Problems & Complications After Mini Sleeve Gastric Bypass – Testimony

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There are several challenges that one faces post weight loss surgery, especially during the recovery process. A surgical procedure, no matter how simple in its concept, is in reality a complicated procedure that needs to be tackled in an expert and professional manner.

The patient who is supposed to undergo this procedure is undoubtedly an individual who needs to understand and realize the need for a transformation in diet as well as daily lifestyle in a bid to permit a complete recovery.

Mickey underwent a mini (sleeve) Gastric Bypass surgery recently. She is sixty years old and she says that she can see a lot of improvement in her general health condition three weeks after getting her surgery done.

Mickey recounts how the first two and a half weeks were really tough for her. She had to spend two nights in the hospital because of the pain. In the first two weeks she had to get regular intra-venous saline drips because she got dehydrated a couple of times.

Mickey’s Complications After Mini Sleeve Gastric Bypass

One week post surgery she had to get her staples removed. She had a haematoma festering under one of the staples. Now, three weeks into her surgery all that has healed and she feels fitter. But once the surgical procedure was over, the Mickey had to strictly adhere to the guidelines laid down by her doctor. She did so, diligently, and benefited greatly. Not only did she fully recover, she also felt much better than ever before.

3 Weeks After Surgery: "I Have Lost 15 lbs"

What Mickey did realize is that she must strictly adhere to the directions given to Mini Gastric Bypass patients when it comes to eating and drinking at the same time. Doctors point out that you have to wait 15 minutes until after you eat, before you drink any fluids. Mickey, instead, used to eat and drink at the same time which made the food flash through her stomach. “Once I stopped doing that I eat properly and feel really well”, recalls Mickey, “and have lost 15 pounds as of this morning, and I am really pleased!”

Well, here is what Mickey had to do in order to achieve her health related goals with utmost ease.

Importance of Eating Healthy Post Surgery

Mickey emphasizes the importance of eating healthy post surgery. She drinks five to six glasses of fluids every day. She lost 15 pounds and feels great not only as a result of the surgery but because of her good eating habits as well.

Eating healthy is directly related to a complete recovery from bypass surgery. Hence, you need to pay particular attention to what the doctor has to say with special regards to your dietary patterns. At the same time, you need to pay particular attention towards maintaining the overall hygiene of the food that you consume.

Mickey’s Health Improvement After Mini Sleeve Gastric Bypass

Mickey says that the severe back pain that she used to have earlier has disappeared. She used to take five to six different pills for her back pain till six weeks prior to surgery which has all stopped now and she is very pleased with the surgery. She has stopped taking medication for her blood pressure as well. This result can be accomplished in a predictable manner, if you follow the diet as well as the rest pattern that has been prescribed by your physician and surgeon in a diligent and systematic way.

Gastric bypass surgery may have a positive effect on other health conditions as well. The recovery process is prolonged and tedious so a healthy diet is essential for a regular and fast recovery. This is exactly what Mickey followed, which ensured that her health improved with each passing day.

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