The 17 Day Diet Review:A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results, by Mike Moreno

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I would always be tempted to try out miracle diets that promise rapid weight loss especially when the time span is so short. Who wouldn’t want to shed 10 to 12 pounds of excess weight just like that in less than three weeks as Doctor Moreno promises? And who wouldn’t want to have a doctor guiding them in the very intimidating process of weight loss, to make sure they do exactly what they are supposed to do and don’t overdo it? I know I would!

For whom has The 17 Day Diet been designed?

The book was obviously written with a modern and eager audience in mind. It promises immediate results (playing on the very same note that motivates young people nowadays to seek pleasure in food and other dependency inducing habits) and a healthy weight loss formula that would not have any long term effects.

The formula is structured in four steps, which are to be repeated in four cycles of 17 days, and presented in detail in the first chapters:

  1. Accelerate, the initial step that promises to flush the unwanted fat from one’s system;
  2. Activate, the subsequent step that helps balance the calorie intake;
  3. Achieve, the exercising and eating moderately step;
  4. Arrive, the final step, reinforcement and internalisation of good eating habits.

The book dedicates a significant number of ensuing chapters to address issues that would normally prevent any diet from succeeding: family pressure, eating out, dieting while on holidays, shift work and even PMS (Dr. Moreno and his recognition of what is indeed a very real issue for us women when dieting as our cravings and moods take the upper hand is to be applauded). The book also contains recipes for those days when you simply run out of ideas.

What do others say about The 17 Day Diet?

And boy, oh boy do they have a lot to say!!Amazon has no less than 750 customer reviews listed under The 17 Day Diet.

You know that a product is worth having when even the “most helpful critical” reviews have nothing serious to reproach in terms of veridicity and quality of the product. Daniel Murphy, listed in this instance as the best unbiased critic, considers the book a guide, rather than a cure and advises the readers to approach the book with common sense expectations of long-term weight loss rather than a magical formula.

Another reviewer, Cathy, seems to agree and refers to the book as an eating plan rather than a diet as such, which provides strong and scientifically proven foundations for long-term weight loss.

Most comments stress the need of a dramatic change in diet, the elimination of processed food from one’s diet and the need of daily exercise in order to achieve results and that if stuck to, the book will prove a low-cost but efficient solution to obesity issues.

Many readers claim to have lost an impressive amount of weight following the guidelines in the book and rave about tasty recipes that have become their favourites, like the cilantro lime grilled chicken.

As a whole, the book gets very high scores from people who have tried various other diets previously and is praised as a very thorough and inexpensive guide to losing weight in a healthy way and maintaining a life-long balance.

Will The 17 Day Diet help me lose weight?

If you are to take the majority of the 750 readers eager to praise the book for their word, in their praise of its prompt results, definitely yes!

The average weight lost following the first 17-day cycle of this dieting plan is 11 to 12 pounds. Barbara, a vivacious 74 year old, claims to have lost 12 pounds and proves that the book is indeed for all age groups.

On the other hand, Anita Burroughs, a personal chef at 57, warms the readers of the scarcity of carbs from this particular diet plan and claims she has put her weight back after the initial 17 days. She seems to be the exception rather than the rule and she admits to have inserted her own common sense and abandoned the recommended four cycles in order to return to another weight loss programme she was familiar with.

Pros and Cons


  • This book is designed for people who are willing to change their life style and live healthy lives. It is a safe plan that doesn’t deplete the body of nutrients and allows room for adjustment and change. It encourages not only a change of diet but also exercise, a crucial element in losing weight and keeping it away.
  • The book is clearly structured into chapters that encourage the reader to monitor their own progress and also give solutions to common issues that occur while dieting like family pressure to quit or working long hours.
  • It is a relatively cheap option when it comes to weight loss, compared to other solutions like monthly magazine subscriptions, expensive weight loss “magic” powders or even a gym membership.


  • It is a repetitive plan that needs to be replicated at least 4 times x 17 days in order to become a life-long habit and show long time results.
  • It is a methodical plan that needs to be followed strictly so if you’re the sort of person who likes to do their own thing you will have a hard time following through. One of the reviewers, Violin Chick emphasises the exact need to follow the book to the letter in order to achieve results.
  • People who have been used to eating a lot of processed and unhealthy food find the change quite dramatic. One of the reviewers complains about the “fad food”, a symptom which accompanies withdrawal from synthetically enhanced food.

Is The 17 Day Diet better than other dieting books?

Rounding it up, it seems to be a rather good book! What I realised by perusing the various comments about the book is that it is not designed for people who have only a few pounds to trim down or who have an issue with following strict instructions. Swiss Miss, one of the reviewers, mentions the South Beach Diet as a better alternative. Hannah K., another reviewer, used The 5-Second Flat Belly Secret - Lose 2-3 Inches from Your Belly in Less Than 1 Month in order to increase the amount of daily exercise and speed her weight loss.

Problems and Complaints

The complains, surprisingly, weren’t related to the weight loss claims but rather to the fact that this book falls into the category of “diet bestsellers” trend and it is rather unnecessary as it just reformulates common sense tips and sells them in a book with a catchy title.

How does it  rate overall?

The book receives a 4.4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Its most fervent admirers seem to be people who needed to lose a considerable amount of weight and saw a change in a relatively short time or women after menopause who had found difficulty losing weight following other diet plans.

Where can I buy and where can I read more reviews?

The book lists on the first page of Amazon under diets due to its relative novelty and T.V. publicity. Read more reviews if our article has sparkled your curiosity.

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