SWAT Workout: Extreme Weight Loss and Fat Burning Review

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If you have ever looked at the fitness DVD selection today you will see that it can be overwhelming. There is workout DVDs that look as though they can’t get anything accomplished and then there are those that look like they will leave you breathless and these are the ones you want to focus in on.

SWAT Workout: Extreme Weight Loss and Fat Burning is one of the hottest workout DVDs on the market today and no matter what your current fitness level is, you can definitely get into it and reap the benefits SWAT team members have been reaping for years.

How Does it Work?

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Tom Stroup is the instructor for this video and has over 23years of fitness experience in the training field as well as weight loss. Tom has taken the intensity and structure of SWAT training and turned it into a fun and fat burning workout everyone can enjoy. What is known as circuit training is utilized in this fitness DVD.

You will be taken through a set of high intensity cardio drills and then some cool down exercises or even breaks to allow your heart rate to come back down before it shoots back up again. Circuit training is essential for optimal fat burning.

What Are Others Saying-Does the SWAT Workout Really Deliver?

This workout DVD has been created with four different chapters, a warm-up, fat burning session, ab session and a cool down session. Each of these chapters is essential to achieve best results but if you’re short on time the fat burning chapter can definitely be used as a stand-alone workout to save on time. The thing about weight loss is that time is an issue for many people and the SWAT Workout has thought of this.

R. Floyd is an Amazon reviewer who could not be happier with this workout plan. He says, “The SWAT workout isn't such a killer workout that it has a huge dread factor, but it isn't a walk in the park either.” This is what you should be looking for in a fitness regime.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

The great thing about this type of high intensity workout is that you are likely to burn twice as many calories as a more casual style workout. It is not definite for each individual but you can expect the same amount of results as the effort you put into each and every workout.

It’s recommended to make sure consistency is part of your workout; at least 5 days a week can help you lose as much weight as naturally possible in a week. If you’re new to working out, you’ll find in the beginning these circuits will be tough to complete, but stick with it and watch yourself progress.

Pros and Cons


  • Circuit training helps produce maximum calorie burn
  • Several fitness chapters so you can choose how much time you have
  • Affordable


  • Dumbbells and toning bands are recommended
  • Some reviewers found the circuits to be boring

Problems and Complaints

There were a few problems found relating to this workout. First, is that several of the reviewers found the model of workout to be boring. Circuit training can become repetitive because you go through the same circuit perhaps 3 or 4 times. There were also comments on the moves themselves; too traditional and boring as well.

This is definitely a matter of opinion and because it’s a SWAT based fitness regime you should expect some traditional moves like push-ups and jumping jacks.

How Does SWAT Compare to Other Boot Camp Workout DVDs?

Although there are some reviewers out there who were bored with the workout, there were many who swear by it as well. In regards to a comparison, the SWAT Workout is extremely similar to other boot camp style fitness DVDs. The entire point of these high intensity workouts is to get your heart rate up and then bring it back down and so on.

This type of circuit training really enhances the calories lost as well as providing you with a bit of recovering time in between sets. I’d say these two fitness regimes are quite similar no matter how different the actual moves may be.

How Does the SWAT Workout Rate Overall?

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Overall, I have given this product 4 out of 5 stars. The workout itself seems to be extremely successful and many of the purchasers were happy with their results. I do however agree that circuit training can be boring and the last thing you want is to be bored during your workout. This can really bring down your motivation for fitness and in turn not reach your weight loss goals.

Where Can I Buy & Read More Reviews for the SWAT Workout?

Amazon.com is the best place to read through customer reviews and discover what others are saying about the products you’re interested in. With over 40 reviews written about the SWAT Workout you are sure to find out the truth behind the workout before you buy. Read more reviews here. When you decide to buy, Amazon.com can help you there as well. Buy this product with a 10% discount.

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