Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical Review

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There is nothing better than being able to rely on high quality gym equipment on your pursuit to weight loss. With so many different pieces of equipment on the market today, it can be overwhelming to know what is necessary and what is not for weight loss and fitness.

Elliptical machines have taken over a major portion of the gym equipment market today because of the full body workout it provides. With a high quality elliptical machine you can get both cardio and strength training from one machine. If this sounds appealing to you, continue reading for more details about the Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical machine.

How Does the "Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical" Work?

The "Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical" is perfect for any sized at home gym. Let’s start with the blue tinted LCD monitor that displays your calories burned, your level of resistance, your speed, incline and weight.

This is likely where you are going to have your eyes focused on during your workout so it’s important to make sure you can read the screen and Proform has created optical viewing with LCD. There are 12 built-in workout programs within the Elliptical menu.

This feature is perfect for people who are tired of being creative or just simply don’t know how to create their own successful workout program. The pedals of this elliptical are over-sized and slip resistant which is a very important safety measure to consider.

Also these same pedals have a stride of 18-inch so even the tallest men and women can adjust to a comfortable stride. The key to any elliptical machine is to push and pull with your arms as well as move with your lower body to accomplish a full body workout.

What Are Others Saying – Does the "Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical" Really Deliver?

Let’s go through some of the different views and opinions of consumers just like yourself, to give you an idea about what people love and hate about this product.

James E. Huntsman loves the natural stride Proform creates with the 6.0 ZE elliptical as well as the resistance. Even the lowest resistance setting provides a certain amount of resistance which is more than most elliptical are able to provide.

Hzlnut is another consumer who recently purchased this elliptical model and this consumer takes the time to note on the quite features of this machine. After easy assembly, Hzlnut found the elliptical to be amazingly quiet and we all know how loud they can be so this is a definite bonus.

Grez takes the time to write a comment stating that for the price, there is no thinking required this product is a great buy! It offers a stable frame, high quality machine, smooth running strides and all the features you can expect from an elliptical at your gym.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

The main reason ellipticals have taken over in the exercise and fitness industry is because of the results they provide. When you run on a treadmill you are engaging in cardio, that is for sure, but you are not getting a full body workout.

When you choose to do your cardio on an elliptical you have the option to push and pull with your arms, working your biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest to name a few. This simple cardio machine allows you work upper and lower body simultaneously and without you even realizing it!

With this being said, your weight loss potential is substantial, much bigger than if you were using a treadmill alone.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple setup/assembly
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for at home gyms (compact in size)
  • Smooth and quiet running
  • Natural feeling stride
  • 12 built in programs


  • Customer support for Proform is reported to be difficult
  • Possibility of broken parts due to shipping

Problems and Complaints

There were nearly no complaints reported about this product aside from a specific consumer who experienced issues with missing and broken parts due to the shipping process.

This is a risk that you are taking when you have a machine of this size and calibre shipped to your home. Although this consumer reported issues with the Proform support team, this seems to be an isolated incident.

What Features Does the "Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical" Offer?

We have become spoiled over the years when it comes to features in our workout or fitness equipment and Proform has not overlooked this. They have included a small fan for comfort, a cup holder for your beverage as a choice, as well as an iPod port for you to plug your music into the main frame of the elliptical.

This particular machine also has a weight capacity of 205 lbs which is something every buyer should be aware of. Don’t just think about your own weight but the weight of anyone who could potentially use this machine.

How does the "Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical" Rate Overall?

This product received a 4.5 star rating on There were nearly no complaints logged about this product, only people completely satisfied with their incredibly affordable elliptical machine.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for the "Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical"?

If you are interested in this product, you can buy it at a 20% discounted price through Here you can also read through more reviews and learn as much as you can about this Elliptical before deciding if it is the right weight loss avenue for you.

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