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Summer is here, and you’re probably craving a little sweet and a little energy in your drink, but you’re also wary of putting on the dreadful holiday weight. ReSet’s high protein shakes might just be the answer to your prayers: no sugar but loads of chilled, energy shakes to last you the entire season.

What Is The ReSet – Weight Loss Shake Mix And How Does It Work?

Foods with a high glycemic index (those rich in simple carbohydrates or sugar) can cause intense hunger. That leads to high caloric intake, day after day, which in turn causes weight gain.

ReSet - Weight Loss Shake Mix addresses this problem. It reprograms your appetite to kill cravings and reduce hunger. It comes in flavors of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, to suit different taste buds.

It can be used for breakfast, as a post-exercise high-protein shake, or as a snack.

Does the ReSet – Weight Loss Shake Mix Work?

It does work for most people who bought it. Here is what M. Hudson says from Oklahoma city.

"I bought this because I wanted something that stuck with me all morning and for low calories....It tastes really good and for its claim of being very filling and long lasting...It is totally right does last a long time."

If you're looking for a meal repleacement shake to help you with your diet, one that is free of added chemicals and low in carbs, then the Reset Shake is worth a go.

Bibliomom, an Amazon customer from Seattle, mixes it in soy milk instead of water. That means a 110 calories more per serving, but he doesn’t mind that since it still serves the purpose. It is very satisfying, and keeps him full for a few hours very easily.

There are others who enjoy even adding a banana or frozen berries to the blend of cold water and shake mix, or skimmed milk instead of soy milk. Whatever helps them enjoy the drink and keep them satiated, they all believe!

The shake mix boasts low caloric, carbs and fat count, and high protein and fiber content. It has 130 calories per serving if mixed with water. That works for everybody – whether struggling from cholesterol issues, a history of diabetes, or – yes – weight issues!

Will You Lose Weight?

J. Wakelin, who hit a wall after losing 8 lbs from strength-training, was delighted that introducing this shake mix into his diet regime helped his overcome his plateau. Within days, he broke his weight-barrier, and lost two pounds instantly. He is still counting.

Carrie used the mix for her post-partum weight loss. It kept her satiated for a good few hours; if at all, she would need to nibble on a few cashew nuts before lunch. She lost 5 lbs in 1.5 weeks.

Harry, from Arizona, takes the Reset Weight Loss Shake Mix  an hour before dinner, instead of breakfast. The shake also helps him curb post-dinner snacking or midnight binging, which, in itself, goes a long way in helping lose weight.

There are yet others who take it to keep off their weight. It works, guys!


  • The ReSet Shake Mix does not contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives or stimulants. Say no to chemicals!
  • A corollary to that is no awful aftertaste (as caused by aspartame in diet sodas and shakes).
  • It is fairly easy to mix, though better shaken, if you like your milk frothy.
  • The multi-vitamin mix is useful for restricting intake of other foods, says Scott, another friendly reviewer at Amazon.
  • The verdict is that Reset offers better flavors compared to other protein shakes in the market.
  • Generally, these shakes are useful for those in a hurry, early morning. It serves as a full-fledged breakfast.
  • Kerri, from LA, suggests it also works if you want to let it stand in the fridge, for later. It won’t spoil.


  • It makes some people gassy.
  • Generally, everybody who enjoys its taste also lays a disclaimer: It is almost impossible to drink if mixed only with water.

Problems and Complaints

There aren’t many, thankfully. The packaging, however, is a bit too wasteful. The contents occupy only half the container, so don't be misled when it comes to visualizing the quantity you’re buying.

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I work out three to four times a week and most of the time I go right after work, which is usually after 5pm and when I go to the gym I work out for a couple of hours by the time I look it is late and I get real hungry I mix up shake after my workout and I am satisfied til breakfast. I love it. As for weight loss I dont like to weigh myself much, but I am sure I have lost weight, I have gone from a size 13-14 to a size 6.

I made a smoothie with Reset

I made a smoothie with Reset this morning after a working (vanilla Reset, blueberry's, half banana and strawberry's)...the smoothie was amazing and I am not craving anything and it's almost noon! I plan to purchase the Chocolate flavored Reset next!

Good article. I just

Good article. I just purchased the chocolate and strawberry flavors and agree with the comments in the review. They aren't the best tasting protein shakes I've tried, but they certainly aren't the worst either. They definitely make me feel full more than any of the other shakes I've tried. I'll probably buy this product again.

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