Review of Escali Bathroom Scale with Body Fat/Water Monitorting

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An aesthetic weighing scale.

A glass machine that proposes to sit pretty like a beauty with brains, somewhere in your house, boasting a capacity of 440 lbs.

It sounds too good to be true, but it is…

It will not only tell you how much you weigh, but give you readings for your body fat and body water. For all of us who are looking to lose weight or at least, are conscious about maintaining it, frequenting the weighing scale is like a mantra.


No surprises if you’re not the only one in the house who wants to keep tabs on their weight, fat and body water readings. Escali gets that! You and nine other people in the house can save your own settings, tucked away, underneath the scale’s glass frame.

How Can It Help In Weight Loss?

Good question. I believe – and you will agree – that weight loss is triggered best when we set our minds to it. The body follows. What a good weighing machine in the house does is to keep you on your toes, especially if nature makes you prone to watching your weight.

As Tom Boucher, from North Carolina, puts it, “It kind of makes you in control.” You know if your efforts are getting you the results you want: Is your body fat going down? Is your BMI moving closer to the normal range? When all you need to do, to gauge the right (or wrong) plan of action, is to stand right on a given bathroom scale, it gets easier to lose weight. Agreed?

Pros And Cons

So that was Tom. Here’s how other Amazon customers are rating it:


  • It takes the cake – from competitors – when it comes to aesthetics;
  • It’s a bit technical being a high-end weighing machine, but Wesley, from Brooklyn, reckons that the 10-step, quick setup manual that comes with it, makes it very, very easy to get started.

  • If you’re heavy-weight, like he is, you won’t be beat for the weighing machine at the gym or an industrial unit, because this one itself is high capacity.


  • Having said that, it is ironic that the heavier people are sharing all the brunt. On the one hand, there are habitual weight-lifters like Steven in New Jersey. The Escali scale isn’t designed to mind the athlete’s body, with the result that muscle mass is tipped off as body fat. That’s a big put off.

  • And then, there are customers like Tyler Atkins who’ve found the scale about 25 lbs off their actual weight! Not once, but on a replacement scale too.

Heavier People Should Think Before Buying the Escali Scale

My first reaction to Tyler’s feedback was that a give-and-take of 5 lbs would be believable…but 25? Didn’t that surprise you? But then, this very intelligent gentleman, Robert Forth, from Illinois, seems to have a possible explanation (he says it best):

'This scale has 4 sensors at each of the feet which hook into the main computer; it averages the weights of these scales to determine the users weight however the rigid glass construction does not allow for even distribution of weight among the sensors which causes one or more of them to go over-weight and error out. Below 380 pounds the scale is accurate but over that it craps out. Unless you are perfectly balanced you will not get an accurate reading."


So yes, that is the irony of it all. Escali competes in the high capacity scales market, and seems to fall short for exactly the same segment. If you weigh over 300 lbs, I’d recommend you research other options in the market. For the rest, the Escali bathroom scale seems like a reliable, (relatively) affordable bet.

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i enjoy your article. great job. keep it simple

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