Relax Your Way to Thin! Hypnosis Weight Loss Motivation - Review

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If you are your own master, then no amount of pushing, training or education can drive you into calorie-control regimes. Your only solution seems to be your own mind. See if Trevor Scott’s hypnosis can do the trick for you!

How Does "Relax Your Way To Thin" Work?

This CD uses hypnosis to relax and influence your mind. It seeks to equip you with the right mind tools so that you make the right food choices. Since your unhealthy food choices are triggered in the head, the hypsosis seeks to snub those bad wants. Can you imagine craving a fresh salad? I know I can't. But some reviewers of his CD say Trevor Scott is a miracle worker.

You know, as a conscious individual, what the right food choices are, but you don't always make those choices. Trevor uses hypnosis to help your subconscious choices align with the conscious ones.

What Others Say - Does “Relax Your Way To Thin” Work?

Reviews at Amazon show that it does work.

Sadie, a Californian, says she noticed five days into listening to the hypnosis CD that she was making all the right choices at the supermarket, and she wasn't even trying consciously! She hadn't lost any weight at the time of penning her thoughts, but she hadn’t hit the 21-day mark yet - the entire course of the hypnosis.

Linda, another Californian, doubled Sadie’s claim among others: she noticed changes in her eating habits, but no weight loss. She too hadn't hit the 21-day mark at the time of reviewing.

Will You Lose Weight?

One of the reviewers, Jordan, exclaimed about losing 17 lbs on the basis of healthier eating habits instilled by Trevor's hypnosis, but doesn’t say, in how long.

Others like Marilyn and Roy Hutchison offer more details. She lost 6 lbs in a month and he lost 40 lbs in 5 months. That is about 1.5 to 2 lbs every week, on average, which is an very healthy rate of weight loss. The best part, though, is their claim of weight maintenance thereafter.


Let’s hear it from the horses’ mouths. Here’s what reviewers have to say:

  • Good music to voice volume / ratio.
  • Background music is calming and not obnoxious or overpowering.
  • The self-esteem-related affirmations and imagery are very helpful.
  • The speaker has a decent voice, though some call it a bit robotic.
  • Contains imagery regarding choosing the right foods when grocery shopping, imagining yourself in social situations making the right food choices, as well as imagery regarding your ideal body shape.
  • The beginning of the relaxation portion is helpful; Trevor goes through each part of the body and helps you relax.


  • It can be a little frustrating. For instance, after going head-to-toe, mentioning each body part and telling you to let it relax, he tells you to relax even more. And again, and again!

  • Some of the imagery seems like non-sense. He’ll ask you to picture yourself holding a yardstick where the 36 inch mark on the yardstick is stress and the 0 mark is complete relaxation. "Now take your relaxation 4 inches closer to the 0 mark; and closer; ready, set, go!"
  • The hypnosis will say "you will prefer low carb", while it'd be definitely more effective to suggest that "you will prefer green vegetables and chicken".
  • A lot of reviewers say the voice put them to sleep. While Trevor will say the hypnosis works even if you fall asleep, as somebody puts it, sleeping all the time is a bad way to lose weight!

Overall, Trevor Scott’s “Relax Your Way Thin” hypnosis method has received good reviews and it is a promising tool that can help you reach your weight loss goal faster and easier.

Power in the subsconscious

"You know, as a conscious individual, what the right food choices are, but you don't always make those choices. Trevor uses hypnosis to help your subconscious choices align with the conscious ones."

That is a great explanation of why so many women fail to lose weight without undergoing a mindset change which is necessary to change peoples conscious choices.
I love hypnosis and the benefits it brings by practicing it.

strumenti musicali

I just came across your website from google and reading your article is very interesting. I hope people will visit and read your articles.

Past Life Can Influence the person's weight

This CD has the purpose to make the people who want to lose weight to relax, right?

I have ever heard that a woman went to get hypnotherapy session. According to the psychiatrist, she used to be a beautiful woman with skinny body. However, her boyfriend tried to rape her. Because of this incident, she defensed herself by being fat unconsciously. When she tried to lose her weight, she cannot get thinner. After she got the hypnotherapy session where in the session she has forgiven the man, she started to lose weight little by little.

It is interesting story. Maybe some of us get fat because of our past life.

weight loss

Losing weight really needs a self discipline in order to achieve the weight you desire. It needs a constant work out and proper diet to become slim. Motivation will make a big help to achieve your goal what comes in your mind reflect outside your body.

I tried this and it does

I tried this and it does work! Of course you need to believe in the strategy. If you try this and you don’t have mental toughness, then of course it won't work. But it is an excellent aid.

hypnosis to relax

wow..this is interesting…hypnosis for weight loss? A definitely must try.. I need to discipline myself as far as weight loss practices is concerned and this would be exactly the thing that might be all I need. I want to learn more about this.. can anyone help?


This is just all it takes. Self motivation and maintenance are just sub factors.

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  • I had gone to a

    I had gone to a Hypnotherapist before to lose weight and did not have much luck. However, I decided to try Trevor's method...and it works!! My eating habits changed dramatically after only listening to the cd twice. It is the most relaxing experience I have ever had. This cd allows you to fall asleep, so I listen to it while I am going to bed. It says that even if you do fall asleep your sibconcious will receive the messages that Trevor sends, without a doubt, it does! I am really amazed by this cd! I am getting ready to order his cd's for exercise and to quit smoking.

    Tennis Serve

    That was nice, hypnosis for weight loss? But the best thing to do in order to get the figure that we wanted is to exercise everyday, if we eat more exercise double so that we can have the figure that we want.

    Motivation has always proved

    Motivation has always proved itself as the best way to gain control over ourselves.I think loosing weight is an art which requires several techniques and methods to be followed. Designer hand bags australia

    weight loss hypnosis

    Hypnosis can help by allowing you to overcome unconscious obstacles which prevent you from losing weight and from keeping weight off after a successful diet. You know that eating too much is not what you desire and you know that exercise and sensible diet are important. However, these are not conscious, logical issues. Successful weight loss is as much about re-educating your unconscious mind as it is about dieting. Hypnosis is one of the most natural ways to lose weight.

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