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Many of us today that have extra weight or fat to lose usually want to cut right to the chase. Instead of fully grasping all accompanying aspects of this subject, many just want to learn or find out one or two special tricks or methods and then stick to them. Sounds like a good plan right? Well, when it comes to weight loss, it isn't.

If you want to lose weight quickly and keep it off you’ll have to become pretty savvy in several areas of health in order to achieve such rapid losses. Also, a better understanding of regular weight loss should be comprehended prior to rapid weight loss methods.

Fasting and Smoothie Dieting Plans

A fasting diet is literally the fastest way to lose weight. Many assume that a fasting diet means not eating anything for days on end, but this certainly is not the case. Fasting programs and plans break up light eating into small increments scheduled throughout your week. However, I wouldn’t recommend a fasting diet to anyone that has a busy, energy zapping, and hectic schedule. This approach can be best applied more on one’s downtime.

A smoothie diet is probably a safer bet than a fasting diet for anyone new to the dieting world. Those looking for immediate results should maybe warm up to the idea of a smoothie diet before testing the waters of a fasting diet. Generally this diet would have you consume one or two nutritionally dense smoothies in a day and only consume water for the rest of that day. Some plans have you go for more than one day.

NOTE: Both of these approaches are absolutely to never by any circumstance be done for any extended period of time. These plans usually are done on a daily basis versus weekly, monthly, or yearly. Rotating in and out of them is wherein lies their success.

Paleolithic and Whole Food Diets

Simplicity is the key, and that is where these next two diets come into play. The commonly known and referred to as “Paleo Diet” has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is a diet plan based on what our ancient ancestors consumed. Wild plants and animals is indeed what our ancestor’s diets consisted of as they did not have the luxury of a Shoprite or Walmart. It has been researched and believed that our ancestors were noticeably healthier and thinner because of this vast difference in their daily consumption versus ours today.

Eating whole foods adds truth to the suspected proof of the effectiveness behind the Paleo or caveman diet. The more one consumes whole foods versus processed foods the better one’s chances are at losing weight.

Strictly eating whole or natural foods can be a challenging task to accomplish as packaged foods outweigh whole foods in the supermarket by 10 to 1 today in modern society. Just by simply trying to incorporate more whole foods into your diet, you will not only notice a difference in weight, but you will feel a difference as the body runs more efficiently on natural plants and meats.

Break It Down

Here is a video I found where a good few simple tips are pointed out. These are not ground breaking but cover certain basics that you shouldn’t go without. If you are completely new to losing weight or have never attempted it at all, I’d give it a watch as it covers some good ground rules.

Repetitious and Consistent Cardiovascular Exercising

The next big piece to losing weight is combining a specified diet plan that you think would work for you best, and coupling it with regular cardiovascular training of almost any and every kind. Actually let me take back what I said about this being a big piece. Think of this as the other half or 50% of the equation. You need this half if you want to really burn off weight.

One of the best ways to fight off your caloric intake is by burning off whatever you took in. If you went over your approximate daily calorie max that you set for yourself, you could burn it off with a lot of simple and plan old body movement. Trying to find an exercise that you’re comfortable with and you could see yourself warming up to for the long haul is important for this too. Only you and you alone can figure this part out.

Testing and Retesting What Works Best For Your Time and Schedule

Piecing everything together that is mentioned above takes time believe me. Once you find a suitable pattern for exercise, and have found a tolerable diet that helps you shed weight you’ll see the big picture. Of course if things are not working out, try a new meal or set of meals. Try a new exercise if your current one is proving too difficult as another one might be easy breezy for you. Test and retest both sides of the health spectrum until you find the perfect diet and exercise balance.

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