Sensa Weight Loss Diet Review - Does Sensa Really Work?

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Sensa is a new patent pending revolution. Sensa diet promises that you can shake away the pounds. It’s becoming popular because it appears as a great alternative for those who hate pills but need to lose weight. Simply shake on your favorite foods, salty or sweet, and watch the pounds disappear. Or do they?

How Does Sensa Starter Weight Loss Kit Work?

Sensa Weight Loss Kit is a powder that you sprinkle on your food. It works by adding flavor to your food helping you eat less of it. The sprinkles intensify the taste and smell of the food. They have zero calories and contain natural and artificial ingredients. This new product was created to make it easy for anyone to lose weight.

Carry it in your purse or leave it in your desk at work. According to the directions, you simply shake it on your favorite foods and over time you will eat less. The starter kit comes equipped with both shakers for salty and sweet foods so you do not have to give up any of your favorites.

The goal of this revolutionary product is to help you eat less by sending signals to the brain telling it you are full. The product contains no diuretics and absolutely no calories allowing you to add it on practically anything. It comes with both salty and sweet “tastants” and an instructional DVD for first-time users.

The company behind this weight loss product claims that studies have shown that the average user will lose weight. You should keep in mind that not all individuals lose weight the same way and it may not work for everyone but some are calling it an “accidental weight loss discovery.” But I say, if it works, give it a shot!

How To Use Sensa Weight Loss Diet

What Others Are Saying - Does the Sensa Starter Weight Loss Kit Work?

The product is poorly rated on Amazon. Only half of the users are satisfied with the results. Those who did find it effective commented that within just the first few months they were eating less and losing weight, with little to no effort. If that is true, I am wondering, is there really any easier way to drop the pounds?

Gretchen from Bloomington says that since she started using the Sensa Weight Loss Kit her cravings are gone and she eats half of what she used to. She explains,

“I have been using Sensa for 6 weeks now and have lost 15 1/2 pounds. I know it sounds like this is a gimic, I thought so too, but it really works.”

And Deborah from Jersey couldn’t be happier with her results,

“I was eating about 10,000 calories a day - about half of it in candy. My cravings are under control, I've lost 10 pounds and 25 inches, I have lost 4 dress sizes. My starting weight was 150 and currently I am at 142.”

Well, I don’t know how a woman can eat 10,000 cals a day and still weigh only 150 pounds. She either has a tapeworm inside her or she is downright lying.

Does It Help You Lose Weight?

Some of the reviewers felt like the product was the main reason for their weight loss. It was easy to use and provided them with some great successes along the way. It was just like adding salt to their food but instead of retaining water, they where shedding the pounds. Another user, A. Edewards, stated that it helped her lose over 20 pounds!

With any product, you need to use it to see results. The difference with this one is that there is really no effort involved, just a little sprinkle on your favorite foods and sit back and wait!

Pros and Cons


  • Sensa Weight Loss Kit helped some individuals lose over ten pounds.
  • Simple and easy to use with practically no effort involved. It is just as easy as adding salt or pepper to the foods you love.]
  • Fairly inexpensive for the weight loss that you achieve.
  • You can still eat the foods you enjoy and crave but with Sensa you will gradually eat less of them in one sitting.
  • Great product to help you fight the war against the bulge.


  • A couple of reviewers felt that the product was a scam and did not provide them with the benefits it claimed to offer.
  • Shipping took way to long.
  • May be billed for the product regardless of when you cancel the order.
  • May potentially be dangerous.

Problems and Complaints

K. Ross, a reviewer, who read the patent application of this product, concluded that “the salty "tastants" contain quite a lot of MSG or other free glutamate as flavor enhancers.” Sprinkling MSG on everything one eats is potentially dangerous.

Some of the users did not think that it worked quite the way it was described and some wondered if it was actually even healthy for you at all.

M. Class from Connecticut puts it very well:

“…lets face it there is no magic pill or powder that can help us loose weight. We have to exercise and eat healthy and that is the answer and to be consistent.”

You may need to use the Weight Loss Kit yourself to determine the validity of Sensa. I feel that any product that is that easy to use, sprinkle and eat, is worth exploring. No one hates a diet more than me and for such a great price I may even give it a try!

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