Self Hypnosis And Weight Loss: Do You Have It In You?

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If you are someone who is struggling with excessive weight and wants to get rid of it effectively and quickly, self-hypnosis or hypnotic therapy is a safe, positive and an easy way to help yourself achieve this goal. Self hypnosis can help transform your unhealthy eating habits by reinforcing your will power, seeding a sense of discipline and strengthening your determination to make the right food choices at the right time.

Today, for the same reason, self hypnosis and weight loss benefits resulting from this unique yet simple method are recognized and experienced by many. More and more people are now successfully discovering that they can significantly lose weight through self hypnosis in a short span of time. Therefore, if you are one of those who are in search of quick and effective ways to normalize their mass, self hypnosis can help you to both lose weight, and keep the mass off when you reach your goal, painlessly and almost effortlessly.

What Is Self Hypnosis?
By definition, hypnosis is a way of relaxing yourself until you enter a state of trance and can access the deepest part of your mind i.e. your subconscious mind or conscience (as they call it in the east). The aim is to lead you into a state of heightened relaxation and suggestibility. In self hypnosis, you struggle to develop a self-control over your subconscious mind and direct it to make “only” wiser food choices i.e. when to, what to and how much to eat. In other words, you actually learn to become a master of your own and help yourself develop a strong sense of self-control to prefer your eating “needs” over your eating “wants”.

How Self Hypnosis Works?
The philosophy behind this kind of hypnosis is simple i.e. weight loss begins in the mind. As it is your subconscious mind that increases your food cravings, hypnosis works as a mind conditioning tool by giving directions to your subconscious mind to change it into a conscious one. With reduced food cravings, you begin to think like someone who is slim and smart and dislike junk food. The impossible diet seems possible because you no longer have the same attachment to food as before. It also increases your metabolism and makes you feel more energized to exercise. It is important, however, to remember that hypnosis does not involve losing consciousness. It only changes your attitude towards the food, increasing your receptiveness to suggestions that are presented to reinforce the loss of weight. You understand that food is a need, not an addiction and accordingly help yourself to get adjusted to just the “right” amount of food you “need’.

How Effective Is Self Hypnosis?
Studies show that, on an average, people have lost as much as five KG weight in just three weeks simply by including hypnosis in their weight loss plan. However, some efficient users have even lost up to thirty pounds in just thirty days. Unbelievable? Well, you’ve to practice it to believe it.

How To Learn Self Hypnosis?
Today, there are many easy-to-read books and online / web-based resources on the topic and you could access them easily, while not leaving the comfort of your home. Such resources also include audiotapes, videotape, scripts, MP3 files and CDs or DVDs. Alternatively; you can also choose a teacher i.e. a certified hypnotherapist to learn the basics. Whatever you prefer, you should always do your own research before choosing the method that suits you the best.

Benefits of Hypnosis-Based Weight Loss
The benefits of using self hypnosis to lose weight are numerous. First, it is generally considered safe, with no reported side effects. Secondly, it calms the mind, the nerves and the whole body, alleviating anxiety and you have more peace to focus fully on your weight loss plan. The suggestions used give confidence and build self esteem, helping you in removing the old habits and developing the new ones. You are more in-control of your food decisions, and more in-control of your life in general.

Self hypnosis, when combined with other weight loss practices e.g. balanced diet and regular exercise, can be really effective and beneficial in reducing and maintaining body weight. By practicing it, you will find yourself enjoying a completely new lifestyle that will help you achieve your ultimate goal of quick and efficient weight loss.

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