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New Research Reveals Converging Link Between Alzheimer's and Diabetes

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has long been feared as one of the most insidious and terrible of diseases to contract. Not only does it rob you of your sense of self, your memories and personality, but it has historically been nearly impossible to predict; for many people, it simply manifests late in life, and that uncertainty as to who will contract it or not has only added to the fear its name causes.

This is in part due because for many years Alzheimer’s has withstood our comprehension; we don’t know what causes it, or why it manifests in whom it does. Yet studies are being published providing new insight into the nature of this disease, and promising ever greater awareness of not only what it is, but why it occurs. The latest research suggests that this degenerative brain disease is actually a type of diabetes.

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How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Work for Weight Loss?

Apple Cider Vinegar is a folk remedy that has been used for centuries on many ailments including weight loss.

The vinegar is made from fermenting apple cider and contains acetic acid, potassium, pectin, copper, zinc, sodium, selenium, manganese, magnesium and iron. It is also a source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E.

When talking about apple cider vinegar for weight loss it is important to note that we are talking about organic apple cider vinegar with the mother. The mother is the stringy cloudy bits that gather at the bottom. Distilled and perfectly clear vinegar has all the nutrients stripped out and will not do the job.

homebrew apple vinegar

How Does It Work?

The science on how apple cider vinegar works for weight loss is unclear. Several studies have been done on distilled white vinegar, where preliminary findings showed evidence to support the weight loss theory. However there have not been any good studies done on the effect of apple cider vinegar.

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Atkins All Purpose Bake Mix Review

After you have made the decision that it is time to change your life, lose weight and get back into shape the question is, where do you start? Aside from choosing a workout program for yourself, it is essential to learn how to change your destruction eating habits.

These are likely what led you to this decision and if you don’t learn how to change them you are never going to see your weight loss goals realized. This is where the "Atkins All Purpose Baking Mix" comes into play. This baking mix can help you enjoy the foods you love but in a more nutritional way that can actually help you lose weight. Let me know show you how.

How Does "Atkins All Purpose Baking Mix" Work?

The Atkins diet is well known for being a low carb diet plan but you may not be aware of their product line which can help you stick to this diet. The "Atkins All Purpose Baking Mix" is made up of wheat gluten, whole grain soy flour, modified wheat starch and unprocessed wheat bran.

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Eating Right with Diabetes Type 2

Because of the poor diets that most of us have lived with a majority of our lives, the number of those now living with Type 2 Diabetes has skyrocketed in recent years. While there is no direct cure for Type 2 Diabetes, monitoring your diet and exercising on a regular basis can definitely help curtail the negative effects of this affliction.

However, eating right with Type 2 Diabetes isn't always easy. The wrong quick snack or too much on one particular item can quickly send your blood sugar spiking which can be lethal while not eating enough can leave you dragging all day long. There are some easy guidelines though that can make sticking to a diabetes diet plan easy, and a few basic rules include:

Watch Your Carbs

Carbohydrates have the most direct impact on blood sugar because they are immediately broken down into sugars by the body. Because of this, most diabetic need to closely count the number of carbohydrates they consume on a daily basis. Complex carbohydrates, such as those found in dark, leafy veggies, are always better than simple carbs, and there are several easy diabetic recipes available online that can teach you how to adequately add them in to your everyday meals.

10 Tips to Helping Kids Eat Healthier

There are times when getting your child to eat is a huge task as there is always that one kid that chooses to be the picky eater. No matter what you may put in from of him or her you can’t seem to find that dish that they will like. So when you try to make them eat healthy you can find that this is a job within its self.

We all want our kids to eat healthier but sometimes it’s just not in their agenda. They will refuse to eat what you put in front of them because most children are not used to eating healthy. We need to find alternative ways of getting out children to eat healthy and we first have to determine the way in which we will accomplish this goal.

Here are 10 Tips to Making Kids Develop Healthy Eating Habits

1. Lead By Example

Foods you should be eating are foods the entire family should be eating. Your children will not grow eating veggies if you don’t.

2. New Fruits and Veggies

Introduce a new fruit or vegetable each week, then plan one meal a day that incorporates one fruit or veggie. This is a great way for your kids to learn how diverse fruits and vegetables can be.

3. After School Snack

Have a list of snacks your kids can have when they come home from school. If it is not in the list, it shouldn’t be readily accessible.

Will Eating Only Fruit and Salad Help Me Lose Weight?

When you are desperate to lose weight, you may be lured in by restrictive diets that promise huge weight loss, such as the fruit diet and fruit and salad diet.

The fact of the matter, that one serial dieter after another has concluded, is that restrictive and crash diets do not work. They are not sustainable, and in the long run result in the body’s metabolism being slowed down.

A Fruit and Salad Diet Alone Will Not Cut It

A slowed metabolism is the thing any weight conscious person wants most to avoid. The higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you will burn, even when you are just sitting or laying down.

In the fruit and salad diet you consume pretty much only fruits and vegetables. This leaves out a lot of your body’s needs. For the short term, perhaps a week, it can serve as a flush, but over the long term eating this way will deplete your body’s energy and resources.

Omaha Farmer's Market Review: Wholesome Foods, Healthy Snacking, Family Fun

A recent business trip landed me right in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska. My hotel was right in downtown Omaha, a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Saturday morning farmer's market. The lady at the hotel's front desk recommended it as a local event to check out, so I made sure I penciled it into my itinerary.

While a majority of the city of Omaha was sleeping in and catching up on lost sleep, I got myself dressed and ready and headed down a few blocks to the downtown Omaha's Farmer's Market, which proved to be loaded with wholesome foods and a haven for family fun.

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Best Weight Loss Tips: 2 Nutrients You May Need More Of

Most people have heard that the best way to get the proper nutrients your body needs is by eating fruits and vegetables. The problem is, not many people eat enough fruits or vegetables to get the vital nutrients these foods provide. Let us examine two nutrients that many people may need more of.

Best Weight Loss Tip #1. MAGNESIUM

Magnesium is needed by every single cell in the body. It actually plays a part in over 300 biochemical reactions that take place in the body. A study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that low levels of magnesium may increase your blood levels of C-reactive protein, a key marker of heart disease. Magnesium also helps the body with natural weight loss as it processes fat and protein, and plays a vital role in the formation of bones and teeth.

Dr. Dana King, M.D., a professor of family medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina states; "Without enough magnesium, every cell in your body has to struggle to generate energy." Nutritional surveys reveal that men consume only about 80% of the recommended 400 milligrams suggested.

If you find yourself lacking energy, Dr. King suggests taking a magnesium citrate supplement to fortify your intake. Those who take diuretics or antibiotics regularly should also supplement.

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Click Espresso Protein Drink Powder Review

Protein drinks really are not the most pleasant part of working out.  Body builders use them as a supplement to help gain muscle mass.  Health nuts make it a priority to eat protein rich foods.  But what about the rest of us?

What about the person trying to lose a few pounds, or just stay a bit healthier, or looking for a way to curb appetite?  Click has given us all an answer with it’s Espresso Protein Drink.

How Does Click Espresso Work

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What is the secret behind Click Espresso Protein powder?  Like any other protein powder, it’s filled with protein.  In fact each serving contain 15 grams worth.  So the product has plenty of protein.  But the powder is also infused with 25 essential vitamins and minerals, caffeine, and a lot of yumminess

Healthy Alternatives for Kids’ Snacks

Childhood obesity rates are rising every year and with no end in sight, parents are looking for more healthy alternatives for kids’ snacks. Even schools are starting to offer much healthier alternatives and many are removing soda, chips and candy from their vending machines. Unfortunately, with all of the sugary and salty snacks lining the shelves in the grocery stores, it’s hard to actually find healthy choices for the kids - especially when they are reaching for all of the fun looking packages in the store!

Fortunately, there are many very healthy foods that you can give your kids for snacks that will satisfy their cravings for sweets or salty, crunchy snacks.

What are some healthy alternatives for kids’ snacks?


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