Reasons Dogs are Better Than Gym

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As a per a survey in U.K. walking your dog is more beneficial than hitting the gym. And if you are the one who wants to tighten your currency belts in more ways than one, than you can certainly replace your pricey workout membership to invest in a pair of walking shoes. Dogs love to go out, stretch themselves and breathe fresh air - like you do. Here are three compelling reasons for you to enjoy the evening with your dog than the gym instructor.

1. Get more exercise to benefit your waistline

UK researchers have found that taking a dog for a walk can help you burn calories for that slimmer waistline than exercising in a gym. A U.K. research team surveyed about 5000 respondents and found that dog owners get more exercise walking as compared to people who hit the gymnasium to burn those calories.

More over the time spent while walking in comparison to exercising revealed that dog owners walked a minimum of seven hours a week while gym enthusiasts spent one hour and twenty minutes each week while walking or running on a treadmill. In fact, this survey also revealed that 86 percent of dog owners enjoyed their walks with their pooch in comparison to a sheer 16 percent of workout enthusiasts who actually loved exercising at the fitness center. What’s more as almost 70 percent admitted that they felt it was a duty which they need to abide to on daily basis.

2. Free exercise at minimal cost

Walking is considered to be the best exercise as per the health experts. Heading towards a gym when the dog walk doesn’t cost you anything doesn’t sound interesting, isn’t it? Gym memberships may cost you a minimum of $30 per month whereas walking with your dog doesn’t cost you a penny and gives you a bonus of receiving unconditional love. And during winters you might just get an additional bonus of Vitamin D, if you choose to walk during afternoons or early evenings.

3. Better social connects

Man is a social animal and certainly needs people around to share his/her emotions. While gym can restrict you to a particular set of people or environment, walking can give offer you a complete socializing platform. You can meet folks of all age groups 

and interests and also build your own small chit-chat community. This can also act as a precaution towards ailments like depression or anxiety or any other form of mood disorders. Moreover your dog will never get tired listening to you in case you feel like venting out your emotions. Hence it also helps you to maintain your stress levels. Beating the stress and staying happy is also known to prove beneficial for a healthy and long life. So why hit the gym if walk with a dog is more prolific.

4. Dog will be your center point

Research suggests that the pressure of hitting the gym on daily basis may add to the stress in your lives whereas the dog can help ease that stress by giving you an unconditional emotional joy. Dogs can be comforting during conflicting times as well. While at the gym complete focus is on you, dog will take away that focus from you, for you to focus on the dog and stay relaxed. Dogs will always love you for what you are and you will love them back for it. When you hit the gym, you are constantly being judged for the person you are, but while you walk with your dog – your dog will not judge you, rather accept you the way you are. The dogs will love you unconditionally.


As the research suggests, dog owners are more happy taking a walk with their dog than the people who hit the gym which they consider as a duty than a daily activity. You also get to breathe fresh air than spend the time in a confined environment. Walking the dog can be much more fun than working out as walking can be a satisfying experience for all those fitness freak folks. So its time for you think again whether you would want to pay the emotionless membership free or buy the peaceful environment for almost free. Get ready to invest in a pair of track pants and a comfy harness for a tread mill routine instead. So providing multiple benefits, walking with the dog can be more fruitful in many ways than one as compared to the joining a fitness center that can only give you one benefits as compared to many.

About the authorMargaret Jules is a writer/blogger. She loves to spent time on Luxury Islands. She also loves to read more about islands on bornrich.

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