Review of Needak Mini-trampoline Rebounder (Soft Bounce) with Detachable Stabilizing Bar

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Bounce Your Way to Better Health with the Needak Mini-trampoline Rebounder

by EJ Young

“She gets crazier every year!” That’s probably close to my sisters’ comments (after they stopped giggling) when I called to ask if they wanted to contribute to a gift for our overweight niece. Not that we don’t often pool our dollars to buy gifts, but this wasn’t your everyday, typical, 10-year-old, niece-type gift. I wanted to get her a Needak Soft Bounce Non-Folding Rebounder with Stabalizing Bar (Platinum Edition). After struggling with weight problems all of our lives, I thought my two sisters would recognize my brilliance. Not so much. After each sister gave me an insincere no thank you, one of them jumped on the gossip train to spread my laughable idea.

It only took about an hour before caller ID forewarned me of my brother, the father of the little girl. But, all those pathetic excuses I conjured up weren’t needed. Instead, he wanted all the details! He thought my idea was grand! He ended up making the purchase of the Needak Soft Bounce Rebounder for his daughter. Using the mini-trampoline provided a fun way for her to burn some calories without thinking of exercise as a punishment. Due to being overweight, her self-esteem was already on shaky ground so “making” her workout was not the answer. So far, she loves it.

Who Says Exercise Can’t Be Fun?

It seems like many children get the message from television, movies, parents and other role models that exercise is a four letter word. I know I’ve complained about getting all sweaty, the time it takes to change clothes, how I feel too self-conscientious at the gym—all kinds of negative signals. Thankfully, my kids jumped over that hurdle and got into activities and sports in school, getting the attention of coaches who provided workouts and training. What I am trying to say (while standing on my verbose soapbox) is exercise can be fun. Kids love to play games and there is no reason those fun games can’t involve moderate physical activity. Promoting exercise as a good habit for your child will result in a healthier lifestyle.

Who Says a Quality Rebounder Is For Adults Only?

The Needak Mini-trampoline Rebounder is made in America with the best quality parts. After comparing similar products, it seems obvious that Needak rebounders are the top of the line. Needak focuses on quality. The cute little pink mini-trampolines on the market are not as sturdy as the “real” rebounder offered by Needak. My niece’s weight exceeds the limit on the cutesy child models. Why not get the most durable trustworthy mini-trampoline on the market? My brother agreed because he knew his daughter would think of the mini-trampoline as more of a toy than a piece of equipment—even if it wasn’t pink with flowers! The sturdy frame made him feel better about safety. It also offered all family members the chance to try the Needak rebounder. The sturdy model allowed my brother to bounce into better shape as well.

What Features Make This Model Worth The Money?

Brace yourself for this one. The Needak Mini trampoline Rebounder (Soft Bounce) with Detachable Stabilizing Bar comes with a lifetime guarantee. It doesn’t get any better than that. This model comes with the detachable stabilizing bar at no extra cost. It also comes with a free book and DVD. The Needak rebounder features the highest quality construction. The jump mat fabric is Permatron, an industrial grade material secured with heavy duty edge banding. Its finish is a baked on powder lead-free coat. All construction details consist of top quality material to ensure safety, durability and a lifetime value.

Another great feature is the synthetic rubber covering the steel tube legs. It doesn’t mark up floors! As the Needak rebounder mini-trampoline sets just 10 inches from the floor it is easily used indoors. My niece “plays” on it in her bedroom and it’s moved to the basement rec room on weekends for other family members to enjoy.

What Are The Health Benefits From Rebounding?

Studies show that using a rebounder 30 minutes a day 3 times a week provides many health benefits. An obvious plus is burning fat. Additional benefits include better breathing, improved muscle tone and more endurance. Rebounding can help the immune system and has an aerobic benefit for the heart. A workout on a rebounder is low impact and doesn’t place stress on knees. It’s also fun. Having fun helps with a positive attitude.

What Others Are Saying

Kathleen M. Hansen who purchased the trampoline back in January 2009 said:

I use this every morning. I do jumping jacks and it's definitely a back saver. The set up was easy, I did it myself. It's very sturdy, definitely better than the cheap models you can buy in Walmart.

Flora Fonda, another reviewer, said:

The Needak is easy on my knees and allows me to get a full cardio workout that would be otherwise impossible...This is the best purchase I could have ever made.

If you are one of the millions of people who should exercise more, take a look at the Needak Mini-trampoline Rebounder (Soft Bounce) with Detachable Stabilizing Bar. You can find it at Amazon. Your height, age and weight don’t matter. It’s not an amusement park ride, but it can be just as much fun!

Instructions for setting up the Mini Trampoline Rebounder

The rebounder is easy to set up and almost ready to be used. You simply open the box,  remove the trampoline,  remove the plastic bag, stretch each leg (attached by a spring) and slip it over its post. Then, you place it on the floor. It will probably take only five minutes to set it up. It is virtually assembly-free and of very good quality.

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