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Weight loss and fitness has become more complicated over the years. Today, not only do you have to think about which method of fitness you are going to stick with for your weight loss journey but what tools you will need to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

Owing a tool that is going to help you learn your fitness vitals such as calories burned, distance travelled and heart rate is essential and this is where the "Suunto M5 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Trainer Watch" comes into play. Within this article we are going to discuss the details of this product as well as the pros and cons to help you understand how it works and what it can do for you.

How Does the "Suunto M5" Work?

In the video below you can watch a description of the way that the "Suunto M5" works. An expert is going through the data, the settings and features that this Heart Rate Monitor encompasses.

First of all this can be used for a wide range of sports as it provides distance and calories burned for any form of cardio you conduct. With this unique sports watch you are actually able to set your own goals and the watch will create a workout plan and schedule to help you achieve these goals in a timely manner.

You will also receive real time intensity guidance throughout your workout. For example, if you are cycling but are not putting enough effort into the workout your watch will let you know and the same if you are putting in too much effort.

There are several optional accessories that can be added to your watch that work wirelessly to track different cardio activities. Lastly, your exercise data will be wirelessly transferred to the website for tracking and analysing.

What Are Others Saying – Does the "Suunto M5" Really Deliver?

In the video below you can watch two users who put in practice the "Suunto M5 Heart Rate Monitor" and give their own evaluation of this product.

Let’s learn what existing owners of this fitness watch think of the product and if they have experienced any problems we should be aware of before purchase. It is important to take into consideration that some reviews can be biased or based on personal preference but every opinion can make a difference.

A consumer going by the screen name Oil Boiler is extremely pleased with this product with only one complaint associated with the screen itself and viewing it at night. Aside from this, if you are looking for a product to help you stay on track with your fitness this is the watch for you.

It connects flawlessly with the heart rate monitor which is important. Another customer under the screen name Momma.Hill says she would definitely recommend this product to all her friends. She loves how the watch recommends workouts for you to correspond with your chosen goals as well as the comfort of the watch itself.

C. Stock, like so many other people have found that after they accomplish the first step towards their weight loss goals they get lost and don’t have the support or guidance they need. This is where the "Suunto M5" comes in handy; it can help you progress through the steps required to meet your goals. This customer calls their watch their silent partner and loves the support!

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

As stated above, if you have tried to lose weight in the past and found that after a certain period of time you lost interest or motivation, you were not utilizing the right tools. The "Suunto M5" is the tool everyone needs to help them lose weight, especially if they are working towards their goals without a partner.

This watch is simple to use, easy to read and comfortable to wear. Just like anything else, if you enjoy wearing it you are going to use it and to workout with it. With this being said, you are going to be filled with the confidence and motivation to lose the pounds and increase your level of fitness simultaneously.

Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Offers personal training options and workout program selections
  • Goal programming
  • Additional accessories sold separately as you progress through your weight loss journey


  • At dusk or in the dark the screen can be hard to read
  • Some people report having issues getting an accurate heart rate reading

Problems and Complaints

There are very few problems and complaints associated with this product besides a few small complaints that haven’t seemed to prevent buyers from the "Suunto M5" model. With some users not being able to get an accurate heart rate reading you could wonder if this is an internal error in the watch itself or interference occurring between the two devices.

For many people, the heart rate is only a bonus piece of information not something required for weight loss but for others this is how they gauge their effort. The risk is to you.

What Sports can I Track with the "Suunto M5"?

The "Suunto M5" has been specifically made to deal with cardio workout program and routines, it will do nothing for you in terms of strength training and stretching. With this being said you can wear this watch and track your stats while you’re running, swimming, hiking, walking and biking to name a few.

The amount of sports increases as you look further into the additional accessories available to sync with this sports watch. As long as you are moving and experiencing an aerobic activity, this watch will track it and add it to your workout log.

How Does the "Suunto M5" Rate Overall?

Overall, this product has received a 4-star rating from With just a few small complaints associated with it, we think this product is more than worth a try.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for the "Suunto M5"?

If you are interested in purchasing this product to help you through your weight loss journey, you can do so at a 15% discounted price through Here you can read more reviews and learn additional information about the product that is not described here. Good luck!

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