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Can Weight-loss Surgery Eliminate the Risk of Developing Diabetes?

There is another piece of good news waiting to bring joy and hope in your life. You have probably heard of weight loss surgeries that people undertake to get rid of excess fat burden. But are you aware of the recent announcement that medical experts have made about the ability of weight loss surgeries? Well, now you can reduce the chances of developing type II diabetes with the help of weight-loss surgery. This is not a mere declaration, but a proven fact that scientists demonstrated after analyzing study results.


The research included a study period spread over approximately 15 years. The research result demonstrated that obese men and women who had any one of the three different types of bariatric procedure, had 80% lower possibility of developing type II diabetes than the people who tried to reduce weight by following strict diet and exercise regimen.

Besides, the participants with worst blood sugar level, who showed pre-diabetes symptoms, noticed most favorable results after the surgery. For them, the chances of developing diabetes reduced by 90%.

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