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Winter is here and with it an undeniable urge to keep warm by drinking scrumptiously yummy but almost always too rich in calories hot drinks. Even my ever-so-careful-with-his-diet hubby succumbed to the temptation this past weekend and drank unashamedly half a gallon of warm chocolate milk. So as you can imagine, the Swiss Miss, conjuring in its name dear memories of Alpine holidays, with its more down-to-earth promise of a deliciously low in calories drink, seemed all of a sudden a very good idea!

For whom has Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa been produced?

The producer reassures the consumer that it has been especially designed for every hot chocolate connoisseur with a diet conscience. Swiss Miss promises to be rich in taste and flavour (hence the European hint in the name), high in calcium (one sachet contains as much as one glass of milk) but very low in fat and sugar, with only 25 calories per serving.

The product seems to have been designed for people on the go who prefer reaching out for a sachet from their bag and the fat-free milk jug in the office, female students and young professionals most likely. It also entices the lifelong dieters who are adamant about the calorie intake and religiously count every gram of fat and sugar they take.

What do others say about Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa?

Most reviewers agreed that the hot cocoa drink, at 25 calories a sachet, is an excellent low-fat option and has assisted them in keeping their weight in check. The product is used especially by Weightwatchers’ dieters, like TravelMod, who swears by it as an amazing way to have a hot drink and a little chocolate fix.

While some suggested ways to “improve” the taste, like adding it to milk instead or water or adding a teaspoon of Sweet’ N Low or Splenda to enhance it, most users were satisfied with the product and used it as a palliative low-calorie treat.

Some reviewers, like Britanny, give a fully detailed report and declare Swiss Miss the best when you want taste and decent nutrition, with 0 grams of fat, only 2 grams of sugar and 30% of the required daily intake of calcium per sachet.

All in all, there were more positive reviews than negative, which is almost always a good sign. Out of a total of 68 reviews, only 10 gave the product poor marks; the complains were generally centred around clumping in hot water and the taste (some reviewers found it too sweet while others found it too diluted).

Will Swiss Miss help me lose weight?

It will definitely inspire you to keep your calorie intake under control, which will ultimately help you shed that extra weight! More importantly, if you have a lifetime habit of reaching out for unhealthy snacks like chocolate, it will provide you with a placebo and help you fight effectively the sweet tooth cravings.

There are numerous referrals to it in the reviews as a “guilt free treat” and Jujube, one of the reviewers, warns against its addictive appeal, with the danger of consuming more than it is necessary, due to its low-calorie content. This is a treat, at the end of the day, and it should be treated as such.

The product is also recommended by diabetics, like Albert N. Carranza, who use it for its great taste and its low sugar content.

Pros and Cons


  • This product is extremely low in fat and sugar; with one sachet worth a quarter of a slice of bread in calories, it will definitely hold an appeal for dieters and chocoholics alike.
  • It is inexpensive for a treat. A box of 48 servings costs $15.42, with a sachet costing only $0.32! I can’t think of any other chocolate treat that sells so inexpensively.
  • It tastes great for a low calorie drink! There were honest reviewers like S. Newton-young, who admitted that Swiss Miss pales in comparison with Valrhona or Scharffen Berger chocolate in whole milk but that 25 calories never tastes so good.


  • If you are looking for magical formulas that will help you lose weight then this product is not your answer. This product adds calories into your diet (be it only 25 at a time!) in order to prevent you from reaching out for richer drinks.
  • For some consumers, the grievance has been the inability to dissolve the powder effectively in very hot liquids. Mohammed complains about clumps and the fact that it takes him more to mix the hot chocolate that to drink it.
  • Due to its high chemical content, as Shopper reviewed, the sweetener taste is overpowering and the product irritates sensitive stomachs like many other low-calorie drinks.

Side Effects

As revealed above, the only unpleasant side effects noted were an irritated stomach due to the overpowering artificial sweetener taste. There weren’t any other negative side effects noted by any other of the 68 reviewers.

Is Swiss Miss better than any other hot low-calorie drink?

L. Knights compares the product to a similar version by Nestlé and due to the clumping and the sediments left on the bottom of the cup, decided to revert to the former. J. Na “dork” mentions the same issue, the clumping, and lack of richness in taste that motivated him to use a generic store brand, Krogers instead of Swiss Miss.

Based on the reviews, the answer is variable as it depends on various factors like taste, clumping and calorie intake. The majority of the reviewers found their own way of adjusting these factors but some were not willing to compromise.

How does it rate overall?

The hot drink receives a 4.4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. It is an inexpensive, tolerably tasty, low in calories product that will help the dieter keep those chocolate cravings at bay. !

Where can I buy it and where can I read more reviews?

The product seems to be selling exclusively online with Amazon selling them on automatic delivery at an extra 5% discount. If you need to read more reviews before you decide to buy, head over.

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