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As a rugby player, core stability is extremely important to me. I always try and incorporate some form of core stability exercises into every workout that I undertake. Having a strong core ensures that every time I hit a ruck, scrummage, lift in the lineout, make a tackle or try to make a line break, I am more powerful and effective.

In addition, core stability and great balance are prerequisites for rugby, as they allow you to step around players, as well as stay on your feet to offload the ball after a tackle.

I’m always looking for new and more interesting ways to strengthen my core. I tend to use the Swiss Ball a lot, but its bulky nature doesn’t exactly make it great for transporting easily. Given that I travel a lot, for work and please, something more portable would be great.

This is why I was so excited to come across the Reebok balance board. It’s a balance board that gives me many of the same core workout options as a Swiss Ball, but is portable enough for me to take it with me wherever I go.

How does the Reebok balance board work?

The Reebok balance board works by placing your body in a state of instability as you stand or balance a part of your body on it. As a result of this manufactured instability, your body is forced to work to re-stabilise itself, thus engaging the core and the body’s stabilising muscles, contributing towards improving your overall fitness, agility and core strength, while also burning calories.

The Reebok balance board provides users with a great, low impact workout, which can be used to exercise almost every muscle group in the human body. Supporting a weight of up to 300lb, the Reebok balance board’s textured, non-slip surface provides a great workout base for every level of athlete, from the beginner to the more advanced.

In addition to the Reebok balance board, users are also provided with an exercise guide, which contains detailed explanations of the exercises that one can perform on the board. The guide ensures that even the most advanced users don’t get bored, while it is deliberately accessible for the complete novice too.

Does the Reebok balance board really deliver?

The Reebok balance board receives very favourable reviews from its reviewers. Users are especially quick to remark about its effectiveness, quality and portability.

One reviewer, Slim, is extremely positive in his comments about the Reebok balance board. He asserts that it is exceptionally good value for money, while also being extremely effective for “improving your balance and musculature of your legs and core.

Reviewers, on the whole, seem very pleased too with the durability of the Reebok balance board. Genie L. Robinson, who purchased the board, was concerned at first that it would not support her weight. After using it, however, her fears were allayed. She has had great success with the board and asserts that it is also “friendly to all user levels in my opinion.” 

In addition to being a great product for those who are generally quite active, there are also a number of reported cases of users that have had success with the product as a means of rehabilitating an injury, or where it has been used by more senior, and less active, reviewers. GeeMeg, for example, attests that the Reebok balance board is a “great product for seniors.

Will the Reebok balance board help me to lose weight?

The manufacturer’s notes indicate that the Reebok balance board is a great way to burn calories. While we know this to be true, there are few specific mentions, by reviewers, of weight loss as a direct result of using the Reebok balance board. Instead, a majority of reviewers cite an improvement in their balance and strength. This increased muscle tone, however, is inherently likely to have caused weight loss too, even if it not specifically mentioned.

One reviewer, Aries S, for example, uses the Reebok balance board as part of his training for parkour. He uses it as a simple way to improve his overall balance and core stability, which are integral facets of being able to leap from station to station. Aries S states that he bought several Reebok balance boards to train for parkour and that they have certainly “made me stronger and more well-balanced.”   

Another reviewer, Sarautu, says that she is certainly finding using the Reebok balance board extremely challenging. She claims that, as a result of using the board regularly, “my knees are getting stronger, hamstrings longer, and ankles more flexible.” This improvement in her overall body strength and tone will undoubtedly have also resulted in weight loss.  

A good number of reviewers have also reported a noticeable strengthening in their legs, especially. Other common references are to an improvement in posture and balance, as a direct result of using the Reebok balance board. The body’s need to work to re-stabilise itself is an inherently calorie-burning activity in itself, even without performing a specific exercise, thus performing exercises, such as squats and press ups, on the board will certainly help users to lose weight.   

Pros and Cons


  • Durable. The Reebok balance board is able to support a weight of up to 300lb, making it one of the most durable products of its kind on the market.
  • Effective. By placing your entire body in a state of instability, the Reebok balance board ensures that you get a great, calorie-burning, workout, no matter whether you are simply standing on it or performing a set exercise routine.
  • Convenient. When it comes to giving you a great core workout, the Reebok balance board is extremely convenient. Its portability means that you can take it to work and use it at your standing desk or while making conference calls.
  • Great value. The Reebok balance board is great value for money, especially when compared to other similar products on the market.


  • Confusion over the weight limit. The manufacturers of the Reebok balance board claim that it can support a weight of up to 300lb. While some reviewers who are closing in on this weight assert that it was perfectly functional for them, others claim that it buckled under their weight. If you are approaching 300lb, it is probably best to read the reviews a little more carefully, in order to ensure that this product is of sufficient strength for you.
  • Have to wear shoes. Whether you wear shoes or not when on the Reebok balance board should be a matter of personal preference. It seems, however, that the finish on the plastic is too slick to allow you to mount it barefoot or with socks on.

Problems and complaints

The reviews for the Reebok balance board are overwhelmingly positive. The only real concerns seem to come from the product’s heavier users. There appears to be universal agreement that the Reebok balance board is suitable for those people who weigh less than around 250 pounds. One reviewer, Johnny, however, claims that the Reebok balance board “will not support 230 pounds or more.

If you weigh in excess of 230 pounds, therefore, it may be worth searching for a sturdier product, or at least purchasing the Reebok balance board and keeping all of the packaging, so that you can return it.

Is the Reebok balance board better than other balance boards on the market?

The Reebok balance board is a great product that does everything that is required of it, for much less than the price of some of its competitors. It, therefore, represents excellent value for money.

The Reebok balance board may not be as sturdy as some of the other balance boards on the market, which are made from stronger materials such as wood, but users concur that it is still extremely durable. If you are at the higher end of the weight spectrum then a wooden balance board may be better, but, overall, the Reebok balance board is a very sturdy and durable piece of gym equipment.

How does it rate overall?

Overall, the Reebok balance board receives excellent feedback from reviewers; it received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Where can I buy it and where can I read more reviews?

The Reebok balance board is available to be purchased on Amazon. If you feel the need to read some more in depth reviews before purchasing the Reebok balance board, however, they are available to read here.

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