Oral hCG Review: Yavonae Drops for Dr. Simeons - A Homeopathic Quick Weight Loss Diet?

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Homeopathy is favored by some - not by all - as is the case with all kinds of  alternative medications and prescriptions in the market.

The makers of Yavonae Drops propose a weight loss formula based on the oral administration of the human chorionic gonadotropin, known as hCG. This may attract those who have been using hCG injections for the same purpose. Administration by mouth sounds far more convenient.

How Do The Yavonae hCG Drops Work?

The Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin mixed with adrenal, thyroid and fat metabolizers urges the body to burn fat and decreases appetite by affecting the brain.

These drops are administered three times daily. They must be kept under the tongue for 15 seconds for proper absorption before swallowing.

And along with the drops, you are required to follow a very low calorie diet, the instructions of which are included in the package. This diet will give you a healthy protein intake but will severely restrict your carbohydrate intake – a common strategy followed by diets designed to burn those fat stores!

What Others Are Saying - Do The Yavonae hCG Drops Work?

Reviews are positive. A. Puoro from Arizona, a reviewer previously familiar with hCG, finds this administration by mouth far more effective than the injections she  tried in the past. She feels less hungry and lost 16 pounds in almost half a month.

The diet includes sea-food and chicken consumption. It is advised that you keep a water bottle and a snack when you're out and about, in case you do feel hungry.

Oral HCG Diet Diary and Testimonial

Debra lost more than 40 pounds in about 40 days and describes her experience with the hCG drops diet below.

Day 16

Day 40

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

The Yavonae hCG Quick Weight Loss Diet appears to be effective for some. However, it is controversial what causes weight loss. Is it the hormone or just the low calorie component of the diet that makes you lose weight? Is it both?

M. Smith, a reviewer on Amazon, who followed the diet to the letter for 7 days, is surprised with the results:

“I started the very low calorie diet, along with the drops (after 2 load days) on 2-1-10. As of this morning 2-7-10, I have lost 14.5 pounds!

J. Touchet, A former master fitness trainer in the army, claims to have gone down from 242 lbs and a 42 inch waistline to 204 lbs and a 36 inch waist, losing about a pound a day, since having started using these drops and diet.

Nina, from Michigan, had been taking the drops and doing the diet for 6 days at the time of reviewing the product on Amazon, and she had lost 9 lbs within that timeframe.

The Atkin's Diet failed Shelly, from Denver, who turned to the HCG drops; she lost 9.5 pounds in 9 days.

Pros and Cons


  • The drops can be easily administered compared to hCG injections.
  • In all reviews I read, customers are thrilled with super-fast shipping.
  • The diet plan that comes with the bottle focuses on ridding you of body fat and not just water weight.


  • A couple of reviewers experienced slight headache from using the drops.
  • The recommended diet plan builds on an extremely low caloric diet to go along with the drops. Eating 500 calories a day is very, very unhealthy for both men and women.
  • Common sense says that when you eat so little you will lose weight. As a Youtube user says:

"We can all lose weight if we only ate 500 - 800 calories a day... for free."

  • In fact, clinical studies show that the hCG diet is not more effective than its calorie restriction component alone – the 500 calories a day. Dr Hamilton explains in his recent 2004 peer reviewed  paper:

“A 6-week study comparing injections of HCG to injections of saline showed no difference in weight loss between the treated and control groups, both of which had been placed on the same 500 kcal-diet”

  • The alcohol content will be unacceptable to 'religious conservatives'.

Problems And Complaints

There are claims that hCG only works and impacts the body through injection. Oral prescriptions of the drug have no medical potency whatsoever. Again, this argument points to the fact that it is not the drops that are giving people results; rather, the 500 calorie diet!

Is Yavonae hCG Drops A Scam?

Some users call it a scam. M. Redmond from Dallas even goes on to add that the very fact that the sellers call this hCG “non-pharmaceutical” is because the drops just do not contain hCG. It is mere quackery, if you were to ask him – and he is not alone.  His recommendation: follow the same plan without the drops - you will still lose weight!

Some people argue that since hCG is not classified as a homeopathic remedy it is impossible that it is included in the drops. The low calorie diet, focusing on lean proteins and restricting carbohydrates, is what is giving people results.

Kenneth and wife sum it all up pretty effectively, and give more weight to these claims. They took the drops but maintained a diet above a 1000 calories a day - much less 500 - and didn't lose a pound or an inch!

Obviously your going to lose

Obviously your going to lose weight if you consume only 500 calories a day!!!! Lol sorry people it's not the drops, everyone keeps saying it works as long as you stick to the diet. Well heres an idea try to just diet!!!!

hcg drops works really. You

hcg drops works really. You just have to buy it on the authentic dealers online to avoid scams.

I agree 100% if you get TRUE

I agree 100% if you get TRUE HCG drops they will help you in your weight loss journey. I have been using the drops for a week now and have lost 12.8lbs. But i have noticed that unlike other diets, the HCG is doing it's job and targeting the hard to get fat areas as I've lost inches in areas I never lose the weight in. Yes you will lose weight if you stick to a VLCD but the HCG drops do help tremendously!!!

how long do i have to wait?

hi there i started the oral hcg drop 3 days ago and now i have to go out of town for a week so i am going to stop tomorrow and was wanting to start again when i come back can i do that or do i have to wait 6 week?

I have been using HCG for

I have been using HCG for about a month and I can say that it truly works. You just have to stick to the diet which was the hardest part for me personally. You should also have your friends and family support you especially during the first two to three days which are definitely the hardest ones. Good luck.

Yavonae drops

Where can I purchase Yavonae drops

HCG drops

At sdwdinc.com, we are the elite resource for the most premium consumer preferred homeopathic HCG formula, GREAT LAKES HCG. We provide all the information you need to know about HCG, HCG drops, HCG Weight Loss, and HCG pills, Homeopathic HCG

Yavonae works

I have done the HCG diet twice now using Yavonae drops both rounds. The first round was in May of 2010 and I lost 16 pounds. I have yet to gain that weight back. I would consider myself a junk food junkie. I followed the diet exactly as described and never cheated. The 500 calorie intake might very well be the reason for the actual loss in weight. However, my belief is that the drops are the success in being able to keep to only eating 500 calories and not ever feeling hungry. I Also believe that they are what helped to re-vamp my metabolism, so that I have never gained back the weight I lost in the first place. Eat only 500 calories a day and you might still shed the pounds, but I'll bet you will feel hungry...

Sorry to say this folks, but it unquestionably works.

Sticking to a 500 cal diet without the drops is actually impossible (Ive tried. I didnt last the day). Following the plan means that hunger is fairly minimal, & you NEVER feel week, tired, headachy etc etc. The first two days you eat tons (load) & you will put on at least 2 pounds. If you weren't taking the drops that wouldn't happen, would it? Which means they work. I lost 18 pounds in just under a month (with endless cheats) & I am just starting on the next round. 7 pounds down in 3 days so far (some of it water no doubt). This is the ONLY thing that works, Atkins, Dukan, normal diets they just DO NOT get weight off like this. Even the maple syrup diet & fasts dont work this quickly. My 10 day detox in Thailand resulted in a weight loss of around 4 pounds & I ate nothing, literally, & felt dreadful - weak & tired. Sorry people, but if you havent tried it you shouldnt speculate. Sometimes something that looks like it shouldnt work just does, there are pages & pages on forums of happy HCG dieters. But the drug companies dont make money so of course 'people' will say it doesnt work.

Is it really effective?

I just would like to know concretely if HCG hormone diet can really help you lose weight? I'm desperate!


Look at the discrepancies in the videos. In the first video the bookcase/hutch is over her left shoulder (your right facing her) and in the second video just 24 days later it is over her right shoulder (your left facing her). Is she at work & at a different work station??? I was extremely interested until watching the second video, when I noticed the differences (obviously someone wants you to think that the pictures were taken in the same location just 24 days later??) That is a very large bookcase/hutch to casually move around. Sigh

Don't fret

If you look closely, everything is the same. The videoes are mirrored. To help you understand... look at where the door is located and what is on either side of it, for ex. the picture. You'll notice that it proves that everything is in the same place. Watch tv shows and movies more closely, and you will see that is not at all uncommon.


You lose the weight from the 500 calorie diet. You keep it off due to the HCG resetting your metabolism. I've lost 40 lbs. and have kept it off even though I'm eating normally. With other diets, the weight gain would come back. That's because with other diets, your metabolism slows down to compensate for the lower calorie intake. With HCG, it isn't so.

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It's true, you lose the weight because of the 500-calorie diet

I agree with you. Consuming 500 calories a day would make anyone lose weight. But it is interesting that, as you said, this low caloric intake does not make your metabolic rate drop. As a result, your body is in a constant caloric deficit which makes the fat melt. So, is it the hormone (HCG) that keeps your metabolism high despite the very little food consumed?

Yavonae works

Yavonae drops really works.At first when I heard of it I was not sure if I wanted to try it.I've tried others ,but curious of Yavinae.After the gorge days I put on 6lbs. started on 10/16/10...And I'm down 14.2 lbs 11/1/10.....I should 've lost more but I did cheated.However I'm happy with the lost. I will stay with this, until I reach the weight I'm comfortable with...

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