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Does Wearing Dental Braces Really Affect Your Diet and Promote Weight Loss?

Whenever people I know start wearing teeth or dental braces, I always hear about how it affects their diet, how eating becomes difficult, and how much weight they’ve lost since they’ve had their braces done.

So it got me thinking: Does wearing braces really affect diet and promote weight loss? Could it really be possible that wearing your braces to fix your teeth can also cause, let’s say abdominal fat loss or even weight loss in general?

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Dental braces are orthodontic devices used to align or straighten teeth and correct their position to improve bite and dental health. There are many types of teeth braces – clear, gold-plated, and titanium. But the most widely used kind is the traditional metal wired braces which are usually used for children as well as adults. These braces consist of small brackets. Each bracket is glued or attached to the front part of every tooth. The molars are then adjusted through a band that surrounds the tooth.

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