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Traveling to Costa Rica Can Save You Thousands On Weight Loss Surgery.

Peggy and Debra Berg, mother and daughter, share their experience of the gastric sleeve weight loss surgery in Costa Rica. The video was recorded about 11 months after the procedure:

(Peggy) My name is Peggy Berg, I’m from Manteca, California and my daughter and I had surgery the same day, same hospital, same doctor and we were very, very pleased with everyone we met. They were very courteous and they answered all of our questions, that was an amazing thing to me. I was very pleased with what they did.

(Debra) My name is Debra Berg, I’m from Stockton, California, which is about 8 miles from Manteca. Like my mom said, we both had surgery in Costa Rica. We had weight loss surgery. My mom and I had tried many, many diets. I mean we have done Weight Watchers, we’ve done South Beach Diet (North, East and West Beach whatever).

Peggy’s and Debra’s Personal Attempts to Lose Weight Failed

(Debra) We have tried our own thing, too; grapefruit diets, everything we could possibly find. I tried the whole gym thing with the trainer and the diet at the gym. I even lived in France for a while and had a nutritionist over there and I was on a diet, too. I’d always lose about 25 pounds, but I’d gain them back. We met a friend who had a similar surgery and she told us about the vertical sleeve gastrectomy and we did research on that and we thought it was a good idea for us. Right mom?

(Peggy) Right. Well, as Debra said we’ve tried every diet but none of them seemed to work for me. I always fell off. I’d start on Monday and by the end of the week I wasn’t on it any longer. I don’t know why we never lost. Well, we did a little but as Debra said we gained it all back. But medically I needed to lose weight, my knees were hurting and aching, I had high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, so I really needed to do something for my health as well as looking better.

(Debra) I also had the beginning signs of high blood pressure, and my cholesterol had risen a bit, it was above normal, which I’ve never had that before and so I thought I don’t want to go through this, I don’t want to get diabetes, I don’t want to have high blood pressure for the rest of my life, I don’t want to have all these medical problems and it was time to take care of them.

Research for Affordable Sleeve Gastrectomy Lead Peggy and Debra to Costa Rica, Medical Tourism

(Debra) When we met our friend at a birthday party in Stockton here, she had had surgery done overseas. She had had a duodenal switch or a DS done in Spain, and she told us about the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Her daughter had the same surgery here in the U.S. and the price was out of our range, so I started to look around on the internet to see if I could find a better price, something that was doable for us, and so I came across the Medical Tourism Corporation and I typed in the following question:

“Can you give us a price quote on this surgery?”

I got three price quotes; two price quotes in Mexico and then also another one in Costa Rica, and Costa Rica looked the best to us. We started doing research and asking lots of questions, we asked many questions and we just decided that Costa Rica was the place for us to go. Pricewise it was an excellent price. We saved about at least 40% over what the other people had paid in the U.S.

Debra was Admitted for Weight Loss Surgery Althought She Was 70 Years Old!

(Peggy) We weren’t discouraged by anyone, we really didn’t go around telling everybody we were having it done, we just went over there on our own. They also, in the States, would not do a surgery on me because I was older than 60 when I had it done and they did not operate on anyone over 60. I was actually 70 when I had it done.

All Questions and Concerns About Gastric Sleeve Were Thoroughly Addressed

(Debra) I felt confident that the people with whom we were speaking and the company, the Medical Tourism Corporation was forthwith with us. They’re straightforward, I asked many questions. I asked my questions, I had friends who sent me questions to send to the doctors. My brother who is a doctor himself sent me questions and I forwarded those questions. I don’t know, I must have asked them 30, 40 questions.

My brother was kind of fearful, he was kind of a little bit anxious, nervous about it because we’re going out of the country, but other than that, like my mom said we didn’t really go around telling everybody we were having surgery. We didn’t want to freak people out or whatever, get them overly anxious for us. You know, surgery is a big deal but we didn’t feel any nervousness or anything.

(Peggy) Of course we have heard a lot of people have gone overseas to have surgery, including the Philippines, and as I say Spain, our friend did and they were very pleased with what they had done, so we were looking forward to this.

(Debra) Yeah.

Up to Date Hospital - Modern Facilities – Courteous, English Speaking Staff

When I saw it online it looked very clean, very modern and we found that to be true when we got onsite. It was an excellent hospital, it was spotless, all the equipment that we saw was up to date, modern. The staff was very courteous, very professional, we always had people who spoke English with us and if the staff themselves didn’t speak English, like the nurses or whatever, we always had a translator with us, so an interpreter.

My dad had previously worked in the medical field and he said the hospital was impeccable, it was almost better than some of the places here that I’ve seen in the United States, but there was no problem with that hospital. It was excellent.

(Peggy) No, we each had a private room and they had a sofa bed in the room so my husband stayed overnight so he could, you know, take care of us if we wanted anything. But the nurses were right there if you pushed the button for them they were there immediately. (Turning to Debra) In fact you had two come in at one time, when you had problems.

(Debra) Yeah.

Debra Lost 80 Pounds in the First Year Post-op

We had surgery on June 11th, 2008. Today is May, the 16th, 2009, so it’s been

(Peggy) Almost a year.

(Debra) 11 months, a little over 11 months, and I’ve lost almost, just about 80 pounds, it fluctuates just a little bit, and I had lost those within six months, so by December I was down 80 pounds and since then I’ve just stayed steady. Basically.

Peggy Lost 55 Pounds in the First Year Post-op

(Peggy) Well, I’ve only lost 55.

(Debra) Only?

(Peggy) Only, yeah.

(Debra) That’s a lot.

(Peggy) That’s a lot for me.

(Debra) That’s a lot for anybody.

(Peggy) I think by January, February I’ve just hit a plateau, I’m staying about the same and maybe I need to exercise a little more and take my last 20 pounds off.

(Debra) Yeah, but otherwise we feel fine.

(Peggy) Yeah, my cholesterol’s gone down, I don’t take as many medications, and my blood pressure has gone down, my knees are better climbing stairs and so forth, so it’s really done a job well done. They were good.

(Debra) Yeah, I don’t take my high blood pressure medication; my cholesterol came back within levels back under the acceptable levels within a month or two. I had bouts of nausea for a while but that’s gone now and I can eat most things, you know, almost anything I ate before.

If you are considering having the gastric sleeve and you do your research on it and you think that this is the surgery for you, I can honestly tell you that it was a surgery that did change my life in the weight loss department. It helped me health wise, and hey, I look a whole lot better being 80 pounds lighter. You don’t need to worry about the hospital in Costa Rica, you don’t need to worry about the doctors, or any of the staff. It is impeccable service there, impeccable hospital.

(Peggy) It was no problem and the recovery time was very fast, very fast. We were only in the hospital one day and out the next, so I would recommend it to anyone who’s having it. Research it, make sure you are well pleased and convinced that that’s what you want, because it will change your life.

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