Seven Great Exercises for Women at Home

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As independent and hard working women, we all want to stay in shape, feel good ourselves inside and out and have that confidence that will shine through every single day. We all dream of that lean, healthy and toned body, but the question remains, how do we achieve just that especially when we are home bodies? Well you don’t have to look any further because in this article we will provide you with seven great exercises for women at home. They are easy exercises that will help shape your body as desired. Let’s begin with our amazing exercise routine tips.

1. Walk or Run however way you can


Whether you have a treadmill at home or choose to walk around your neighborhood, walking or running is definitely a great way to stay in shape. First and foremost, it is an excellent way to get in some cardiovascular activities in your life. It really works out your heart making it work to help you stay away from certain medical diseases and also shed off some much needed pounds. If you’re a beginner, try walking or running around 10 minutes every day or every other day. Then as your start feeling like you’re getting used to it, try adding in a few minutes at a time until you reach around 30 to 45 minutes.

2. Squats

Melinda Julia - prisoner squats

If you want to work on your thighs and want to tone them up, squats are your best bet. They target your quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal or butt muscles. When doing squats you have to follow the right steps on doing it properly; keep your feet shoulder-width apart with your back up straight. Bend your knees slowly, make sure your knees don’t go over your toes, and keep your knees just right over your ankles. Imagine that you’re trying to sit in a chair so that you can be reminded on how to do it properly.

3.  Lunges

Lunges Burn Fat

Another way of working your lower body is by doing lunges. All you have to do is take a big step forward and keep your back straight. Your front knee should be bent at about 90 degrees. Drop your back knee while keeping your weight on the back of your toes. Make sure your knee doesn’t touch the floor.

4.  Push ups

A workout for your arms, chest, shoulders and core muscles are push ups. While you’re facing down, place both your arms a little wider than shoulder-width apart and make sure your toes are at tiptoe against the floor. If you can’t do push ups while on tiptoes you can put your knees on the floor to make them a bit easier. Your body should be aligned straight from shoulders to your legs. Your butt and abdominal muscles should be engaged. Bend at your elbows as your lower yourself down slowly and make sure you don’t touch the floor. Lift yourself back up by pushing up using your core and arm muscles.

5.       Abdominal crunches

A great exercise routine for your abdominal muscles is crunches. Start by lying on the floor with your feet flat and our head resting on your palms. Contract your tummy muscles and rise up using those muscles. Your shoulders and upper back should be lifted off the floor. Don’t use your neck while going up to avoid straining. Go back down after going as high up as you can by still using your abdominal muscles.

6. The Plank

Plank Pose

To workout those core muscles, the plank is a great exercise routine to try out. Lie on your stomach and have your elbows close to your sides and under the shoulders. Your fingers should be facing forward and palms facing down. You can then engage your tummy muscles. Make sure your thigh muscles are also contracted and that your legs are straightened and your toes are tucked toward your shins. Gently lift up your torso and thighs up off the floor and make sure your ribcage or lower back is not sagging downward. Hold for around 5 to 8 seconds.

7.  Burpees

Although it has a funny name, it is very effective if done properly. First thing is make sure you’re standing up straight and your feet are shoulder-width apart and your hands are at your sides. In a smooth movement, squat down and put your palms down in front of your feet. Lean forward and shift your weight on your hands while you spring your legs out behind you until they are fully extended. Your body should be aligned like you are doing a push up. Jump with your feet out and have your legs spread wider than your hips and jump them back together. After, jump with your feet forward, just a little behind your hands and explode yourself while pushing up through your heels as you get back to your start position.

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