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I absolutely love bodyweight training. Heading down to the gym to shift some real steel has its attractions, but it’s the convenience of bodyweight circuits that keeps me coming back for more.

While there are a whole host of bodyweight exercises that I like to perform, as part of my routine, push ups are, without doubt, the most effective means of training your upper body and core. And I can’t get enough of them.

Whether you’re a beginner, trying their best to reach 10 push ups per set, or you love to smash out sets of 100, joint pain is a very real problem. If you’re new to push ups, and so are not sure about the correct technique, or you’re a push up veteran, and tend to lose your technique when you get tired, poor form can really put undue stress and strain on your elbows, wrists and shoulders.

I always notice, at the end of an intense training week, that my joints are a little sore from performing so many repetitions. When you’re trying to get through a high number of reps, however, it comes with the territory.

It seems, though, that the Perfect V2 Pushup Bar may just be able to provide a solution to these woes. The Perfect V2 Pushup Bar allows users to perform push ups, while taking a lot of the strain off your joints and ensuring that you keep your technique.   

How does the Perfect V2 Pushup Bar work?

The Perfect V2 Pushup Bar is a product that truly transforms the way that you perform push ups. It’s patented, rotational technology allows the arms to move naturally during each repetition, thus exactly replicating a push up. The difference, however, is that the static nature of the Perfect V2 Pushup handles ensures that users maintain perfect technique throughout each repetition.

The Perfect V2 Pushup Bar works to engage the arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs; it really does provide a great, full upper body workout. While the Perfect V2 Pushup Bar helps to improve your push up form, it also reduces the strain placed on your wrist, elbow and shoulder joints, which is especially important for users that are using this bar as part of their rehabilitation programme, or for older users. 

The bar’s handles are heavy duty, with each handle weighing 2.5lbs and supporting a weight of 200lbs (400lb combined). The textured grip of each handle is padded and grooved to improve the level of comfort for the user during exercise, while the wide surface area distributes the weight of the user evenly, reducing stress on the joints. The handles rotate using a system of integrated ball bearings, while their off-road style tread ensures that they do not slip during each repetition.

The Perfect V2 Pushup Bar is perfect for any fitness or strength level. Complete beginners can start by performing push ups on their knees, gradually building up to a full push up, while more advanced users can follow the 21 day, Navy SEAL inspired, workout, which is included with every purchase. 

Does the Perfect V2 Pushup Bar really deliver?

The reviews for the Perfect V2 Pushup Bar are extremely positive, with many reviewers commenting on the sturdiness, portability and joint relieving benefits of this piece of equipment, especially.

One reviewer, J. Perovich, asserts that the Perfect V2 Pushup Bar is an absolute “must have for push ups.” He specifically says that he has been following the workout routine highlighted in the brochure that comes with the Perfect V2 Pushup Bar, noticing visible results after 60 days, while he also claims that push ups also no longer hurt his wrists, when performed with this bar.

Heather purchased the Perfect V2 Pushup Bar for her husband, who has a persistent problem with his wrists, when performing traditional push ups, as a result of a sporting injury. The Perfect V2 Pushup Bar’s ability to reduce the stress on her spouse’s wrists, during each repetition, means that Heather’s husband can now “comfortably do push ups just fine.”  

Another reviewer, Double-O-Asian, simply loves the effectiveness of the Perfect V2 Pushup Bar, saying that it is one of his favourite workout products. After a couple of days of using the it, Double-O-Asian asserts that “they really work your arms more,” helping to give you an excellent, full upper body workout.  

Will it help me lose weight?

The Perfect V2 Pushup Bar is not specifically designed as a weight loss tool. Performing a high number of repetitions will, however, increase your muscle mass and consequently cause you to lose weight over the longer term.

More rapid weight loss could be induced quicker by slowing down the speed of each repetition, five seconds up and five seconds down. Reducing the speed of each push up repetition has been scientifically proven to have a similar impact to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), speeding up your metabolism for the subsequent 24 hours, thus promoting more rapid weight loss.

One reviewer, Bill, is absolutely enamoured by the Perfect V2 Pushup Bar. He asserts that it provides an excellent all around workout, helping him to work on areas of his upper body that he traditionally finds difficult to reach effectively, using standard weight training techniques. Bill rates the product so highly that he believes you will see benefits from its use in a matter of days, “not weeks, but days.

Richard Lesley is a reviewer who knows what it means to use push ups as a way of staying in shape. As a former Navy sailor, Lesley likes to use push ups as a way of keeping fit. He asserts that, “they keep my arms toned,” helping Lesley to stay lean and in great shape.

Pros and Cons


  • Reduces joint pain. The Perfect V2 Pushup Bar’s handles act to reduce the amount of stress that is placed on your wrist, elbow and shoulder joints, which is perfect for all users, but especially beneficial to those that are older or those who experience regular joint pain.
  • A better workout. It gives users a much better all around workout, engaging supporting muscles in the body that are not given much of a workout by traditional push ups. The result is that users are forced to work harder and, as such, reap greater rewards, such as increased strength and muscle tone.
  • Sturdy. It’s handles are extremely sturdy and can support a combined weight of up to 400lb.
  • Portable. It is extremely convenient and you can take the handles with you, wherever you go, helping to ensure that you never miss a workout again.


  • Not great for planks. There are very few negative comments about the Perfect V2 Pushup Bar. One reviewer, Michelle, however, attests that they are not great for planking. This is not what the bar was designed for, but the fact that the handles can move around means that, if you wish to perform a plank, it can be difficult to keep your body in a static position.

Problems and complaints

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Aside from the one reviewer that stated that the Perfect V2 Pushup Bar is not great for planking, even though this is not what the product was designed for, there are absolutely no negative comments about this particular item.

Is the Perfect V2 Pushup Bar better than push up bars on the market?

A number of reviewers concur that it is one of the premiere push up bars on the market.

One reviewer, Lamb703, attests that the Perfect V2 Pushup Bar is “One of, if not THE, best push up product out right now.” Her view is by no means an isolated opinion, with a number of other reviewers claiming that this is the best push up bar that they have ever owned, or tried.

How does it rate overall?

The Perfect V2 Pushup Bar receives an extremely favourable overall Amazon rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, marking it out as one of the premier push up bars on the market.

Where can I buy it and where can I read more reviews?

The Perfect V2 Pushup Bar can be purchased on Amazon. If, however, you would like to read some more of the sterling endorsements of the product, before making deciding whether to purchase it, you can read more reviews here.

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