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For a low-cost, straightforward, entry-level elliptical trainer that gives a fine workout but lacks many of the more sophisticated exercise metrics of the more expensive models, the potential elliptical exerciser may want to turn to the Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer, a compact, affordable model produced by a German company and distributed in the United States by a firm in Virginia.

This elliptical trainer is an entry level or thrifty model that gives smooth, strong, reliable action with a plain but functional monitor and fairly sturdy construction (although potentially weak joints are among the main flaws of the device).

Size and Weight - Dimensions

Most ellipticals are quite large, but compactness is the order of the day where the Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer is concerned. The machine is considerably taller than it is long or wide, but the slenderness of the upright portion and the positioning of the flywheel (at the opposite end of the machine from the handlebars) makes it stable and wobble-free during operation. The machine is only 47 inches long and 30 inches wide – in short, slightly less than 4 feet by 3 feet – making it one of the most compact elliptical trainers on today’s market. The height is 68 inches, or slightly less than 6 feet – a typical height for an elliptical.

Warranty, Durability, And Maximum Weight Capacity

The warranty on the Kettler’s frame is a lifetime guarantee, while the parts and electronics have a 2 year warranty for residential use and labor has a 6 month warranty. Although this is a good warranty and the frame is made out of ‘heavy duty steel,’ the construction is not quite at the highest standard (despite the stereotype of excellent German workmanship) and there is a chance that some of the joints will break after a while, and need to be welded back together by a professional welder.

The machine’s maximum user weight is 285 pounds, also indicating that its construction is only fair – as might be expected from a lower-end machine.

Assembly Instructions

Like so many other exercise machines, the Kettler CT 307 is cursed with abysmal assembly instructions – possibly even worse than the usual low standard. The assembly manual, in fact, is basically useless, and the purchaser will need to figure out how to put the machine together themselves.

Fortunately, this is not impossible, since the machine can only be put together so many ways, but it is time consuming and potentially irritating to have to build the machine using intuition rather than a straightforward set of instructions. Placing the plastic covers over the joints for cosmetic reasons is also a difficult task.

Excellent, Smooth, Quiet Performance

The Kettler CT 307 Cross Trainer’s actual exercise performance is where it shines most. The action is smooth, strong, and effective, with 15 settings of resistance able to challenge both newcomers to elliptical training and ‘old hands’ with impressive leg muscles and a need for strong resistance. The motion is very smooth – as one user, Jules, from Los Angeles, commented,

“The elliptical motion glides very smoothly and is virtually silent.”

The most important part of the machine – its exercise experience – is also its best part, and this is a strong recommendation for the Kettler CT 307.

A Plain But Effective Monitor

As might be expected in an entry-level or casual-level machine, the display and computer are quite simple, but offer some useful information to the exerciser. Since the braking is magnetic, instantaneous push-button resistance control is offered by the machine’s main display.

Time, heart rate, speed, and calories burned are the only types of exercise data displayed, but this is probably enough for most users who are considering this model rather than one of the high-end ellipticals. Heart rate sensors are mounted in the handgrips, meaning that they are likely to be less accurate than a heart rate belt would be.

Workout Programs, No Battery Power

The machine’s computer offers 6 different workout programs, which is not a large number but is adequate for giving variety to casual workouts. The monitor’s functions are also somewhat confusing at first, since there are no comprehensible instructions, but once the user figures them out, the monitor is easy to use. The monitor and the magnetic resistance both operate on the basis of the Kettler CT 307 Elliptical being plugged in to a wall socket – there are no batteries in the machine.

Some Problems With the Kettler CT 307 Elliptical

Two of the major flaws of the Kettler CT 307 Elliptical Cross Trainer are the position of the pedals and their width. The pedals are about one foot (12 inches) apart, meaning that when you are using this machine, you will be making your strides with your legs quite a bit farther apart than they are when you are walking normally.

This, in turn, means that your knees will be stressed by this somewhat unnatural stance, and the muscles that are developed by the exercise are not necessarily those which are used most while walking or running. The narrowness of the pedals accentuates this problem, since you do not have a large surface to stand on and your feet might slip because of the angle of your legs – the pedals are 5 inches wide.

A Compact, Useful, Thrifty Machine

In conclusion, a very compact, space-saving elliptical workout with silent operation, good resistance, and an adequate computer display are the hallmarks of the Kettler CT 307 Elliptical. The machine’s strong points include its low cost, small size, smooth and effective workout capacity, and good warranty.

Its flaws include the wide spread between the pedals and the possibility of occasional joint weld failure, as well as a useless assembly manual (although this last will only be a problem once). For the thrifty or casual user, the Kettler offers a good workout at a very affordable price by elliptical machine standards.

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