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Professional trainer extraordinaire Tony Horton brings you a program designed to break down old habits and table muscle while building up lean mean muscle. The Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp system works on sculpting the upper body, thighs and abdominal muscles while burning off excess fat reserves.

The program “guarantees” that you will get the results you want within a 90 day period through a progressive training regimen design by Tony. This technique involves working on specific areas of the body for thirty minutes at a time to get the best effect possible. Not only do you receive the DVDs for the program there is also a resistance band included as well.

You also receive a few other perks including a meal plan to help burn fat, a tape measure and card to help keep up with results, a 90 day calendar for progress tracking, and a daily plan showing exactly what you should be doing each day for max results.

Power 90 Testimonial - Does It Work?

Motivation is Key

Many customers report that the training videos are extremely motivating. They inspire you to get up and get going. They also say that the videos help to keep you pushing toward reaching your weight loss goals. The upside is that Tony pushes to keep you going through each set of exercises. The downside is that his humor could be considered somewhat cheesy and can become old rather quickly.

Routine has More Than One Meaning

Some customers report that the exercise routines set up in the videos can become rather boring over time. After going through the first video you might think the second would bring some welcomed change. The only trouble is that the second one is a bit of a repeat of the first. You will be doing the same exercises over and over for the next 90 days.

Not for the Week of Heart - How Hard Is It?

A few self-professed couch potatoes have stated that when first starting this workout regimen things could be a bit tough. Some even feel that it may be too tough for a beginner. Others however feel that it is the perfect way to start on the road to fitness. Most do recommend that you consult with your doctor before starting. This way there will be no unexpected ill effects.

Problems - Quality Issues

There have been a few customers reporting problems with the resistance band. Many of these individuals however also admit that they are in the six foot plus height range. This could easily explain the breaking of the bands as they will be stretched beyond their breaking point. Anyone with a concern about this could easily bypass this issue by finding a longer band more suitable to their height.

Commitment is Important

As with any sort of exercise routine or muscle building program the most important aspect is commitment. Customers report that with the right level of commitment you can start to see the results you have been wanting. Tony offers the excited support; all you have to do is to bring your all to the workout.

Power 90 Before and After

Where To Buy

I would recommend you try Amazon first, because it consistently has the best price on such products.

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