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U.K. study delves into combating obesity among children in minority groups

Working with school and religious groups can help health advocates and agencies combat childhood obesity in minority populations.

According to a recent study by Maria J. Maynard, Graham Baker, Emma Rawlins, Annie Anderson and Seeromanie Harding published in BMC Public Health, advocates for healthy living can have success in reducing childhood obesity in minority populations by making use of a community-oriented intervention approach.

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Louisiana Insurance That Would Cover Lap Band Surgery

If you are looking to have lap surgery in Louisiana you may be seeking insurance approval for your weight loss surgery. There is a number of insurance companies that offer bariatric surgery coverage in Louisiana.

Below you can find insurance companies and some state or federal programs that have covered bariatric patients who were operated by The Surgical Specialists in Louisiana.

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Does Obesity Alone Cause Arthritis? Scientists Say No.

Medical doctors and scientists have long recognized a connection between being overweight and developing osteoarthritis. It turns out, however, that the connection is not as straightforward as was thought.

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Endoscopic weight loss surgery – Lower Risk, Quick Recovery

Endoscopic techniques gain more popularity due to the benefits they present in patient recovery and level of risk.

In recent years, surgeons of different specialties have started to use more and more endoscopic techniques. Global Industry Analysts, Inc. indicates in a new report that a growing number of healthcare organizations choose to perform endoscopic surgery. Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, already benefits from its advantages.

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Orlistat For Weight Loss – The Easy Way To Lose Weight?

There’s an interesting fact about Orlistat and it is kind of funny too. Though this is the name of a drug that helps people lose weight, when you search for it, you will never find one. And that is because, Orlistat is actually sold by two different names – when you are buying it with a prescription what you will get is Xenical, and when you do not have a prescription, what you need is Alli. Xenical is sold by Roche and Alli is sold by GlaxoSmithKline, both very renowned drug makers.

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Drinking Green Tea And Weight Loss – The All New “Wonder Drink”

We may have progressed a great deal technologically and scientifically over the last century, but does this have to necessarily mean that we know better than our forefathers in every area of life? Well, there would of course be those people who would say an emphatic “Yes” to this, but does this make us too proud and too much confident about our abilities? Take for instance, drinking green tea.

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Metabolife Weight Loss – Is It A Disaster Or Does It Indeed Work?

While it is true that you will find hundreds of dietary supplements all over the world and of course on the Internet as well, but the fact remains that, there has possibly been no greater debate than the one concerning Metabolife. The US firm Metabolife International, Inc. was best known for their ephedra-based product that they named Metabolife 356 and it was a huge hit, to say the least.

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Trimspa Results – Does Trimspa Work?

Man or woman, aged or young, we all like to look good. Now that is a known fact. And of all the things that compromise our looks, obesity ranks high. But if that was the only reason, then also perhaps, we could have lived with it – however the fact remains that, obesity can be killing as well. Yes, it is known to be the cause of many a disease and if you seek the opinion of a medical professional, the person would thus advice you to shed those extra pounds as soon as possible.

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