Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle XL Review

The reason cycling is so popular is because of the great exercise it provides. When you cycle you exercise the strongest muscles in your body and burn calories while increasing your heart rate for a quality and healthy workout.

When bicycling isn't possible for me because of the weather, an indoor cycle gives me the opportunity to get a similar workout without having to leave the house. I can listen to music or watch television while I exercise, too, making it a more enjoyable workout experience.

How Does the "Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle XL" Work?

Although nothing can take the place of actual cycling, indoor stationary bikes have been doing a good job of providing exercise that rivals the real activity for years. The "Stamina InStride" is not the same thing as a bicycle because the equipment remains stationary while you peddle.

The InStride is a bit different than some other exercise cycles because it is seatless. Your legs get a good workout, but that's about all. Some people use their arms to peddle by placing the equipment on a table, and this can provide a good upper body workout.

There is really nothing complicated about the mini cycle. You can set the resistance for the peddling to make it more difficult and provide an even better workout, but there shouldn't be any problem in operating the equipment.

What Others Are Saying about the "Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle XL"

About four out of five users believe the "Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle" is a good piece of exercise equipment. Many really prefer it over the larger exercise cycles because it is so inexpensive to purchase, portable enough to take almost anywhere, and takes up very little space in the home.

The convenience of working out in a small area indoors is a big draw for some people, including me. Judy from Texas made this comment: "I use it during the summer time when I can't get outside due to the heat. You can sit on the edge of a bed or chair and peddle away in an air-conditioned room. It doesn't take up a lot of room to use. It is a wonderful workout machine to use while listening to your iPod!"

Judy also mentioned that the cycle is a low impact piece of equipment. She found that if she worked the machine hard it performed adequately for her exercise needs. She also mentioned that the peddling action took a little getting used to because it is not exactly like the action of a real bicycle.

Many of those who bought the machine got more than they expected because it turned out to be better than they anticipated. EmmyL said, "I purchased this product as a replacement for the basic pedal exerciser model, which broke after about a year of use. This is much sturdier than the old one. A great benefit is that it slides far less on my hardwood floor."

EmmyL also mentioned that while the timer was rather cheap, she still highly recommends the Stamina 15 to those who want to watch television while they exercise, and the price is right for a simple piece of portable exercise equipment.

It is common knowledge that cycling improves cardiovascular health and gives the heart and blood vessels a boost. This appears to be a satisfactory substitute as indicated by the majority of reviews, but purchasers should not be expecting this machine to provide a major cardiovascular workout. This cycle just isn't designed to provide a major full-scale gymnasium style workout. As long as you realize this going in, I think you'll find the cycle a good value for the money.

Will Using the "Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle" Provide a Thorough Workout?

Don't expect the cycle to take the place of all the workouts you would do in the gym or in exercise classes. The design is to make it easier for you to get some exercise; it doesn't provide a complete exercise program. KeeKee noted after using the "Stamina 15-0120":

"Unless you're completely sedentary I can't imagine you'd ever work up a sweat or breathe too hard, but it will slightly increase your heart rate and circulation, and you can definitely feel it in your calves and thighs after just a few minutes of pedaling."

KeeKee mentioned also that the cycle will move during use on certain floor types, but on tile or linoleum it held its position just fine. Some of the benefits of the Stamin 15 are its quick and easy assembly, its quiet operation, and the storage convenience. It is a good piece of equipment for the elderly, but it is not a machine if you seek a serious cardiovascular workout and it is not going to burn a large number of calories in a workout either.

What Are the Pros and Cons for Using the "Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle"?

I think it is important to mention that you should be realistic about your expectations from the use of the cycle and consider what you hope to gain from the use of it.

These pros and cons are opinions based on reviews of those who weren't expecting the machine to do more than it is designed to do, which is provide a light workout.


  • It provides a workout for the muscles of the legs and arms.
  • It is easy to store and very portable.
  • The inexpensive price makes it a good value for exercise equipment.


  • Makes a lot of noise after it has been used for long periods and is hard to lubricate.
  • Some users feel the electronic monitor is of little use because it can't be reset.
  • The unit gets hot after it has been used for long exercise sessions.

Are There Any Major Complaints About the "Stamina InStride Cycle"?

Some users complained that the peddling motion was not very fluid and the tension was difficult to adjust and keep consistent. Several people said the squeaking noises made by the cycle were very annoying making it difficult to use at work

A few people also said the unit would not remain stationary, but moved around during a workout. Some found the problem with the unit staying stationary could be remedied by using a floor surface with some "tack" to it.

Overall Rating for this product

Most of the reviewers had some minor complaints about the product, but the majority of them felt that the annoyances were minor enough to warrant a favorable review of the equipment overall. It is a low cost exercise machine

For the price I paid for this unit I did not expect it to be equivalent to a piece of high dollar gym equipment. Overall the rating is currently a 3.9 out of 5 stars at Amazon.

Where is the Best Place to Read More Reviews and Purchase It?

You can purchase the "Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle XL" at a 40% discounted price on The price at Amazon is lower than any of the other suppliers I've found, and that price currently includes free Super Saver shipping. Amazon has currently around 200 reviews on the Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle. You can read more reviews here.

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