Omron HJ-151 Review - Excellent Hip Pedometer For The Price

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Isn't it always better to know exactly how much you have exercised or how active you have been throughout the day? Of course, it is!

The Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer for Aerobic Activity is that near-to-perfection tool for people who want to measure the amount of exercise they have engaged in during the day or week. It measures steps, moderate steps and minutes, calories and distance.

The Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer maintains a record of the last 7 days so that you can review the calories you have actually burned; and at midnight, it resets automatically so that in the morning, you just have to clip it to your belt, and you are ready to go!

How Does Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer For Aerobic Activity Work?

Designed specifically for those people who love to measure the performance and success they have managed to achieve during their walking routine, the Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer For Aerobic Activity has been tagged as one of the greatest motivational tools to track the steps as you walk throughout the day. A well-known fact is that walking makes you fitter, and if you can actually see the progress, you will certainly be motivated to work out more!

The pedometer not only measures the number of steps walked, but also the number of calories burned and distance covered. Before you step out for a walk, you need to attach the clip to the pedometer! It will take care of all calculations by itself. Easy to use and understand, the pedometer can be used by anyone.

Does Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer For Aerobic Activity Really Work?

Pedometers are always popular with the people who take their walking workouts very seriously. All those who have used the Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer for Aerobic Activity have been more or less satisfied with its performance. Based on the various user reviews, it can be said that the pedometer is a trustworthy product, which is also highly affordable and perfectly serves the purpose it is intended.

Some users assert that knowing the level of exercise they have managed to engage in made them feel "fitter and trimmer," which encouraged them to work out more.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

There is not doubt that regular walking can result in great weight loss. Scott Galloway had much success with the pedometer:

"This thing is cheap, accurate, very small and for me at least it stays attached to my belt no problem. I clip it on in the morning and leave it alone all day. I try to increase my step count each day and well, 30 pounds gone so far!"

Some Pros And Cons

There are certain pros and cons of the Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer for Aerobic Activity, which have been pointed out by the users. Let us look at some of these:



  • The pedometer is easy to set up and use.
  • The digits on the device are displayed clearly so it is easy to read them.
  • There is a digital clock on the device.
  • The product is reasonably priced and is easy to clip.


  • Some users find that the clip is not all that reliable and, after a few days, starts to loosen up.
  • Had the device been a little bigger, it would have been easier to use.
  • The "set" and "reset" buttons on the back of the pedometer are more or less similar, so that can create confusion for some users.
  • The life of the pedometer is not long.

Problems and Complaints

One common problem users face with this pedometer is that the belt clip is not strong enough. Reports where the Omron HJ-151 slipped of the belt are not few.

Sarah Miller shares:

"I was delighted with this wonderful little guy until it fell off one day... the clip was still attached to my pants, but no pedometer was attached! What a bummer."

Antoni Lewis, who purchased the Omron HJ-151 again, after he lost it the first time, says:

"Mine lasted about 3 days. I think it must have slipped off my belt when I sat down somewhere, because on the 3rd day of use I suddenly noticed that it wasn't there anymore."

Some Tips To Remember While Using Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer For Aerobic Activity

  • To reap the maximum benefits of the pedometer, it has to be positioned correctly. The users should either attach the unit to the belt or the top of the waistband, and it should be horizontal to the ground.
  • The precision of the step counting has been measured to be about 5%.

Is the Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer For Aerobic Activity Worth Buying?

Based on the user reviews, it is clear that the pedometer is certainly worth trying. Made with precision, very affordable, and easy to set up and use, the Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer For Aerobic Activity is a must have device if you are curious to know how much you have exactly worked out.

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