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Do Nuts Make You Fat? No, You Can Eat Nuts And Lose Weight!

If like me, you just love your cashews, or almonds, but consider them fattening and a no-go zone, take heart and read on. A recent study has revealed that you can eat nuts and lose weight. Better still, eating nuts regularly may actually decrease your chances of obesity.

The Study.

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The Link Between Vitamin D And Weight Loss.

Here is another reason to be consuming the salmon, tuna, and eggs when on a weight loss campaign. Researchers have shown that those dieters who have higher counts of Vitamin D on blood tests will manage to lose more weight on a weight loss program than those who are more deficient.

The Study.

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Handling Dieting And Hunger. Weight Loss Needn’t Mean Starving

Why is it that the minute you go on a diet your appetite kicks up a notch or two and you spend the whole time feeling like you’re starving? Is your mind playing games on you? How can you avoid the dreaded hunger that is often associated with dieting and often leads to diet sabotage? Read on for these handy tips on handling dieting and hunger.

Inappropriate breakfast.
Eating too little, or the wrong things in the morning can set you up for an awful diet day. Research consistently shows that those who skip breakfast weigh more than those who don‘t. Avoid high sugar, high fat, high GI foods for breakfast as these will have you hungry and searching for unhealthy snacks sooner rather than later.

Foods containing lean protein, and low GI foods, such as oats with skim milk, will leave you satisfied for longer, without the dreaded sugar crash and starvation. Great breakfast selections include yogurt and berries, grainy breads, and scrambled eggs or omelets.

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The Dangers Of Stevia: How Safe Is This Natural Sweetener?

If you’re trying to eat healthier or to lose weight, you’ve probably checked your sugar intake. Many people turn to sugar substitutes such as Sweet’N Low, Equal, and Splenda. They’re even found in foods such as juices, soda, cereals, and health bars.

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Does Alcohol Help You Lose Weight?

It’s a common scenario: you go out to eat with friends, a spouse, or coworkers and with your meal you order a wine, beer, or mixed drink. It’s only a small 4 oz drink you tell yourself. It shouldn’t account for many calories, right? In fact, every day, millions of Americans go out partying on the weekends. What’s going on with alcohol consumption – is it lending a hand in the battle of the bulge or packing on more pounds?

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Healthy Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

When trying to lose weight it can be easy to get caught up in counting calories, sugars, and fat grams, and totally forget about the actual nutrition of the food itself. Incorporating some of these foods into your weight loss program will ensure that you still lose the pounds, but also reap the health benefits.

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Can Chemicals Such As Phthalates Prevent Weight Loss?

This may or may not have crossed your mind. You’ve been working hard all week at losing weight, watching what you’re cooking with and what you are eating, but have you ever wondered whether what your ingesting (other than  food) is perhaps altering your body’s ability to lose weight?

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You Are What You Sip. What Are The Best Drinks On A Diet?

When on a diet we are all concentrating on what foods we are eating, or not. Are we counting carbs, fat grams, calories, or something else? However, it can be very easy to forget to factor in the drinks. Apart from plain water, herbal teas, and black tea or coffee, most other beverages may well impact on your diet. In fact, a study from the University of North Carolina has revealed that the average American is drinking an astonishing 450 calories more per day than 30 years ago. The damage if you are not burning it off?

Diet plans for children

Diet plans for children… Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? But take a quick look at statistics and you will see that childhood obesity is up from 6% in the seventies to an epidemic 20% in this decade. Figures from International Obesity Task Force tell us that worldwide 22 million children under the age of five are overweight or obese. And the primary reason for such steep increase in the number of obesity cases is that children today are consuming too many calories and exercising too little.

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How Effective is the Raw Food Diet for Weight Loss

The raw food diet is considered to be a new “fad” diet that people are using to lose weight, when in fact this “diet” has been practiced for centuries around the world. The raw food diet consists of eating a diet that consists of only raw, unprocessed and uncooked foods, not only for weight loss but for optimal health as well.

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