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ExerBeat Review

Reading the manufacturer’s enticing opening line product description -“Ever used the following excuse: “I’m too busy to go to the gym!”- I knew this Wii game has been designed with people like me in mind! I actually DO have a gym membership but I hardly use it because there is always something more pressing to do: cook dinner, take my little one to a play area, and watch a programme on T.V..... Anyway, I also dread looking at over toned women lifting huge weights in the gym and feel rather inadequate when my two sets of 12 lunges leave me exhausted. So I much prefer the option of working out from home where its only the virtual trainer who can have a go at my fitness level!

For whom has ExerBeat been manufactured?

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Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix Review

Winter is here and with it an undeniable urge to keep warm by drinking scrumptiously yummy but almost always too rich in calories hot drinks. Even my ever-so-careful-with-his-diet hubby succumbed to the temptation this past weekend and drank unashamedly half a gallon of warm chocolate milk. So as you can imagine, the Swiss Miss, conjuring in its name dear memories of Alpine holidays, with its more down-to-earth promise of a deliciously low in calories drink, seemed all of a sudden a very good idea!

For whom has Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa been produced?

The producer reassures the consumer that it has been especially designed for every hot chocolate connoisseur with a diet conscience. Swiss Miss promises to be rich in taste and flavour (hence the European hint in the name), high in calcium (one sachet contains as much as one glass of milk) but very low in fat and sugar, with only 25 calories per serving.

The product seems to have been designed for people on the go who prefer reaching out for a sachet from their bag and the fat-free milk jug in the office, female students and young professionals most likely. It also entices the lifelong dieters who are adamant about the calorie intake and religiously count every gram of fat and sugar they take.

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The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook Review: A Delicious Alternative for Lifelong Health

When I think Mediterranean I think gorgeous sunshine, perfect holidays and...loads of delicious but hip-enhancing food! I love food especially when it is made with fresh produce, bought that same morning from the local, but in all the years we have been holidaying on Mediterranean shores I rarely found good, delicious food that would qualify as diet. So you can imagine that my interest was sparked instantly when I saw the two in the same title: Mediterranean food and diets? Although it sounds almost too good to be true, I would say a resounding “Yes, please!” to eating wonderful food without having to worry about my waist line any time you ask me!

For whom has The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook been written?

The book was first published in 1994 and proved to be, as one editorial review puts it, “arguably ahead of its time”, especially for an American audience that knew almost nothing of European cuisine and its benefits at the time. The first edition included nutritional data which was removed from subsequent versions, much to the detriment of its readers, in my opinion, as you can’t count your calorie intake properly.

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Jillian Michaels' Kickbox FastFix Review

I admire passion, in almost any healthy and non-harmful shape and form, and I love to see passionate people in action. This is why I love Jillian Michaels, her passion for fitness and the way she can inspire and motivate people to transform and become the best of what they can be. I started watching “Losing It with Jillian” shortly after I had my baby and many times the inspirational stories on the series brought a tear to my eye and motivation to exercise.

I have been looking for a new exercise DVD I can use from the comfort of my living room so I was pleasantly surprised to find Jillian’s new kickboxing release. And oh, if you knew me just a little bit you would know I love the idea of a fast fix, especially when it comes to fitness. Needless to say then, the combination of an inspirational trainer like Jillian with the promise of quick results definitely sold the DVD to me!

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Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure Review

Okay, so I got a Kindle for my birthday from my kind husband and my life has changed dramatically ever since! I love my Kindle and I have been reading avidly since January because it’s so easy to download books, magazines and even newspapers. So when I decided to take a look at diet Kindle books I was rewarded with a wealth of choice and an amazing variety of books and magazines.

I picked Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet for two reasons: my little girl had silent reflux as a baby and I know how painful it can get. Secondly, in the last month our lives have been more chaotic than usual and I can feel its effects in the form of stomach burns at the moment so I was looking to see if I could use some of the tips in the book to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms.

For whom has The Reflux Diet been written?

Obviously, the book has been written with acid reflux sufferers in mind and it is presented as a double-folded solution to their issue: the book advices not only on dieting but also on various foods to be eaten or avoided by the reader in order to cure this painful condition.

The book is handily structured into three main sections: The Cure is an explanation of what acid reflux is and solutions on how to treat it.

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Green Coffee Extract Review - Scam or Legit? Purecap Labs

Coffee is for drinking, right? So what does it have to do with fat burning? I asked myself the very same question and I was curious to find out what effects green coffee would have on someone, I mean, would it keep me awake all night and give me that chance to exercise I never used during the day? Would it taste at all like coffee and ultimately, would it make me lose weight as the manufacturer claims?

So what is Green Coffee Extract and what does it do?

Obviously, green coffee is coffee that has not been processed for its normal consumption as a flavoursome drink but left in its natural seed form from which an extract has been produced. The manufacturer doesn’t claim any therapeutic or magical properties for its product but professes that the green coffee extract would have a very high ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) which could help with cellular growth and regeneration.

What do reviewers say about the product?

Well, according to many reviewers, the pills work and have helped them shed weight. On the other hand, a number of reviews class the product as a scam so I was very intrigued to find out more.

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The 17 Day Diet Review:A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results, by Mike Moreno

I would always be tempted to try out miracle diets that promise rapid weight loss especially when the time span is so short. Who wouldn’t want to shed 10 to 12 pounds of excess weight just like that in less than three weeks as Doctor Moreno promises? And who wouldn’t want to have a doctor guiding them in the very intimidating process of weight loss, to make sure they do exactly what they are supposed to do and don’t overdo it? I know I would!

For whom has The 17 Day Diet been designed?

The book was obviously written with a modern and eager audience in mind. It promises immediate results (playing on the very same note that motivates young people nowadays to seek pleasure in food and other dependency inducing habits) and a healthy weight loss formula that would not have any long term effects.

The formula is structured in four steps, which are to be repeated in four cycles of 17 days, and presented in detail in the first chapters:

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101 Workouts for Women Review: Everything You Need to Get a Lean, Strong and Fit Physique

As a woman who has seen her body dramatically change following child birth and her body confidence plummet at rocket speed the first post-partum year, due to lack of sleep and time to exercise, I am always on the lookout for viable solutions that will help me get back into shape. I am also a book worm, have I mentioned that, and love to work out from the privacy of my own home so books that promise mean exercises and consequent lean body parts would always present a strong appeal to me.

For whom has 101 Workouts for Women been written?

A compilation of workouts inspired by the Muscle and Fitness HERS magazine, the book promises to be a complete go-to, one-for-all fitness program with full illustrations for the 101 workouts featured. The book is bound to attract a wide range of readers from shy mums like me who need constant at-a-glance reassurance that they are doing the right moves and fitness professionals looking to diversify their workout routines; the detailed color illustrations are valuable to both novices and fitness trainers.

Photo: Content from 101 Workouts from Women book

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