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EAS Myoplex Lite Protein Powder Mix Review - Quality Protein, Boosts Metabolism

Imagine Sipping on a Luscious Smoothie to Aid in Fat Loss!

When my daughter informed me I should drink a protein supplement while I was trying to lose weight, I thought she was goofy. Then she explained how quality protein helps your body and showed me her EAS Myoplex Lite for Chocolate Lovers. The manner of her presentation made me wonder if she worked for EAS. My furrowed brow, combined with hands on my hips, gave her the clue I needed more convincing. That’s when our research began. Come to find out, she is almost as smart as her mom! A good protein supplement really will help meet nutritional needs, increase muscle mass and aid in fat loss!

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Can Meal Replacements Help Me Lose Weight? A Clinical Study

While there are quite a few nationally advertised diet programs that rely on providing a complete replacement meal plan, it can be difficult for consumers to find reliable data about the safety and effectiveness of many of these plans.

The Health Management Resources Corporation of Boston, MA, recently funded a clinical research study to assess the weight-loss outcomes, behavioral data and associated side effects of two low-energy meal replacement programs.

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Hydroxycut Recall

According to the Associated Press and other various news outlets, the Federal and Drug Administration has issued a warning to all consumers using the diet pill, Hydroxycut, to immediately discontinue use. It’s believed that use of this dietary supplement can result in serious liver damage and has even been linked to one death, which has led to a Hydroxycut recall. To date, 23 reports of liver damage have been linked to this product as well as the death of a teenager on the West Coast.

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Metabolife Weight Loss – Is It A Disaster Or Does It Indeed Work?

While it is true that you will find hundreds of dietary supplements all over the world and of course on the Internet as well, but the fact remains that, there has possibly been no greater debate than the one concerning Metabolife. The US firm Metabolife International, Inc. was best known for their ephedra-based product that they named Metabolife 356 and it was a huge hit, to say the least.

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Trimspa Results – Does Trimspa Work?

Man or woman, aged or young, we all like to look good. Now that is a known fact. And of all the things that compromise our looks, obesity ranks high. But if that was the only reason, then also perhaps, we could have lived with it – however the fact remains that, obesity can be killing as well. Yes, it is known to be the cause of many a disease and if you seek the opinion of a medical professional, the person would thus advice you to shed those extra pounds as soon as possible.

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Hydroxycut Risks: Do They Outweigh The Weight Loss Benefits?

Recently, Hydroxycut risks have been under scrutiny following a few incidents where users have been hospitalized. It is popular with dieters who experience much faster results when using it compared to other diet pills. However, it’s quite common for supplements to have some side effects, and this thermogenic weight loss supplement is no different.

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