Review of Body Max XEL6700 Electromagnetic Elliptical Trainer

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Elliptical trainers come in all sizes, levels of complexity, and price ranges, varying from fairly simple entry-level models to top of the line types with enough features to make their consoles nearly as complex as those of a jet fighter.

The Body Max XEL6700 Electromagnetic Elliptical Trainer is a low-cost but very solidly built elliptical, which gives a good workout (although not quite as smooth as some of the higher-end machines) at a very affordable price. Marred chiefly by a potential lack of instructions, and with a basic but useful display, the Body Max XEL6700 is a good choice for both beginning and average exercisers, although advanced users may want a more feature-rich machine.

Size and Weight

The Body Max XEL6700 is a large machine, like most elliptical trainers. When fully assembled, the machine is 70 inches long, 31 inches wide, and 65 inches high – or roughly 6 feet by 3 feet by 5.5 feet tall. Its weight is 127 pounds, putting it firmly in the middle of the elliptical range as far as weight is concerned. This exercise device is fairly easy to assemble, and although it includes wheels for moving it to and from storage, it is also not designed to fold, so it is probably best to build it where it will be used.

Sturdiness and Warranty

The Body Max Elliptical seems to be fairly sturdy in construction, although its maximum user weight limit of 250 pounds shows that it is not as robust as higher-cost machines (which may range up 350 pounds or even 375 pounds). There is either a 3-year or a 10-year warranty on the elliptical’s frame, depending on whether one believes the information on, the machine’s primary seller, or the information in the product booklet. Parts are covered for 2 years and labor for 1 year – the labor warranty is actually better than that on some expensive models.

Stable Construction With a Rear Flywheel

Stability is good because of the length of the machine, and also because the magnetic resistance flywheel is located at the back, distributing the weight of the elliptical more evenly. A rear flywheel is not as attractive or “neat-looking” as a frontal flywheel, but it does help to improve stability, rather than the whole elliptical being unbalanced forward. Care needs to be taken not to trip over the flywheel when mounting or dismounting from the Body Max, however.

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16 Levels of Smooth Resistance, Fixed Stride of 18”

Resistance on the Body Max XEL6700 is quite smooth (although not absolutely so), giving you a thorough workout without impacts that may affect your joints or back. There are 16 levels of resistance on this exercise machine, allowing both beginners and robust elliptical users to get the workout they need.

The machine’s handlebars and stride length are both fixed, however. The stride is 18 inches, and the handlebars remain in one position permanently, and these factors may inconvenience tall users with long legs, or very short users with a limited stride. Operation is quiet, though naturally not silent, and can be carried out while talking, watching movies or television, listening to music, and so on.


The display console of the Body Max XEL6700 Elliptical is an LED display that shows calories burned, heart rate, speed, average speed, program level, time, and distance, as well as several others. The heart rate monitoring is provided by pulse detectors built into the hand grips, and so is likely to be more approximate than the accurate pulse measurement provided by heart rate belts. To keep your exercise program varied, half a dozen (6) workout programs are built into the machine.

A Few Problems – Missing Manuals, Short Power Cord

One of the biggest problems with the Body Max XEL6700 is that some of the machines are shipped without a user manual. A user manual does exist, and gives information on both assembly and use of the elliptical trainer, but quite a few users report receiving the Body Max without any documentation in the box at all.

A secondary problem, which will affect only certain exercisers in any case, is that the machine’s power cord is located at the front and is only 3 feet long. Unless you are planning to face a wall with an electric socket in it while exercising, you will need to add an extension cord to the machine to get the power needed to run the flywheel’s magnetic braking and the display.

Built-in Water Bottle

A final detail consists of a built-in water bottle holder so that you can keep a refreshing drink close to hand, whether that drink is water, a thermos of coffee, or any other preferred beverage. There is no built-in fan, but that is not surprising on a low-cost model such as the Body Max.


All in all, the Body Max XEL6700 Elliptical is a very solid machine for its price, giving both beginning and typical users a smooth, impact-free elliptical workout without costing an arm and a leg. The largest problem noted by most users is the possible lack of a user manual in some cases, with the short power cord being a smaller (and easily correctible) problem.
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