Omron Body Fat Monitor And Scale Review

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Now, it is easy to determine how many pounds you are shedding per day with your exercise and diet regimen. With the Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale you can keep track of your weight, body fat percentage and body mass index of up to four people.

How Does The Omron Body Fat Monitor And Scale Work?

The scale and monitor measures weight as well as body fat percentage. Body fat is calculated through bioelectrical impedance, which passes a weak electrical current through the body. Body fat has much less conductivity than other tissue types, so the amount of resistance the current finds determines how much body fat you have. If you enter your personal data, including height and gender, the scale will calculate your body mass index (BMI). The scale tracks your changes for up to three months.

The large digital display makes it quick to read the information. The Body Fat Monitor and Scale is ideal for a family as it can store up to four personal profiles and track their correct measurements.

The scale provides measurements for almost everyone. The measurements can be customized according to the sex of the person. The scale has a weight capacity of 330 pounds. Batteries are included in the kit that you will get along with the product. The BMI index will help you determine whether you are of normal weight, overweight, underweight or obese.

Does The Omron Body Fat Monitor And Scale Work?

Jacob Hantla, a top 500 reviewer on Amazon, vouches for the scale. He praises the monitor by saying that the Omron HBF-500 is excellent compared to others. It is consistent and displays correct results. He said that the scale gave the same weight five times in a row whenever he and his wife stepped on it.

He is not too sure about the accuracy of the body fat monitor. However, he said, “It is very consistent, much more consistent than the experience that I have had with the handheld monitors from Omron.”

How Much Will I Lose?

Another customer, the Content Gormandizer, says he has “lost approximately 70 lbs. in the last 4 months…. This is the best scale I’ve ever utilized…. tells me everyday exactly where I am and where I’m going.” Alexmeller lauds the scale and tracking features, saying, “I lost over 50 pounds within a year, and logged my mass and fat and fat percentage daily.”

As J. Brittain puts it, “The changes are what matters, either as a warning that you are making progress in a direction you do not want to go or as a reinforcement that you are doing things right and seeing results.”

Pros And Cons


  • Scale gives consistent readings.
  • Personal data memory is a nice feature.
  • Scale and monitor together make this an excellent value.


  • Some users question the accuracy of the body fat monitor.
  • Not a good value if the body fat monitor doesn’t work.
  • Basic model does not have an “athlete” mode

Problems And Complaints

Dissatisfied customers like D. Smothers really regret their decision to buy such a machine. She says that the machine always gives different measurements every time you step on it. She vents her anger by saying that all her excitement wore off as soon as she found out that the scale was not accurate. She measured this scale against three other scales, and they all got nearly the same number. However, she weighed herself ten times on this scale, and she got ten different answers.

She laughs it off by adding that this was all on the same day and there was no way it was due to her losing or gaining weight. Moreover, she jests that saying that the scale in question measured her at 90 pounds, while the other three scales that she has tried measured her at approximately 160 pounds. She also felt that the scale was poorly designed and that it is made from cheap materials.

Is The Body Fat Monitor Accurate?

Some customers complain that, the machine is not able to measure body fat percentage accurately. If you measure your body fat with help of other machines and then with this one, chances are that the Omron body fat monitor measurements will not be even close to what the other machines say.

Victoria Haute feels that the scale is good except for the calculation of body fat percentage. She works in a weight loss office, and the office has a machine that is really expensive. They also have several cheap handheld units that cost only 50 dollars apiece. All those units display her body fat at 22 percent. However, the Omron scale measures her body fat to be 32 percent. She has also found her body fat to be 22 percent with the use of calibers. She is surprised and wonders if eight machines are wrong and the Omron scale is correct.

More Reviews and Best Price

The Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale has received overall good reviews on Amazon. Eighty percent of customers are satisfied and have given it at least 4 out of 5 stars. For more reviews and best deals click here.

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