Review: Hampton Gel-Grip Urethane Dumbbell Sets with Rack 5 - 50 lbs

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Get Smart and Buy Some Dumbbells- Hampton Gel-Grip Urethane Dumbbell Set

by EJ Young

Why didn’t somebody tell me about this functional fitness thing a long time ago? Geez. I did not know such a big deal could be so simple. I am befuddled. My understanding of functional fitness means we get stronger and healthier and it makes everyday life easier because the body interacts as a whole unit engaging many muscles. Fairly simple. Wellness is what I used to call it, but functional fitness does sound better.

When I apply this term to my life it must mean that when I achieve my goal of losing weight in order to feel better and to have more energy to keep up with my almost-three-year-old granddaughter, I’ve reached (or at least can see it in the distance) the land of the functionally fit. Sweet.

I just wish I would have gone old school several months ago and I’d be much closer to FF land. By old school, I mean basic resistance training as in lifting weights. I guess I was gullible enough to believe all the myths about how women shouldn’t lift weights because . . . I can’t even remember why, but it must have been a good excuse at the time to stay on the couch. So if women (and men) can lift weights to help lose weight and reach functional fitness, we should pick up some weights (first buy them and then literally pick them up).

Let’s take a virtual tour and look at the brand name of Hampton first. Hampton dumbbell sets start light and go up to 150 lbs. As I have no desire to go extreme, so I might decide on a set ranging from 5-50 lbs. The Hampton Gel-Grip Urethane Dumbbell Set includes the rack and the weights fit the category I want. I found special discount offer for this set at The gel-grip part makes me curious because the only weights I’ve used were some kind of cold metal.

Why you would pick Hampton over another brand?

Features of Hampton Dumbbells place Hampton with the big dogs in the market. The grip is a plus for Hampton featuring the gel-grip urethane handle preventing your hand from moving during a workout. Bacteria and germs don’t stick to the surface because it’s nonporous. Hampton offers stainless steel face plates for brand purposes. You can have your own decals engraved and customize your weight set. The rack is ergonomically angled for smooth and safe lifting. Weight labels on the rack help with organization and safety. The Hampton Gel-Grip Urethane Dumbbell Set with Rack (5-50 lbs) features all the latest dumbbell technology and I really like the gel grip idea.

Hampton Fitness is backed with years of experience dedicated to product innovation. The company was founded with the philosophy that free weights are an essential part of any gym. They’ve advanced the art of fitness with breakthrough products like the Gel-Grip Urethane Series, Jelly Bells, Hybrids and other innovations in the industry. They also focus on space efficiency and ergonomics in designing racks.

Why would you spend money on dumbbells to use at home?

Convenience is one reason. I’d rather workout in the comfort of my home where I can listen to music or watch a video or soap opera of my choice while lifting. Probably more important for me (sorry to admit) is the self-conscious part. There are at least a few people like me who have little desire to stand in the spotlight at a gym while skinny people gawk like you must be lost or in the wrong place. If this sounds like you, then buy a set of weights to use at home.

How does this dumbbell idea hook up with Functional Fitness?

Recent studies just reinforce what we already knew. Lifting weights gives many health benefits—for both sexes. Lifting just twice a week can help you get sick less often, improve self esteem, help with bone density, improve muscle tone—and the list goes on. It makes you stronger. I am sold on the idea of adding resistance training to my FF journey.

In my goal to lose weight, I am already working on a better metabolic rate and weights will help that cause. If you lift weights two-three times a week and leave a day in between, it makes a good pattern for increasing metabolism. The act of lifting weights speeds up metabolism when you are working to build muscle, then the act of repairing on the day off also speeds up metabolism. Obviously, working out with dumbbells burns calories. It also helps you sleep better. If I am getting stronger and feeling better, I will have more energy. Function fitness, remember? I will be able to do tasks in my every-day life like lifting my granddaughter or lifting a suitcase to travel to some place with warmer weather.

What do I do when I get the dumbbells?

Are you kidding me? Find a convenient place for the rack and set up the weights. You can lift anywhere and anytime, but check on line or in person for the right workout program for you individual needs. Start with a workout appropriate to your size and condition. If you are obese, see your doctor first. If you are already working on fitness, a trainer can give you advice on a workout plan. With the help of Hampton’s Gel-Grip Urethane Dumbbell Set, you are on your way to that industry buzzword known as functional fitness.

Amazon also offers similar top quality dumbbell brands including Troy and Maximus Fitness. Amazon also has special rates for shipping weights.

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