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Benefits and Testimonials of Duodenal Switch – Laparoscopic Practice

It is a growing health epidemic in the U.S., impacting the lives of men and women of all ages and races. Morbid obesity affects more than 93 million Americans and studies predict this number will exceed 120 million in the next five years. These alarming statistics only stress the importance of educating the public on the health risks associated with the condition.

According to Dr. John Rabkin, “Patients who are obese have a multitude of medical problems including: adult onset diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and many, many more, all of which result in early or premature death.”

Barbara Metcalf, RN says, “Many obese people face numerous problems, not just their serious co morbidities. The psychosocial co morbidities are often much more damaging. They suffer from discrimination everyday, often in the workforce. They are passed over and not promoted, they suffer from depression that has been reported as high as 90%.

Also their physical lifestyle is no longer available to them. When you move around in a 100 pound excess body, it hurts to move. Your knees hurt; you can no longer do those daily activities like you used to do.”

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Lose Weight with Weight Loss Hypnosis in Southampton, U.K.

Hypnotherapist in Southampton Helps People to Lose Weight

Sue Peckham is a specialist in weight loss and weight control using hypnosis at the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Center in Southampton.

Sue Peckham: “Ask your self this question. Where do all of your cravings and emotional eating problems start? The answer is of course, in your mind, and that is why hypnosis is so effective when you want help to lose weight. If you want to lose weight then I would really like to help you do just that with our Easy Weight Loss Programme.”

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Hypnoanalysis and Suggestion Therapy for Weight Loss at Hampshire Hypnotherapy Center

Sue Peckham, Clinical Hypnotherapist, explains how hypnoanalysis and suggestion therapy can help you lose weight.

On the first appointment with her you have a consultation and discuss what the main problem is. There are two ways a Sue Peckham can help you: one is with hypnoanalysis along with The Easy Loss Programme, and the other way is with Suggestion Therapy.

Depending on what a person’s particular symptoms are, the client and Ms. Peckham can decide what the best type of therapy is for that individual. Once she starts with the hypnosis side of it, it is very straight forward and there is no input from the client.

With the Easy Loss Programme she goes through at a conscious level and takes it a step at a time each week. She will help you deal with all of the issues around weight loss. If you find certain parts of the programme difficult, she can adjust the programme accordingly in each session. Basically it is a way of eating with a set of guidelines that she gives you so that you don’t have to diet anymore, and it gets you away from that mentality.

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MedicalTourismCo Facilitates Gastric Sleeve in Juarez, Mexico – Testimonials

This is an interview of Sarah Salgado from El Paso, Texas who visited Juarez, Mexico to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

In this interview, which was recorded on video, Sarah and her husband Tony share their conquest over obesity. Following Sarah’s success, her mother also opted for the same procedure.

How Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Changed 3 People’s Lives for the Better

Tony and his wife Sarah made a video to try and help other people and give them a little bit of what they went through. They want to help other people understand what this type of surgery is, how your life is going to change, and how different things can be.

Sarah is 32 years old, a sales person that deals with people all the time, all day and works 6 days a week. Before the surgery, she was having a lot of problems with her health. Back was hurting; knees were bad; and she felt pain in the feet, too.

Sarah was tired all the time. Because of her low self-esteem—a result of her overweight issue—she didn’t use to go out, especially alone. She always had to be with her husband or her son. She enjoyed being a housewife, but she really just didn’t want to go out.

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Exercises You Can Do With the Bender Ball - Video Demo

Shelly McDonald is the Group Fitness Director of Club Sportif MAA and is a Master Trainer for the Bender Ball.

In this video she demonstrates three great exercises using the Bender Ball that will exercise your abs, obliques, gluts, lower back, hamstrings and your inner thighs.

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Bender Ball Workout Targets Important Core Muscles

What is the Bender Ball? Shelly McDonald, Group Fitness Director of Club Sportif MAA, says that the Bender Ball is an exercise ball that strengthens and stabilizes your core when you’re doing any kind of exercise.

Shelly: From abdominal work, to hip work, to upper body work, the Bender Ball is very unique because instead of having a great big surface ( a big ball) you have a smaller surface. You have to really, really stabilize yourself before you do any of the exercises.

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How Does Medical Tourism Work?

There was a time when only the rich traveled overseas for medical care. It was considered a luxury to undergo a medical procedure while vacationing in some exotic location. Today, with skyrocketing health care costs here in the U.S., medical tourism makes perfect sense for even the most frugal individual. Elective surgery such as cosmetic procedures or essential medical or surgical treatments that are not covered by your insurance typically come straight out of your pocket and can be very expensive.

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Is Lap Band Better Than Gastric Bypass? Dr Terry Simpson Explains

How does Lap Band compare to Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y)? Listen as Dr Terry Simpson explains why the Lap Band system is superior in terms of safety, speed of recovery, and post surgery complications than Gastric Bypass.

If you are considering Roux-en-Y, make sure you see this video first.

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How the Lap Band Works – Video Demo (Animation)

Terry Simpson, M.D., F.A.C.S. says the Lap Band is a very simple device and how it works is very simple.

Dr Simpson: We place the band around the top part of your stomach, because the top part of your stomach is where nerves are that send a signal to your brain that say ‘I’m full’.

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What to Eat After Lap Band Surgery, by Dr Simpson

Dr Simpson, one of the best Single Incision Lap-Band Surgeons in Arizona, explains what food lap band patients should eat after the surgery. Dr. Simpson starts by saying that the first few days after surgery you will see that your incisions are healing really well.

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