Schwinn Recumbent Stationary Bike Review - Good Exercise on a Laid-Back Bike

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One of the most difficult things to do when a person has started an exercise routine is to actually get up and start working out. The first step in getting into shape is gathering the motivation to stand on your feet and start moving. Luckily, with a Schwinn recumbent stationary bike you don't have to actually stand on your feet to start moving. For years, exercise bikes have been perceived as a semi-lazy workout, and Schwinn makes that workout even lazier with their recumbent bike.

What Should You Know About It?

There are certain things a person should know about a bike like that. First, it sits lower to the floor than a normal exercise bike and the legs are stretched out in front which supports the back. It's almost like lying down and running in your sleep. "I have found the Schwinn Recumbent Stationary Bike to be really comfortable and have no problem just sitting there riding and watching TV or reading", says a reviewer. The great thing about the recumbent exercise bike is that there is not a lot of pressure on the knees or joints because of its advanced ergonomics. This exercise instrument allows people who want to lose weight the liberty of sitting down and lying back while they work out. This laid-back position reduces strain on the neck, shoulders, and back. This makes it both comfortable and effective.

There are several reasons people buy exercise equipment. One of the main reasons an individual would purchase an exercise bike is because they are sick of the gym. Most people prefer not to pay the monthly fees associated with gym membership. Others just want to avoid the vulnerability and insecurity of having people stare while they attempt to manipulate some machine that they don't know how to operate. It's much more comfortable to be able to sit at home on a bike and get a workout while sitting in front of the television.

What Others Are Saying?

“We settled on the Schwinn because it was the best of its price range” says Ellis Godard from Moorpark, CA, in his review on Amazon, “and we didn't want to spend three times as much on our first exercise equipment purchase; The bike itself is great: more comfortable than any other I tried in the store, with plenty of routine options, sufficient resistance, and well-placed handles”.

One pro of getting an exercise bike is that they don't take up much space and they are an effective workout for beginners who are just getting warmed up to the whole work-out routine. The final benefit to bikes is that an individual doesn't have to have a lot of coordination or balance to use it. All you have to do is sit there and start cycling.

How Much Should You Pay?

Exercise bikes are also less expensive than other home gym systems. They can be purchased for as little as $250 to $550 depending on the needs of the consumer. Some home gym systems can cost thousands of dollars but an exercise bike is a good system for a good value. Most users of the Schwinn Active 220 Series Recumbent Exercise Bike are happy with what they get. This model goes for about $400 which is a tad more than other bikes but it's still easy on the wallet when you compare it to other machines. For $400 you get all the bells and whistles. You get seventeen different programs, heart rate control, and adjustable handle bars.

What I Don't Like

There is always a downside to anything that you purchase, including the Schwinn. One downside is that the metal can sometimes rattle on the bike, so it isn't always as quiet as a mouse. Another downside is that it's heavy. It is highly recommended that the individual pick it up directly from a dealer. Most of them weigh a hundred pounds and moreover they have a greater chance of being damaged by the postal system. Despite its heaviness, the Schwinn 220 recumbent exercise bike only has a 300 pound weigh capacity, which means heavier folks have to hit the pavement before they can hit the bike. The one accommodating feature is the seat adjustment which can be changed for the short and tall.

Bikes will continue to be a top seller when it comes to fitness and they will continue to gain popularity, especially the recumbent kind.

Where Can You Get The Best Price?

I found that Amazon has the best deal.

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