Power Pops Weight Loss Lollipops Review

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If you crave candy but need to lose some weight, Power Pops Weight Loss Lollipops with Hoodia are the snack you’ve been dreaming of. Power Pops help suppress your appetite, and at only 32 calories a pop, they’re completely guilt-free.  

How do Power Pops Weight Loss Lollipops with Hoodia Work?

Power Pops Weight Loss Lollipops contain five natural ingredients that are intended to suppress appetite and banish cravings. One of the ingredients is Hoodia, a plant that purportedly reduces appetite without side effects. Also, the lollipops give you instant energy. They have an amazing taste and come in assorted flavors, including banana, cappuccino, grape, white chocolate and watermelon.

Candies and chocolates are always loaded with sugar. However, Power Pops Weight Loss Lollipops contain only 32 calories, which is less than ten percent of a typical candy bar. Now, you do not need heavy gym equipment to lose weight. Just carry the lollipop in your bag and eat it on the go. 

Do Power Pops Weight Loss Lollipops with Hoodia Work?

If you crave snacks or if you want to cut out some sweets, you may find these Power-Pops really helpful. Loving Country Life (a profile name on Amazon) found the lollipop to be a delicious, guilt-free snack. He notes,

“I crave snacks, and these Power Pops really help. They take me a good 30 minutes to get one down and by that time my desire has left and the Hoodia has complete done away with my appetite. With only 28 calories per pop, they are a fault-free snack and appetite controller.”

Customer T. Mitchell says, “They seem to really curb my hunger.” Most people who try Power Pops agree that they suppress appetite, but a few users disagree, saying they had no effect.

T. Roper from Illinois who recommends the Lollipops to those who love drinking a lot of water is enthusiastic:

They're greeeeat! They do curb your cravings IF you are drinking water throughout the whole day with it.

How Much Will I Lose?

People who use Power Pops report that they have a better control over what they eat. This alone helps them lose weight. Loving Country Life says,

“I have been using them for a week and lost two pounds, and trust that I will continue to lose with the assistance that they give me in controlling my snacking.”

T. Mitchell notes, “I have had these for three weeks…. So far I have not noticed much of a weight loss….hey keep me from munching. I should eventually lose weight from that one benefit alone.” 

Are There Any Side Effects?

No! These wonderful lollipops are absolutely free of side effects.  

Pros and Cons


  •  These lollipops are almost sugar-free and come in many flavors.
  • You can use them even if you have diabetes.
  • These pops may even help you quit smoking.
  • There are no side effects.


  • Some customers complain that the texture is rough, leaving the tongue raw.
  • Some flavors are not as tasty, with some users noticing a medicinal flavor.
  • Customer service from some providers has not always been first-rate.

 Problems and Complaints

Some users complain that they did not receive their full order and have had trouble getting satisfaction from the company. Others wish that “variety packs” came with all flavors, not just some. Some just don’t see any effect at all, calling the candy “really expensive suckers.”

I Have Diabetes. Can I Still Eat Power Pops?

The answer is yes. The amount of carbs in these pops is very low comparing to other candies. However, they do contain a small amount of sugar and corn syrup that are used as a binding agent. Beecher H. Harrison Jr. is a smoker and diabetic who loves the lollipops. He writes,

“I am a diabetic and limited to the amount of carbohydrates one can have per meals/snacks . Additionally, I was a long long time smoker . These were a very good aid for me in terms of stop smoking. I continue to use these pops, not so much for the stop-smoking anymore, but in my case for being a diabetic. THANK YOU FOR HAVING THESE!!!”

Are Power Pops Weight Loss Lollipops a Scam? - A Testimonial

It appears that Hoodia Power Pops have worked for some people pretty well. Sarah (see video below) lost 12lb. She got rid of her spare tire by using one diet pop with Hoodia together with water half an hour before a meal.  She felt full and energized! You can call her at 704-965-1800 and she will tell you more about her experience.


Most people who have tried Power Pops Weight Loss Lollipops with Hoodia have been pleased with their experience, finding that the pops work to suppress appetite long enough to go between meals without snacking on unhealthy food. 


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