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How Snacking Can Promote Weight Loss...

...plus 12 healthy snacks that will help keep you thin

It’s mid day and your stomach is longer for a bag of chips while your mind is telling you to drink a glass of water and wait until dinner. Which is right? Do you listen to your gut or your brain?

When your tummy sounds like a rabid bear after a honey pot, you shouldn’t ignore it. Sure, we’ve been convinced that snacking leads to weight gain. However, if you indulge yourself with a healthy snack you can actually lose more weight and feel great in the process!

There’s zero need to feel guilty about snacking if you snack wisely. In truth, healthy snacks not only help manage hunger—they reduce the overpowering need to binge on fatty, sugary foods when you succumb to a snack attack. Think of it this way: you can enjoy a piece of fruit and a small carton of yogurt to curb hunger mid day or weaken to the first fast food drive thru on your way home from work. Which is better? The apple and yogurt by far!

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