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It’s taken me about ten years to put it together, but I have a pretty decent looking gym in my garage at home. I have a few hundred kilograms of weights, a bench, chin up bar, boxing bag and a rowing machine; there’s very little that I can’t do in there.

If one thing annoys me, however, it’s that I can’t do squats properly. I don’t own a squat rack that can comfortably house the sort of weights that I want to lift. If I want to do squats, I usually end up doing squat jumps or front squats, as the weight that I use is lighter than when I perform traditional squats.

As a rugby player, this inability to do heavy squats at home can be infuriating. After all, as any rugby player will tell you, strength and explosive power in your legs is imperative in rugby, especially if scrummaging is part of your job, as it is with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I have purchased several squat racks over the years. Both of them came with the guarantee that they could support heavy weights and were very stable. This was, however, not the reality with either of them. When I piled 150kg onto one squat rack, it buckled under the weight, while the other simply toppled over. As any serious lifter will tell you, safety comes first. You can’t possibly have any confidence in your lifting, unless you know that you’re not in danger of injuring yourself.

Although past experience makes me understandably dubious about home squat racks, the PowerLine Squat Rack is a squat rack of a different ilk; it’s designed specifically to take heavy weights and is built with serious lifters in mind. It may just be an affordable solution to your home squatting conundrum.

How does the PowerLine Squat Rack work?

Unlike other squat racks on the market, the PowerLine Squat Rack is designed to house big weights. The 2-by-2-inch, heavy-gauge steel frame, and extra wide base, are specifically designed to maximise stability, giving you the more confidence that the safety aspect is taken care of.    

With safety and security ensured, the PowerLine Squat Rack also allows you to perform a whole range of other exercises. The rack’s adjustability, allowing you to raise the support from 30 to 60 inches, also affords you the ability to perform squats, flat, incline, and decline bench presses, barbell curls, upright rows, shoulder shrugs, and calf raises, to name but a few exercises.

The heavy duty nature of the squat rack, which weighs 51 pounds, ensures that you can load the PowerLine Squat Rack with all the weight that you desire, without any fear of buckling or toppling. In addition, the frame comes with a 10 year warranty, which is a further indication from the manufacturer of their confidence that the PowerLine Squat Rack is a quality piece of gym equipment.

The PowerLine Squat Rack is the perfect addition to your home gym, whether you’re a serious lifter, or you’re a beginner, starting on the road to improving your strength, fitness and explosive power.

Does the PowerLine Squat Rack really deliver?


Overall, the PowerLine Squat Rack receives rave reviews from those that have purchased it. Many reviewers are quick to comment on how stable and sturdy it is, as well as the benefits regarding its versatility, given that the adjustability of the rack allows you to perform a great number of other exercises, in addition to squats.

Cory C. Martinson is one reviewer who is serious about weight lifting. He squats over 400 pounds; the sort of weight that really requires a stable squat rack. Cory is also rather restricted on space in his home gym, so doesn’t have room for a squat cage. He asserts that the PowerLine Squat Rack is the perfect compromise for those who are low on space, but require a squat rack that allows you to lift big weights. He concludes that “this was a solid purchase that I’d recommend.” 

Another reviewer, Minneapolis Mike, also purports that the PowerLine Squat Rack is a well designed and well-built piece of gym equipment. He is very complementary about the product, commenting on its high quality manufacturing. Mike asserts that if you’re looking for a piece of gym equipment that helps you to perform heavy bench presses and squats, “this is your baby.

Abby Anderson is a reviewer who speaks highly of the PowerLine Squat Rack’s versatility and adjustability. She is a 5ft 3” woman, so is smaller than the average user of the PowerLine Squat Rack; given this, you would potentially expect some difficulties. Abby, however, asserts that the adjustability of the PowerLine Squat Rack makes it perfect for when she’s performing squats, bench presses and bicep curls. Abby, furthermore, waxes lyrical about the sturdiness and safety of the PowerLine Squat Rack, stating that, “I trust it with as much weight as I can lift.

Will the PowerLine Squat Rack enable me to lift big weights and improve my strengths levels?

Lifting heavy weights is extremely important if you’re looking to really build strength and improve the overall muscle composition of your body. Squats are, furthermore, one of the best compound exercises for making rapid strength and muscular definition gains, throughout your body. Unlike many flimsy and poorly constructed squat racks, the PowerLine Squat Rack delivers in terms of its ability to help you lift big weights.

One reviewer, Mark, reports that the PowerLine Squat Rack “holds my 300 lb Olympic barbell set just fine.” The sturdy nature of the rack enables Mark to lift big, heavy weights, which is great for improving his strength levels and making his muscles more defined. 

Pros and Cons


  • Sturdy. This is perhaps the PowerLine Squat Rack’s biggest selling point. The ability to house heavy weights comfortably, allows you to progress, in terms of the weights you lift, at your own rate, in confidence.
  • Versatile and adjustable. The adjustable nature of the PowerLine Squat Rack makes it one of the most versatile squat racks around, allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises, in addition to squats.
  • Easy to put together. It can be put together extremely easily, allowing you to get on with your workout in no time at all.
  • Value for money. The price makes it extremely good value for money, with other squat racks of this quality on the market costing much more.


  • It moves around. A number of reviewers reported that, even though the PowerLine Squat Rack is very sturdy, it can be prone to moving around when you are re-racking very heavy weights. The solution is to rest the Rack against a wall, but this may not be possible for everyone.

Problems and complaints

Although the reviews, overall, are extremely positive, a small handful of reviewers did comment that the movement of the rack, when lifting very heavy weights, was a bit of an issue. In all cases, the movement issue was resolved quite easily, but if you’re low on space, and don’t have a wall to rest the PowerLine Squat Rack against, then you must take this into consideration before purchasing the PowerLine Squat Rack.

In addition, the only other negative comment was regarding the choice of the manufacturers to make users place the bar back on the stand, rather than having front mounted pegs. This is more of a personal preference, but front mounted pegs would allow those performing heavy bench presses a little more comfort when re-racking the bar.  

Is it better than other squat racks on the market?

Traditionally, squat racks in the same price bracket as the PowerLine Squat Rack are poorly built, flimsy, prone to buckling or tipping over, and are not adjustable, suitable only for squats. While there are superior squat racks available on the market, they usually cost more than five times the cost of the PowerLine Squat Rack, making it an excellent investment, if you’re looking for a great piece of versatile, sturdy and effective gym equipment, at a great price.

How does it rate overall?

Overall, it receives 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, marking it out as one of the premiere squat racks in this price category.  

Where can I buy it and where can I read more reviews?

You can purchase the PowerLine Squat Rack directly from Amazon. If, however, you would like to read more reviews, before making a purchasing decision, you can find them here.

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