as Michele Holter did, will find "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" a help. This reader found that it was not necessary to keep tabs on her calorie count, just following the plan in the book worked just fine, and she reports that it, “Gives me a slow but steady drop in weight.

Both Jerel Kratt and his wife had been eating organic food for two years in an effort not only to peel off some poundage, but to just feel better generally. Unfortunately, this was not enough, and it wasn’t until this reviewer began applying the principles in "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" that he and his wife began to get some control over their health and weight. Jerel says, “Once your body is "truly" detoxified, you won't want to eat junk anymore because junk food makes you sick.” "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" also explained to this reader why he was never able to make a weight loss stick, why he always regained the weight.

Will "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" Help Me Lose Weight?

Following the guidelines in The Anti-Estrogen Diet can certainly help you to lose weight, as Lynda D. Denson has found. In two weeks, this reviewer has lost 26 pounds, and made a noticeable difference in her appearance. Imagine losing 8 inches from your waist in that short a period – but this is just what happened with Lynda.

She was able to achieve this without exercise, which is not something she enjoys. Jerel Kratt also found that besides helping to detoxify his body, he also was able to peel off 15 pounds in two months’ time. Combining exercise with the diet will give even greater benefits.

Pros and Cons


  • "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" explains how excess estrogen can adversely affect your health and weight, and describes how to reverse this process.
  • The foods are readily available, and the program is easy to follow.
  • Recipes and menus are provided in the book.
  • Fairly rapid weight loss is possible.


  • Some reviewers felt the diet was not safe for anyone with a thyroid condition.
  • -The book was thought to be poorly organized.


One of the complaints about "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" was that it was merely a sounding board for Ori Hofmekler’s dietary supplements. Some of the reviewers were also put off by what they perceived as Ori’s self-aggrandizement.

The reviewer Me thought that the material was repetitive, and a few readers considered it to be a modified vegetarian diet. However, many people were pleased with the book’s ideas and the results they achieved by following the program outlined in "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet".

Is "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" Better Than Zone Perfect Meals by Barry Sears?

It would definitely seem that the dietary plans and meals suggested in "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" are superior to the ones in Zone Perfect Meals. While it is true that some people enjoyed the meals in the latter book, quite a few of the reviewers were very disappointed with the recipes in this book.

The recipes in Zone Perfect Meals seemed not only to be fussy to prepare in many cases, but simply did not work out. One reviewer mentioned a recipe for an omelet for one person that actually consisted of 19 cups of vegetable produce with one half cup of egg white. The heavy reliance on vinegar and Worcester sauce and salsa put off many of those who bought the book and tried the recipes.

How Does It Rate Overall?

"The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" received 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. While not everyone was enthralled, a majority of those who used this diet plan were pleased at the result.

Many reviewers thought that the program helped to cleanse their body of toxins, and reported feeling healthier after they had been on the diet for some time. Some of the negative ratings had to do with the set-up of the book rather than the actual content.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews?

You can purchase "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" at a 32% discounted price right now on Amazon. This  discount  represents real savings. The book is in stock, so ordering now will get it to you without delay. Here you can also read more reviews so you can understand exactly what consumers like yourself think of this product and how it helped them.

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