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Weight Loss Oral Spray Proves its Mettle in Study

You shouldn’t be extremely surprised if, in a few years, a doctor prescribes a mouth spray as part of your anti-obesity medication.

This is because a team from the University of Florida has found a simple way to introduce a previously abandoned natural hormone without bringing about the adverse effects that resulted in its abandonment in the first place.

Codename PYY

The hormone, abbreviated as PYY, is usually produced by the gut after eating.  At a certain concentration, it signals the brain’s satiety center, making the person feel less like eating. The level of PYY produced is directly related to the calorific content of the food, not the amount; a small calorie-rich serving should induce the same amounts of PYY as a large serving of calorie-poor food.

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Why We Should Eat Blueberries Everyday

Everybody knows that blueberries are a super fruit.  Wild blueberries have been long touted to help combat disease and promote healthy aging.  The latest research, published in the journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, showed that long-term wild blueberry diets may help improve pathologies associated with metabolic syndrome. Diseases most associated with metabolic syndrome are cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome affects 37% of adults in the United States.  The term is used to describe a cluster of risk factors characterized by obesity, hypertension, inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, diabetes, and heart disease.  Dr. Klimis-Zacas, Professor of clinical nutrition at the University of Maine and co-author of the study, explains that there are properties in food that have the potential to prevent metabolic syndrome.  He explores the idea that food can be medicine. By eating the correct foods, the need for medication and medical intervention is reduced significantly. 

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Only 3 Nutrition Classes Need to Improve Dietary Habits Study Shows

Obesity is a growing problem across much of the Western world, especially in the USA where it is estimated that about 35.7% of the adult population is obese. And the odds are not better for children, 17% of whom are obese. Obesity prevalence has tripled in one generation, and without proper intervention, things are likely to get out of hand.

In most cases, obesity often affects the minorities a lot more significantly, with data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showing that non-Hispanic blacks had the highest prevalence of adult obesity, followed by Mexican Americans and Hispanics. Whites had the lowest prevalence of obesity. In childhood obesity, CDC data showed that non-Hispanic black girls and Hispanic boys were more likely to be obese than children of the same gender from other races.

The reason for this is usually a lack of nutritional knowledge, exacerbated by financial constraints.

For these reasons, a team from the University of Minnesota’s Food Science and Nutrition embarked on a teaching session to see whether any improvement in knowledge would change consumption habits.

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Exercising During Pregnancy Improves Brain Development in Newborns

The benefits of exercise are numerous to those who engage in them, from boosting academic performance in teens to enhancing overall health in adults. Even pregnant women are encouraged to engage in some exercise, of course after consulting with their physicians.

A Canadian team has discovered that pregnant women who exercise for at least 1 hour a week conferred some unexpected health benefits to their kids; they were found to have more brain activity than the children of those who lived a sedentary life during pregnancy.


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Caffeine Rich Tea Helps You Lose Weight Study Finds

I have not always been a fan of tea, but I find reasons to drink a cup or two today. Apparently, tea has been found capable of keeping the body in top condition, and also helps in reducing the probability of developing debilitating diseases such a stroke or heart diseases. For those keen to lose weight, or to at least keep it to a certain level, tea could  be instrumental, according to recently released data.

Once again, it is the polyphenols in tea that are believed to play such powerful roles, accelerating metabolism which  in turn helps burn more fat, resulting in weight loss or the maintenance of a desired weight.

The evidence for all these benefits comes from 11 peer-reviewed studies that were all published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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Bariatric Surgery Will Help You Get Your Groove Back

Obesity brings about many health problems, and by now the association between obesity and several health issues such as cardiovascular diseases has been thoroughly documented. However, its effects on sexual health have not been studied that well, and consequently, the effect of countermeasures such as bariatric surgery on sexual health have also not received that much attention.

For many of us, sexual health is an important facet of our perception of the quality of our life, and its significance cannot be overstated.

. relationship

Aware of the gaps in knowledge with regard to sexual health after weight loss surgery, a research team from the University of Pennsylvania sought to determine exactly what effects bariatric surgery had on a woman’s reproductive and sexual health.

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Moderate Chocolate Consumption Linked To Lower BMI

It was Paracelsus who said, “The dose makes the poison”, and he could have easily been referring to the consumption of chocolate.  Chocolate is a high-energy product, but when eaten in moderation, it has been found to contribute to a generally lean physique. Its benefit is not only limited to a smaller waist; it’s also associated with a reduced risk of heart attack.   

Taking data from a broad study of European teens, researchers from a Spanish university have found that teenagers who consumed chocolate frequently tended to have leaner bodies, irrespective of other factors, such as the level of exercise.



The scientists, gathered from 26 European universities, took data from the Healthy Lifestyle in Europe by Nutrition in Adolescence (HELENA) cross sectional study. It is an ongoing long term study on teenagers that focuses on:

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New Studies Show Weight Loss Surgery Can Help More Than Diet & Exercise

Often times when Americans are told by their doctor that they need to lose weight, they are given the traditional advice--diet and exercise.  While this is by no means bad advice, a new study shows that there may be a more effective, better alternative-- weight loss surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery

The concept of weight loss surgery is nothing new: commercials for having liposuction or lap band procedures to reduce fat have been airing for years, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that the annual rate of patients receiving such treatment is rising astronomically.  However, a new study conducted by BMJ, an open-access, peer-reviewed medical journal, states that weight loss surgery is more effective at reducing body weight, as compared to non surgical methods.            

Bariatric Surgery

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How To Make Weight Loss A Habit: 21 Day Rule

At one point or another, everyone has given themselves the mental, pre-diet pep talk.

"This is it, I'm going to make weight loss a habit.  I'm really going to stick with it this time."

And what happens?  Four days later you're laying on the couch watching reruns of Entourage with the notorious 3000 calorie pasta bread bowl.  Making weight loss a habit is not easy, and is not something that happens right away.  But if you are determined to truly make dieting and exercise a part of your daily routine, there are some strategies you can employ.

21 Day Rule

Many studies about human behavior credit the "21 day rule", which states that it takes approximately three weeks of doing something everyday for it to become ingrained in your brain as part of your everyday schedule.  The 21 day rule applies to a lot of hobbies and skills, and weight loss is no exception.  If you want losing weight to become a habit, then the most important point to keep in mind is to just grit your teeth and stick with it.  Don't give in to the $.99 large fry at Burger King on Day 15, regardless of how many coupons they send in the mail.

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Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

 The news of having diabetes is typically a rather tough pill to swallow.  It immediately causes quite a few long term complications, with those affected needing to have much more vigilance and lookout over the foods they consume, as well as the need to constantly monitor one’s self.

The Story

Although this metabolic disease is definitely treatable, a recent experiment performed by Kirt Tyson, an Arizona doctor, proves that through careful dieting, Type 1 diabetes can actually be reversed.  This claim comes from a patient Tyson studied very closely—himself.


Dr. Kirt Tyson is a very strong believer in naturopathy.  Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine, which, rather than advocating drugs as solutions to various problems, instead uses various techniques involving diet and exercise.  More commonly, it is known as a sort of “natural healing” process, with the Latin meaning of the word literally being “nature healing”.  Naturopathy has also been the subject of a fair amount of controversy over the years, with some researchers claiming that it was dangerous to believe in use of it as opposed to more “mainstream” or conventional pharmaceutical drugs.

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