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A raw vegan diet has been shown to improve a person’s metabolism, and balance his or her body weight. Raw Food Revolution Diet features raw food recipes as well as tips on how to “go raw” while making sure you get the nutrients your body needs.

Raw Food Revolution Diet is written by a star-studded cast: Raw Food Chef Cherie Soria, Brenda Davis, RD, and Vesanto Melina, MS, RD.

Soria, who also wrote Angel Foods: Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies, is the founder and director of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute.

Davis is a registered dietitian, and an expert in diabetes management and plant-based nutrition. She has coauthored three books: Becoming Vegan, Defeating Diabetes, and Dairy-Free and Delicious.

Melina, also a registered dietitian, has coauthored The New Becoming Vegetarian, Becoming Vegan, The Food Allergy Survival Guide, and Raising Vegetarian Children.

This 2008 book is 256 pages long, and is available in paperback and Kindle edition.

What Is the Raw Food Revolution Diet All About?

Cooking our food destroys nutrients and enzymes and sometimes can chemically alter substances that our bodies would convert into free-radicals, which are very harmful. Raw fruits and vegetables contain all the original vitamins, minerals and essential enzymes that we need!

Raw foods also provide electrochemical energy, which gives your body natural energy. You can lose weight without counting calories, and raw food fills you up faster, and for a longer period of time, so you naturally won’t want to eat more! And if you do need a binge, how much harm can a plate full of watermelon really do? (Don’t try this just to check!)

In addition, most raw foodists claim that eating raw foods will train your taste buds to be more sensitive, so you will be able to taste your food better! That is some claim.

This book lays out each day’s eating for you, so you don’t have to do much thinking about it. Just follow the instructions. This book explains the basics of what to eat, how much, and when, so it’s great for beginners.

Does the Raw Food Revolution Diet Deliver?

Crystal Van Meter, a registered dietitian herself, wrote:

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to start a raw food diet. They teach you how to do it and to be healthy. They teach you how the diet works from a scientific standpoint and the chef in book has made some really great recipes.”

Will It Help Me Lose Weight?

Robert Alan Ross is offering an ebook at Rawfoodlife.com that details how he lost 75 pounds in 3 months on a raw food diet. Angela Stokes of RawReform.com lost 160 pounds on a raw food diet. (She is currently offering a free! ebook on her site, which I’ve read and highly recommend.) Myself, I ate raw breakfast and lunch, with a cooked dinner, for 3 months, and lost 15 pounds. Not quite like their claims, but not too shabby!

Side Effects

When you first begin a raw food diet, especially if you quit cooked food “cold turkey,” you might experience a detoxification reaction. You might crave sugar and salt for a short period of time. Be sure to drink lots of water as you make the transition. Also, as you increase your fiber consumption, be prepared to have an improved digestive system.

Pros and Cons


  • This book is great for beginning raw food dieters!
  • It is well-researched and claims are backed up with science.
  • Many people claim that raw food has helped cure their ailments, in addition to helping them lose weight!
  • A raw food diet is believed to lower your risk of cancer.
  • It is easy to eat gluten-free when you are on a raw food diet, so this eating plan works well for people suffering from Celiac Disease.
  • Many people report that their skin cleared up when they switched to raw foods.
  • The authors of this book are empathic toward people who are struggling with their weight and health. Many readers found this comforting and motivating.
  • This book includes many recipes.
  • There is an “Ideas to Save You Time in the Kitchen” section.
  • People on a raw food diet claim to sleep better and to have more energy in the morning.


  • It can be difficult, socially, to maintain a raw food diet. You will raise a lot of eyebrows. (I hope that right now, you are thinking, so what?)
  • It is difficult to eat out when you are on a raw food diet. Most restaurants have boring, if any, choices for a raw food meal. (In urban areas, you can often find vegan, raw food restaurants!)
  • It would be difficult to follow a raw food diet without giving up meat and dairy. Some people find this objectionable.
  • The authors did not provide references for their information, so it is difficult to verify their sources.
  • Some of these recipes take more time to prepare than their cooked food counterparts, and some require a significant amount of planning ahead (e.g. soaking, dehydrating, etc.)

Problems and Complaints

C. Hobbs, an Amazon reviewer, wrote:

“These recipes take a lot of advanced planning and you need to do multiple recipes that all take a long time. This is very unrealistic for two people who work 50 hours a week and have two young children. Plus, since you don’t feel well, which is why you went to raw, the extra energy after work to plan and implement these recipes is next to impossible. It is just not practical.”

We are reaching out for help because we want to be healthy, we want to be happy, we want to feel better about ourselves, we want to lose weight. Yes, it is difficult. If a weight loss plan is going to work, it is going to be difficult. But maybe it is time we invested in ourselves with our own time and efforts. For those of us who are ready to make real change, a raw food diet is an awesome place to start. You will feel different, better, in just a few days. Read more reviews of the Raw Food Revolution Diet Book.

There are so many diets,

There are so many diets, theories, recipes, and books floating around that it's easy to get overwhelmed by it all. And NO ONE has the time or energy to sort through the countless number of websites trying to piece together the perfect diet for you.On a rawfood diet you can eat chocolate cake, loose weight and get healthy Try the best chocolate cake ever. It's easy to make and your friends - raw or not - won't rest until you give them this mouthwatering recipe malabsorption

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