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Top 10 Super Foods

I’m sure you know what foods are considered junk foods and why they are bad for you.  From the grease to the saturated fat, junk foods are the bane of our existence!  You may not be as familiar with super foods which are the exact opposite of junk foods.  Super foods are foods that are good for you and actually have positive effects on your body.  Here is a list of the top 10 super foods that you should incorporate into your diet!

10. Yogurt

I’m not talking about Go-Gurt here, or other yogurts that have been pumped full of sugar.  Yogurts with very little additives are the most beneficial for your body.  They contain calcium, protein and bacterial cultures that boost your immune system.  Have yogurt once a day and find new ways to eat it!  Try using yogurt as a spread instead of fatty condiments like sour cream and mayonnaise.


9.  Tomatoes

Can a High Protein Diet Make You ‘Old and Fat?’

If you’ve been going crazy with the protein supplements in the pursuit of gaining more muscle mass, you may actually be hindering your efforts at making any gains.  A recent study has shown that eating too much protein does not only alter the secretion of satiety hormones and the way our metabolism burns fat and blood sugar, but leads to elevated cortisol levels as well. 

Eating Too Much Protein Increases Cortisol Levels

Cortisol, known as the “stress hormone,” or the “death hormone” (you’ll understand why it’s called that shortly) is a hormone secreted by your adrenal gland in your kidney as a natural response to stress.  In the short term, it increases focus, your immune system, dulls pain and increases glucose levels in the blood.  After about half an hour though, any benefits wear off, leaving you with the adverse effects of an increased catabolic metabolism (which leads to skin, muscle and bone degeneration) as well as an increased tolerance to insulin. 

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Clif Kid Zbars Review - Organic Bar for Children and Adults

The fitness and weight loss industry has mainly focused on adults to date but recently, a few select companies have taken it upon themselves to create healthy and weight conscious products for children.

The ever famous Clif brand of energy and health bars has created ZBar, a line of organic health bars for children and they not only taste great but they have an enormous amount of nutritional value within them.

How Do Clif Kid Zbars Work?

These bars are made completely organically with no hydrogenated oils, trans fats, preservatives or artificial colors and flavors. They are made with whole oats and 12 essential vitamins and minerals including a high source of calcium.

Tera Wellington, wellness advocate, recommends Clif Kid Zbars as a great healthy alternative for children.

These bars make a great snack and come in several flavors including: chocolate brownie, chocolate chip and honey gram. All flavors your kids will want to eat!

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Does Soda Make You Fat?

Soda has long been cited as a reason for increasing American waistlines. As we’ve started getting fatter, some argue, soda has gone from being an occasional treat to becoming a prominent part of people’s daily diets. Could there be a relationship between the two trends?

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Are Nuts Good for Weight Loss?

Usually, you try to stop eating (or at least cut back on) calorie-dense foods when you’re trying to lose weight. Recent studies, however, show that nuts (peanuts and treanuts) are surprisingly good for weight loss. A 2007 research review out of Purdue University shows that there is no link between eating nuts and gaining weight.

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Melon Extract Extramel Prevents Obesity From High Fat Diet.

There has been an exciting breakthrough for those dieters who have problems avoiding the fat grams in their daily diet. An antioxidant known as Extramel has been shown to have fat burning properties and prevent obesity when given to hamsters fed a high fat diet.

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Food Allergies And Weight Loss. Are Allergies Hindering Your Diet?

Are you genuinely struggling to lose weight? No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get the scales to budge? Does this sound like you? Well perhaps you have food sensitivities that are preventing you from losing weight. Recent studies have consistently shown that those dieters who just cannot lose weight can have remarkable weight loss successes after identifying their food sensitivities.

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Can a Low Calorie Diet Help You Live Longer?

Low calorie diets are the rage nowadays. With Weight Watchers everywhere and many products catering to the low calorie dieter, it’s not uncommon to see people grabbing for them in the supermarket aisle, hoping to shed a few pounds over several weeks. This question being posed here though, is not whether a low cal diet can in fact help you lose weight (as it seems fairly apparent that it can when applied steadily) but could it have another potential health effect – that is, make you live longer?

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Is a high-protein diet better for weight loss than a high-carbohydrate diet?

It’s true that as long as you burn more calories than you take in, you’ll lose the same amount of weight on a high-protein diet as you would on any other diet. Being healthy isn’t just about how many pounds you weigh, though, and that’s where a high-protein diet has the edge.

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Is Your Diet Soda Keeping You From Losing Weight? Research Suggests Artificially Sweetened Drinks May Lead to Weight Gain

Sugary soft drinks are a major source of empty calories.  Every experienced dieter knows that 32-ounce drink, if it’s got regular sugar, is a major no-no.  But diet soda?  Many dieters drink it every day without a second thought.  Recent results from a long-term study in San Antonio, reported in the Obesity Journal, suggest that we should all give a second thought to our use of artificially sweetened beverages.

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