Realize Band Weight Loss Surgery In Dallas Texas by Dr Kim

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Surgeon's New Website Offers Information on Weight Loss Options

Through a new information-rich website, prominent Dallas-based bariatric surgeon Dr. David Kim is contributing his personal expertise and resources to help severely overweight people learn more about the Realize and LAP-BAND adjustable gastric band procedures, and numerous other surgical options available to help them lose weight and regain health.

Considering The Lap-Band System in Dallas

Millions of people suffer from obesity today, a worldwide epidemic that carries severe health consequences. The risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer are all significantly higher for overweight people, particularly those classified as “morbidly” obese (80 to 100 pounds overweight). The personal, social, and financial costs of this epidemic are immense.

Diet and exercise recommendations abound, but for many people, these approaches have been unsuccessful. They have tried and tried again and failed either to achieve significant weight loss or to maintain it for long. The causes of obesity are complex—involving so many cultural, personal, and even genetic influences—and no “cure” seems likely to appear magically on the horizon during our lifetimes.

But new treatment approaches are being developed all the time, and as the scope of the obesity epidemic becomes clearer, surgical options have grown in popularity and acceptance. Once considered primarily an elective “vanity” procedure, bariatric surgery has come to be understood as a legitimate treatment for a serious medical problem, and is even covered by health insurance in many instances.

It’s probably still true, however, that many if not most people who might benefit from and be eligible candidates for weight-loss surgery don’t know much about their options. This information gap is rapidly being filled, however, by medical practices around the country that specialize in various forms of weight-loss surgery. Increasing numbers of doctors and clinics are taking advantage of the Internet to make tremendous amounts of information freely available to potential patients everywhere.

Dallas Ft Worth Texas Surgeon Dr. David Kim

In this video, Dr Kim explains how the Lap Band works.

Dr Kim’s Gastric Banding Educational Site

Dr. Kim and his Live Life Again Center for Bariatric Surgery in Dallas, Texas, are one example. Dr. Kim’s mission is “to provide the finest surgical care available with dignity and compassion,” and he recently launched a new website.

This site is dedicated to making it easier for overweight individuals to find comprehensive information not just about LAP-BAND, but about the other major procedures available as well, such as the REALIZE Adjustable Gastric Band and vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

Websites like Dr. Kim’s can provide invaluable resources not just for patients in his local Dallas area who might come to his clinic for their surgery, but for anyone anywhere who is seeking information about bariatric surgery.

The site offers FAQs and financial information, detailed descriptions of the different surgical operations, even videos that use 3D imagery to help prospective patients understand what the operation would involve, step-by-step. Before and after photos, blogs, videos, and news reports are all available to provide answers and guidance to all their questions.

Area patients can also find information about free educational seminars that Dr. Kim offers—another kind of informational resource that is increasingly being offered by bariatric practitioners around the country.

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