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I’m someone who gets bored easily by running and needs something a little more exciting to keep me interested and committed to my cardio workouts. That’s why, when it comes to getting into great shape, kickboxing is one of my personal favourites.

I’ve been to kickboxing classes at my local gym on and off over the last few years, but the problem for me boils down to cost, and that’s why I only go to one or two each month. I would love to attend more classes, however, as the results from kickboxing workouts are great; they get you fit, lean and feeling great, in no time at all.

If you love kickboxing as a means of getting, and staying, in shape, Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 could be the workout DVD for you. It provides a comprehensive workout routine that teaches you all of the correct techniques, while allowing you to get a great workout, in the comfort of your own home.

How does Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 work?

Hosted by award winning presenter Ilaria Montagnani, voted best female presenter in 2010, Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 provides users with a comprehensive cardio workout, while also demonstrating the core fundamentals of kickboxing.

The aim of the Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 DVD is to raise your heart rate above 90%, through performing a series of punching and kicking drills, designed to burn calories and help you lose weight, as well as improve your strength, core stability and overall muscle tone.

The presenter of the DVD, Ilaria Montagnani, is world renowned for her ability to motivate. With all of the movements fully explained by Montagnani and her team, you will learn a series of non-stop flow strikes that will see you losing weight in no time.

Ilaria is also know for her class Impact by Powerstrike, a stress-relieving kickboxing class, as the video shows:

The Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 DVD is suitable for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced, and is a great way of putting yourself through a total cardio workout, which is tough, rewarding, but still a lot of fun. Following the program will have you looking leaner and meaner than you ever have before, in a very short time frame.

Does Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 really deliver?

Overall, the Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 DVD receives very favourable reviews from reviewers, with many citing it as an extremely effective means of getting fitter, while having fun.

One reviewer absolutely loves the Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 workout. She is an avid exerciser, who uses kickboxing workouts as a means of getting lean and fit. She asserts that Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 is “great for the core,” especially. 

Many reviewers also commented that the presenter, Ilaria Montagnani, makes the workout very easy to follow. As poor instruction is often a complaint levelled at a lot of workout DVDs, it’s great to see that reviewers, such as Janny, deem the instruction of the Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 DVD to be “very professional and never annoying.”   

Intensity and effectiveness are the most important facets of any great workout DVD. It is, therefore, worth noting that a great number of reviewers are extremely complimentary about the intensity of the Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 workout. One reviewer, Robin Lane, for example, asserts that “I loved the athleticism and intensity of this video.” Rather than purely focusing on technique, therefore, the Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 places great emphasis on hard work, sweat and helping you to lose weight.

Will Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 help me to lose weight?

Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 is an excellent tool to use if weight loss is your primary goal. The workout detailed in the DVD gives users access to a fun way of working up a sweat and really burning some calories.

Natalie Cueva is one reviewer who swears by the Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 workout as a means of getting into great shape. While going through the workout, Natalie asserts that she gets “really sweaty;” a sure fire sign that it is helping her to lose weight.

If you’re following a cardio-rich workout regime, in a bid to shed some excess pounds, one reviewer, Marghee, attests that she would “recommend them to anyone” who is serious about losing weight, toning up and improving their fitness levels.

If you want a intense workout that burns mega calories, says Denise, this is for you.

Overall, reviewers seem to concur that the Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 DVD provides a “terrific workout” that will prove extremely effective in helping you to lose weight.

Pros and cons


  • Fun. All too often, people tend to lose interest in their cardio routine because it gets boring and a little stale. The Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 DVD, however, manages to keep things interesting, helping you stick with your weight loss regime over the long term.

  • Great instruction. This is what all great workout DVDs have in common, but is far from guaranteed by other workout DVDs on the market. Ilaria Montagnani is an internationally renowned instructor and her style of presenting is engaging, motivational and informative, making the workout much easier to follow than those of some of her competitors.

  • Great workout. Kickboxing is an extremely effective means of burning calories. Following the workout in this DVD will really make you sweat yourself into excellent shape, in no time.

  • Great for the core. While Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 provides a great overall workout, the core, especially, deserves an extra mention. The very nature of kickboxing ensures that your core gets a workout that very few other forms of cardio can compete with.


  • Choreography is too fast. Although most reviewers assert that the Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 DVD is easy to follow, there were a few utterances that the choreography was a little too fast at times, which could be frustrating if you’re looking for a simple, and quick, workout.

Problems and complaints

The only problem that is mentioned by any reviewers is the complexity of some of the routines. Reviewers, on the whole, however, concur that Ilaria Montagnani takes her time to explain each routine fully. Although it may take a few views to fully grasp some of the more complex routines, reviewers assert that the effectiveness of the workout which results is certainly worth the effort.

A great range of workout DVDs

In addition to Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6, there are five previous workout DVDs, all presented by Ilaria Montagnani. These DVDs provide a great range of workouts and have all received very favourable reviews. One reviewer, B. Homan, owns all of Ilaria Montagnani’s DVDs and openly states that she hopes that “she has #7 out soon.” Montagnani seems to be a firm favourite amongst kickboxing workout enthusiasts.

How does it rate overall?

Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 receives extremely favourable reviews, with an overall Amazon rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Where can I buy it and where can I read more reviews?

Powerstrike kickboxing Vol. 6 is available to be purchased from Amazon, but if you want to read a few more reviews, before deciding whether or not to purchase the DVD, then you can find some more here.

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