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It is no secret to all of us over the age of 30 that it becomes harder and harder to keep excess pounds off as the years go by. Not only do we begin to gain weight, even if we watch what we eat, but our muscles just seem to become flabbier and flabbier.

Trying different exercise programs will sometimes produce minimal results, but usually nothing significant occurs and we give up on them. Phil Campbell in "Ready, Set, Go!" maintains that the reason for this is that we produce less and less human growth hormone (HGH).

The less of this hormone that our bodies produce, the more difficult it becomes to stay trim and fit. Using a treadmill, walking, working out on machines will seldom achieve the results we want.

What Is "Ready, Set, Go!" All About?

"Ready, Set, Go!" is Phil Campbell’s program to help you boost your levels of human growth hormone naturally through exercise. Many people take illegal injections of this substance to help counter the effects of aging, but there is a natural way to do this that can help you return your body to a more youthful condition.

Phil has designed an exercise program that teaches you the way to perform anaerobic exercises – those that will produce what are termed ‘fast twitch’ muscles. A combination of sprinting and weight training will help you to turn back the clock and stimulate the production of HGH.

However, as the author understands that most people just do not have endless hours to spend working out and has devised "Ready, Set, Go!" with that in mind. It is possible to get result in only three to five hours per week.

What Are Others Saying – Does "Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness" Really Work?

"Ready, Set, Go!" was just the book that Dan Pie “Dan” needed to start getting back into shape. This reviewer found that the book offered a direct and easy to understand program for attacking fat and building muscle, and he reports that he has, “Been following plan for 2 weeks and feel more energetic, lost an inch in my waist.”

Leon feels that this book has made a significant difference in his life. Not only has following the program increased his flexibility and speed, which helps when he plays soccer, but this reviewer says that, “It Works! I lost 30 lbs, and 4 inches off my waist.”

When he found himself slowing down and beginning to gain weight, Raafe Rolland decided to take action. This reviewer began to use the advice given in "Ready, Set, Go!" and now says that, “I began losing weight and I felt more energetic.” Besides that, a visit to the endocrinologist has informed this user that his levels of HGH have risen, even though he admits that he is lazy as regards exercising.

Leonard Miller also complained about slowing down and the inability to maintain fitness as he aged. Despite trying numerous exercise programs, this reviewer was unable to really get results, until he tried "Ready, Set, Go!" Now he is able to report that the program “has changed my life both physically and mentally for the good.”

Will "Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness" Help Me Lose Weight And Get Back Into Shape?

Those people, both men and women, who have applied themselves to the exercise program detailed in "Ready, Set, Go!" have often achieved a level of fitness that they thought was long past.

Phil Campbell’s new approach to exercise and diet give anyone over thirty a chance to boost their levels of human growth hormone and re-energize their body. It will be easy to build muscle tissue and lose weight with this program. There is no dietary plan, as such, offered in the book, rather it tells you when and when not to eat in order to maximize the effects of the exercises.

One of the reviewers, Cindy M Miller, has had excellent results with the program and says, “I have been doing the Synergy Fitness program for two months, and it really works. No hard dieting.” This user is so impressed that she is going to buy another copy as a gift for a friend.

Pros and Cons


  • "Ready, Set, Go!" is a well-illustrated book that is easy to follow.
  • The exercises do not take as much time as many regimens do, making it easier for busy adults to fit them into their schedule.
  • The training plans can be tailored for each user.
  • Phil explains why diminishing HGH affects our weight and energy and what to do to help correct it.


  • Some people did not like the organization of the book.
  • The exercises do require a certain commitment of time.

Problems and Complaints

There seem to have been no actual problems with "Ready, Set, Go!", but there were some complaints about the book. One reviewer thought that the exercise program was no different than what you could get by working out at the gym.

Another person was concerned that as the program is dependent upon building up ‘fast twitch’ muscles, it was not giving enough attention to the health of the heart.

Is "Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness" Better Than The Butt Book by Tosca Reno?

Although both of these books address the problem of excess weight and toning muscles, The Butt Book may be much too limited in scope for those who want to get their entire body back into shape.

While "Ready, Set, Go!" allows you to stay on the diet you are already eating and just make some changes to when you eat, The Butt Book has a diet plan that some reviewers thought was too heavily loaded with calories.

Some of the women who reviewed The Butt Book thought that the muscles developed on the women models were too masculine.

How Does "Ready, Set, Go!" Rate Overall?

The fact that Phil’s book received 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon tells you that user satisfaction is very high, and that most people who applied themselves to the program saw positive results.

"Ready, Set, Go!" outlines an exercise program that will be doable by nearly every busy person who is looking both to lose weight and restore lost muscles. Most people who used the program found that their energy levels increased greatly.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews For "Ready, Set, Go!"?

In there is a very attractive price reduction, and the exerciser is available for Super Saver Shipping. You can purchase the "Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness" book at a great price right now on Amazon. The "Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness" is in stock, and you can also read more reviews about it.

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